When I first saw the buffs for berserker and impale I knew exactly what I was going to play this league and so I created this character.

The focus of this build is Cyclone to clear maps comfortably with a decent AoE while abusing vaal doublestrikes insane single target to melt bosses. And I mean MELT bosses. Currently each of my vaal doublestrikes (of which I have 4) deal around 270k shaper dps, without factoring in impale. My cyclone in the pure single target setup deals around 2mil shaper dps without factoring in impale as Path of Building doesn't yet calculate impale.

Impale is buffing my current character by about 145% MORE damage after a ramp up of 7 hits, without a pride watcher's eye impale will give around 104% MORE damage with a shorter ramp up of 5 hits.

Now the focus of a build guide is how to build and play the character yourself not how the person making it plays so here is where the guide starts:


The way I levelled was pretty simple, started out using smite from level 1 to level 28 when i equipped cyclone and never looked back.

Smite linked with ancestral call will clear packs very efficiently for a level 1 skill

after level 28 you want to get cyclone from the "sever the right hand" quest which is to kill general gravicious in act 3.

good auras for levelling are any combination of blood and sand, flesh and stone, herald of purity, and Pride

Levelling links for cyclone are Melee physical damage, chance to bleed, onslaught until you can get which you should swap chance to bleed for and increased area of effect which you should swap onslaught out for and grab a silver flask.

Transitioning into end game:

once you have capped resistances and around 3k life you can start low tier mapping very smoothly.

your 4 link for starting mapping should look like
Cyclone - Pulverise - Increased Area of effect - Melee physical damage

once you acquire a 5 link you can start using impale support at which point you want to get a -# total mana cost of skills ring and swap your aura configuration to [Pride] - [Flesh and Stone] - [Blood and Sand] - [Dread Banner], praxis will work as a substitute but you want an incursion rare ring with the mod on it.

level 70 tree: http://poeurl.com/csxt
to import into PoB just click the import tree button on the bottom




This character build uses a two handed sword to deal crazy criticaal strikes with berserker's insane attack speed, and to stack impale on top of that for crazy amounts of bonus damage

To start out you can use something like a Kondo's pride or a Doomsower which are both good 400 pdps swords, however they both lack crit chance and kondo's makes it so you can't leech as effectively

Eventually you want to get a good rare sword, perferably an exquisite blade base, starforge works but its very expensive, requires the critical strikes support gem, and deals around 25-40% less damage than a good exquisite blade

Something like this (my current sword) is a good endgame option

hits can't be evaded craft is very important as it means we ignore accuracy, however the single crafted mod costs 3 exalted so its not that feasible for most players early league.

I would recommend getting an itemlevel 83 exquisite blade and trying to craft yourself, any good combination of attack speed, % physical damage, and flat physical damage will make a good starter sword, aim for 2 of those mods and craft the third.

Ultra endgame you probably want an elder sword with fortify/% increased physical damage on it as well as as much pdps and crit as possible beyond that. However elder exquisite blades are very rare and hard to craft so this is out of reach for most players, still if you want to min-max to the maximum that is how its done.

Armour pieces:

a fossil crafted helmet with life and the "nearby enemies take 9% increased physical damage" mods will help out on dps
something like this is a good early endgame option but its not great for a min maxed character

Devoto's devotion is also a good option for clearing maps faster, but I would recommend a delve helmet for bossing and higher tier maps

An elder crafted Chestpiece with "attacks have +#% to critical strike chance" and life is going to be your best endgame option, this is a decent example

eventually you want a fossil crafted elder chestpiece
with Maim support, -15 to mana cost, and +#% to critical strike chance as well as as much life as possible

for boots I am currently using kaom's roots

when bossing and swapping for a pair of 35% movement speed boots for mapping
Kaom's roots are mostly for farming the elder and making my character a bit more tanky in the high tier maps, use whatever good rare boots you have that fulfill requirements such as life, movespeed, and resists.

for gloves I am using

which are far from ideal, but they have +1 melee weapon range, the resists and the attributes I need.



My rings are far from optimal

The only thing that is MANDATORY on rings is the -# to total mana cost of skills, try to get at least 7, 8 is optimal.
This mod allows us to use cyclone with as much attack speed as we can get and never run out of mana. which also means we can reserve 95% of our mana for auras and our banner

other than the -# mana cost mod, just get life, resists, and the necessary attributes

My amulet is pretty good and I will likely not be upgrading it for a long time

Get life, resists and attributes on your amulet, critical strike multiplier is a big damage boost and the +1 melee weapon range/10% melee damage mod helps increase our cyclone aoe for mapping, but it's not mandatory

Gem links:

Main cyclone setup for mapping in order of priority:

you could potentially use rage support instead of brutality support to stack up rage faster but I have yet to test this enough

vaal double strike:

just use as many damage supports as you can on this, increased duration and impale support are mandatory but that is it

unlinked auras and banner:

Dread banner gives 20% chance to impale bringing us to 100% and 19% impale effect at max level

Blood and Sand in sand stance gives more aoe during mapping

Blood and Sand in blood stance gives more damage at the cost of a bit of aoe

Flesh and Stone in sand stance gives very nice defensive buffs

Flesh and stone in blood stance gives even MORE damage

Pride increases the phys damage taken by enemies, with a watcher's eye it increases the max number of impale stacks

Blood rage gives life leech and attack speed

Ancestral protector grants 20% MORE attack speed

leap slam:

move around at very FAST speed

Thanks for reading! This is my first real build guide so if there are any questions or suggestions feel free to comment them!

video section:
shaper kill:

Pastebin for you PoB nerds: https://pastebin.com/smcQ4xix
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What about bandits?
Interesting build. As a noob, I'm trying to make a similar build. Berserker using cyclone but with a (2h) maul instead of swords. Any recommendations, or is just a bad idea to be using mauls?
Really squishy build, doesn't seem to have anywhere near enough sustain. Any tips?
Which Pantheons are you using?
"Hits can't be evaded" makes it so that you can't miss, but can the lack of accuracy foil your crits into normal hits?

"Accuracy-dependent attacks make a second accuracy check to confirm the critical strike."

I believe hits cant be evaded puts accuracy at 100% for that purpose. not completely sure here but considering most number crunchers go no accuracy on builds with this mod that are still crit

and for sustain issue in this build its not to far out of the way to get some life/mana leech

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