[3.7] Caustic Zombie Cyclone Clouds - Aukuna's Will - Uber Viable

This build guide is for a Cyclone, Cast While Channeling, Raise Zombie setup that will utilise Zombie chaos clouds on death for damage. For higher single target DPS I will also show a pure Raise Zombie setup.
The new gloves Aukuna's Will are the key item to the build for the unique mod of Raise Zombie not requiring a corpse

The build will require an elder helmet (Bone Helmet ideally) that will act as a 6+ link leaving the chest option open for high life (Kaom's Heart, Belly of the Beast etc) or other utility, My current helm is below as an example

Demonstration Videos

Uber Elder Kill (AoE Version)

Shaper Kill (AoE Version)

Lair of the Hydra Map (AoE Version)

Path of Building Link

AoE version (with cyclone) (recommended)
AoE version with Necromantic Aegis (with cyclone)

Build Mechanics

Cyclone, Cast While Channeling - Raise Zombie
After you have started channeling cyclone it will trigger Raise Zombie roughly every .35 seconds depending on gem level.
When you reach your zombie limit they will start to "die" by being replaced with a new zombie, every new death will spread a caustic cloud.
If you have the Maligaro's Lens setup every zombie death will give 2% of its life to you

Vaal Blight
Vaal Blight will hinder enemies and cause them to take 20% increased chaos damage.
Use this skill for bosses/harder monsters and boxes/breach/leagion etc

Leap Slam, Fortify
This is a basic movement skill setup that combines the ability to trigger fortify for extra defense, Link with Faster Attacks for better movement.

Level 1 Clarity is used so we have an active aura to trigger the benefits of "Commander of Darkness" ascendancy passive ( +20% all resists)

Malevolence, Generosity
Generosity will increase the effect and area of Malevolence to benefit the zombies. This will cause the aura to no longer effect you so clarity is required for Commander of Darkness benefits.

Raise Spectre
I am currently using "Chrome Infused Chimeral" as my spectres, linked to withering touch. They attack fast to apply wither and also apply there own buff called supressive fire.

Animate Guardian
This will give movement speed and a damage buff depending on weapon.
Another benefit is it will add to the withered stacks against stronger enemies

This skill is to direct zombies/minions as you cyclone around.
Using this just before your cyclone path crosses near the target will spawn all zombies in that area and cuastic clouds will spread as you continue cycloning
If you press this while cycloning it wont interrupt because it is an instant skill with a small cooldown (20% quality gives 20% cooldown reduction)

Gearing and Spectre/Animate Guardian Info


An Elder Bone Helmet will be the best option, "Dark Dreams" divination card will provide an ilvl 80 version of this helmet (if your are level 80+ when handing in)
The 2 stats below will be ideal for both helmet setups, they can range from lvl 16 - 20 depending on ilvl
Socketed gems are supported by level 20 minion life
Socketed gems are supported by level 18 minion damage (ilvl 83 for lvl 20)

The Third ideal stat for an Area of Effect setup will be +2 minion gems with +3 available on an ilvl 86 helm (expensive)
The Third ideal stat for a more single target or less AoE setup will be Socketed gems are supported by level 18 concentrated effect (ilvl 82 for lvl 20

These stats can be more easily obtained by crafting with just the Bound Fossil (more minion and aura stats)

any other random stats such as resists etc wont have too much impact but if you get lucky some high resists will help with gearing

a very expensive option is to also use aberrant (chaos mods) fossils along with the bound fossils to obtain the nearby enemies have -9% chaos res mod.

Weapon and Shield

Mon'tregul's Grasp gives +5000 to Zombie life increasing the chaos cloud damage by a large amount
You cannot dual wield these weapons or 0 zombies will spawn

High life and armour or evasion shield (or whatever you prefer) is used when not using a Necromantic Aegis version of the build

When using Necromantic Aegis it is combined with Maligaro's Lens for high life gain when a zombie dies nearby.


Kaom's Heart is my choice for chest armour in end game. The build does not have many defensive options so having a high life pool along with decent life regen is good for survivability.

Bloodbond is a good chest piece all round for the build, providing damage with minion life along with Good life and life regen for you.

The Queen's Hunger can provide a source of offerings that can be supported by Increased Duration and Efficacy for a good duration. The chest can also have additional curse as a veiled mod or good combos of other mods (has 2 veiled mods). Focusing on more of a hybrid Life/ES setup is viable with this chest also as it has up to around 400 ES.


Aukuna's Will are a build required item


A rare set of boots with 30% movement speed and life/resists will be ideal until you can afford/desire +1 spectre boots
Another ideal stat is cooldown recovery speed from "Shaper" boots which will benefit convocation.

Rare boots crafted with bound fossils for +1 spectre along with good movement speed, life and resists will be ideal if you have enough currency or want to squeeze out the bit extra dps a third spectre can provide. The build will function fine without +1 spectre boots.

Amulet, Belt and Rings

High life with resists and strength/dex is the ideal rare amulet

Chaos variant Impresence unique amulet can also be used

Crafting a Stygian Vise with Bound Fossils is probably the easiest option to obtain 20-30% minion life as a stat. Other ideal stats are Life, Resists and Strength
If you have a belt with an open suffix you can craft cooldown recovery speed which is good for convocation.

High Life with resists and attributes is ideal

For Ideal socket links an unset ring will be used to put a level 1 Clarity gem (only needed once you have Commander of Darkness Ascendancy node)
Having an open Suffix on one ring will allow a craft of "Shock nearby enemies for 4 seconds when you focus" this is very powerful for single target or predictable large packs (boxes, legion etc).
End Game
Having 2 unset rings will be ideal for an end game setup, these will hold utility gems like clarity, convocation or a vaal blight.
Rings with the mod Guatelitzi's (%Life and flat life) will be the top tier to look for in end game rings.


Ideal stats for rare jewels are Life, Minion Life, Minion Damage, Resists


Blood of the Karui is a good source of life because normal instant flasks wont impact much if you need to recover over 3000 life or so, this flask is not mandatory but recommended.
Utility and other flasks can be swapped to what you prefer

My Gear

Spectre(s) Info

Chrome Touched Chimerals linked with Withering Touch.
These spectres have a barrage like attack which can apply wither stacks that can stack up to 15 times increasing the chaos damage enemies take by 6% per stack.
These spectres also have an in-built buff called suppressing fire which slows the cast and ranged attack speeds of the monsters hit (20% chance to apply per hit)
Can be found in Act 8 - High Gardens

If you have a second or third spectre and want a defensive option (or simply want a defensive main spectre) use the option below.

Ruins Hellion
This spectre will use it's skill "Hellion Rallying Cry" which will give a 10% increased damage buff but also inflict a debuff on enemies it taunts with the cry.
The debuff reads "Enemies Taunted by you deal 30% less Damage with Hits and Ailments against other targets" on PoEDB, it is very powerful for damage mitigation and it will cast the skill faster than its cooldown in most cases.
Can be found in Act 8 - The Grain Gate and Quay

Animate Guardian

A rare helmet with nearby enemies have -9% chaos resists is the ideal helmet but will cost more. These can be crafted with aberrant fossils.
Life and Life Regen along with resists are other ideal stats.

Leer Cast provides 15% increased damage to the player and minions, this is a good budget option.

Dying Breath is the best option for increasing damage and is very cheap

Victario's flight are a cheap option to provide movement speed to the player and minions

Southbound gloves are a cheap item for a source of % life and cold resistance

Ambu's charge is a decent cheap all round chest with life and all res along with 2% life regen when hit

Belly of the Beast is also a good option.

Ascendancy, Bandit and Pantheon choices


Puppet Master
Commander of Darkness
Flesh Binder


Kill all bandits for + 2 Passive Points


Soul of Lunaris (Major God)
Soul of Garukhan (Minor God)

Aura Setup

Level 1 - Used to provide +20% all resist from Commander of Darkness ascendancy node.
If possible use an unset ring for this gem

Level 20+ - Linked to Generosity for extra effect

Blasphemy + Despair
Level 20+ - This wont have a cost if using impresence amulet with 100% reduced despair reservation.

Utility aura
If using Chaos Impresence amulet you will be able to run an extra aura that requires up to 35% reservation.

Gem Links

Weapon - 2 Blue, 1 Red
1 - Decoy Totem
2 - Vaal Blight
3 - Convocation

Shield - 2 Red, 1 Green
1 - Leap Slam
2 - Fortify
3 - Faster Attacks

Unset Ring, Blue Socket
1 - Clarity

Chest - Kaom's Heart or personal preference

Helmet 2 Blue, 2 Green
1 - Raise Zombie
2 - Cast While Channeling
3 - Cyclone
4 - Swift Affliction

Gloves 3 Blue, 1 Red
1 - Despair
2 - Blasphemy
3 - Malevolence
4 - Generosity

Boots 2 Blue, 1 Red, 1 Green
1 - Minion Life
2 - Raise Spectre
3 - Animate Guardian
4 - Withering Touch
IGN - @Smokntumbleweed ~ Streaming @ twitch.tv/smokintumbleweed
Ignite Vortex Build Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1735563
Brain Rattler 100% Fire Build Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1757390
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I liked that !.

I am also studying on Cyclone CoC Zombie version of Aukuna's Will.

Edit: I checked PoB link. You didn't take Necromantic Aegis node. Is it mistake, or just won't you ?
Last edited by billdoorstam35 on Jun 15, 2019, 4:51:14 AM
There is a version with Necromantic Aegis that uses Maligaro's Lens and a higher life with normal shield version, I will update the thread with more info on variations over time. Hopefully you decide to try it or something similiar, its a fun playstyle.
IGN - @Smokntumbleweed ~ Streaming @ twitch.tv/smokintumbleweed
Ignite Vortex Build Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1735563
Brain Rattler 100% Fire Build Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1757390
My Loot Filter located @ bit.ly/poefilter
Ps: I just hit 68 level, 2 Montegruls doesn't work :D I think I am gonna follow your build.
Done your build. Works great so far. I hit 79 level.

May I ask question ? What would you suggest for body armor until we get kaom's heart or belly of the beast ? Daresso's Defiance might work with endurance charges immortal call setup, any other suggestions are welcome.
if you have a helmet for your zombie setup you can use the unique bloodbond, it is very cheap. If you are using the chest to support zombies for now then you can't use this armour as it will trigger the unique skill from the chest .
Rare chests with high life would work fine or other unique chests you want to test out.
IGN - @Smokntumbleweed ~ Streaming @ twitch.tv/smokintumbleweed
Ignite Vortex Build Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1735563
Brain Rattler 100% Fire Build Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1757390
My Loot Filter located @ bit.ly/poefilter
Wow, this looks great. Leveling it now!! Thank you so much, very well-written!
"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019

"It looks like we broke something with 3.10.0. We don't know what it is yet." - Bex, March 16th, 2020
Thanks for the build.

So far this is holding up amazingly well. I have a number of pieces of gear and jewel sockets to still gain minion life and yet the damage is absurd. I have extremely high health for my level/gear as well.

I'm thinking about trying the necro aegis variant as it sounds really nice on paper and even gives the zombies more health which is just crazy synergy overall.

One thing I would like to do is to smuggle in some cooldown recovery to lower convocation's CD. whenever convocation is up, clearing feels amazing, but in the moments when it's not it, can be a little troublesome waiting for new zombies to spawn and then die. (Note that I don't have my uber lab done yet so I am not getting the slight QoL of the movement speed from puppet master.)

Anyways, I'd love to hear of any future direction you want to go. Also curious about the single target setup you mentioned.

Hey Skiller cool to hear that you are enjoying the build, I haven't fully focused on finishing the guide so will try and post some info here so I can remember to put it in somewhere or people can atleast see it.

Necromantic Aegis is a hard call because the build has litte defenses as it is and giving up block and other stuff from a shield is a big sacrifice. The other downside is if a zombie isn't near you as it dies you get no benefit. I would personally recommend going without it and having higher life, life regen and block with a more consistent feel.

If you craft a belt that gets minion life % and normal life that also has an open suffix you can craft some cooldown recovery speed, this stat can also be found on rare Shaper boots. A 23% quality gem is another small bump and using level 3 enhance would reduce the cooldwon another .2 seconds or so (this would require giving up decoy totem or blight).

Lastly a tip for clearing since the zombie spawns can be pretty random sometimes. Aiming very far in front of you as you cyclone will start to spawn zombies in front of you without doing it from a corpse. The gloves say do not require a corpse but that means they will still try and be raised from one if possible which means spawning behind you.

I will try and make a single target focused version soon but I honestly haven't felt the need since I can kill up to shaper fine with this setup. I think a single target would really only be for uber ulder fights or something similiar.

Thanks for your questions dude it will help make the guide much better, if you have any more just post here and I will reply when I see it, good luck with the build
IGN - @Smokntumbleweed ~ Streaming @ twitch.tv/smokintumbleweed
Ignite Vortex Build Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1735563
Brain Rattler 100% Fire Build Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1757390
My Loot Filter located @ bit.ly/poefilter
I have reached 5.5k HP Pool without Kaom's heart thanks to SmokinTumbleWeed.

Build is amazing so far, only cons I can see is this build is addicted to health potion. Other one is zombie positioning, but I also didn't complete uber lab yet.

Also you will make me happy if you check my video with official Zombie song :)

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