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Last bumped on Nov 16, 2020, 8:48:58 PM
I've been using Rage on my ground slam max block gladiator in the hardcore legion league, it feels really good, the flat phys it gives is really nice and the stacking rage buff is like a slow speed boost while mapping, just keeps ramping up until you get 50 stacks and then it feels amazing, the attack speed and movement speed you get from rage are super good.

I am not using the berserk skill because lack of action bar space but I used it while leveling with chain hook, its a super good skill in combo with the rage support gem.
Its theoretical DPS is insane, but dps on a mob that stands still isn't impressive. Keeping it up when you need it seems very difficult without Chain Hook, and honestly Chain Hook is not so good as an opener or movement skill, due to the lack of range, and its inability to hook on anything other than mobs.

This gem changes your whole mindset, and is in the back of your mind a lot when you play, so if you're trying to reduce the amount of buttons you need to press or things to remember, it's not ideal.

But if you play Berzerker, play with Chain Hook, or don't mind more micro-management and min/maxing clear order so you face tough fights with higher rage, then give it a try.

In a perfect world it's strictly better than Faster Attacks, in a not so perfect world it can do nothing, then something, then nothing again.
Testing this in legion league on my cleave marauder berserker. It looks like a good gem to combo with berserk to have a better uptime on that buff.

I should probably use chain hook as well to get 3 rage each hit for even better uptime.

This support does the job well. A given combo is berserk + rage. That's what it's all about.

Looks like it's good with facebreakers too since it's flat physical damage. And a lot of it.

Good support.
11-16-2020, as far as i can tell from this thread coronavirus has killed everyone and i can now propose changes and then go about getting to New Zealand to implement them, either that or rage support was so bad that nobody would dare discuss it let alone use it.
I use it and i'm here to propose changes since there's NO differing opinions to oppose me in discussion.

For the Divergent type alt quality, the use condition could be removed or the chance to produce rage could be additionally applied to triggers at 10% chance to allow interaction with Vengeance, Riposte, and Reckoning.

My full proposal would include BOTH a removal of the "USE" restriction on the 20% and BONUS 10% chance to generate rage to triggered attacks.

My build general details can be found here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2803773

the relevant linked skills & supports (without the alt qual rage since it doesn't currently apply):


Placement of the "USE" condition to the Gem Quality effect on Divergent Rage Support Gem seemingly is specifically for none other than Vengeance due to Self-Hit Forced Triggering, the existence of Phantasmal Vengeance, due to the rampant use of Shields that Block & utilize Recovery on Block from Shields, and/or some combination with counter-attack(s).
Inherent drawbacks would occur naturally in due-course that make exclusion just arbitrary. The acquisition of Cooldown Recovery Rate (in quantities which cannot even be obtained to truly exploit the potential interaction), or potential avenues for Hardcore Shield based builds to exploit in general, are not adequate reasons for the "USE" condition placement.

As well has the incredibly short range these melee skills are expected to position for to result in consistent damage.

Ignore the ruthless support,
as far as i know it works but i really should go ask in that one thread from that one dev who says he's a Know-It-All to be sure there isn't a server side restriction on the interaction that re-applies the "USE" condition to the effect despite all GUI tooltips indicating that the "USE" condition is not present in the supports mechanical sequence as-its-applied-in-practice as opposed to as-intended-at-implementation or otherwise implied by wording in the general description of the item (vs the description of the effects applied).
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