[3.7] Pure Fire Staff FrostBlades Berserker

Hey folks!

This gonna be an approach for some (Hipster) Staff, FrostBlades, Avatar of Fire Berserker.

Why would i try this?
I always wanted to play around melee-staff usage, but it was quite hard to get a strong PhysStaff in the past leagues. With the patch around what can/cannot roll on physical staffs, and also the tree going crazy around crits with staves, i thought this would be the perfect time to finaly make it work.

Nice clearspeed due to Fork + Frostblades
All map mods (besides ele-reflect ...)
HC viable
Beginner Friendly
Strong defenses due to new Fortify-nodes, Soul of Steel and 6 Endurance Charges.

To face TRUE LATEGAME you need some investment.
If you dont craft it yourself, im not sure if there are endgame-staffs being crafted and brought to PoE-Trade.
1 SupportGemSwap for harder bosses (The real hard ones)

We get around 55% phys converted to cold by Frostblades and 45% to fire by Avatar of Fire.
Afterwards we get 100% of the cold converted to fire, by Avatar of Fire and the Cold to Fire Support.

The Projectiles of Frostblades are homing missiles even after they did fork, so its simply A LOT more usefull then chaining, since you get double the amount of projectiles after the first ones did hit.

You can pick up Frostblades at gamestart, and just start leveling with it right away.
If you wanna play this as leaguestarter, just create a Shadow/Ranger/Duelist, pick up the gem after entering the first town and put it into your stash.


Gem Setup
Main Skill
FrostBlades + ColdToFire + AddedColdDamage/Fork+ ElementalDamageWithAttacks
5th Link Combustion
6th Link IncreasedCritDamage or FirePenetration (the higher DmgOutput depends on gear)
You do not have to swap AddedCold/Fork, but while AddedCold is way stronger on Bosses, Fork will crank up your clearspeed HARD.

LeapSlam + FasterAttacks + Fortify + BloodMagic

Herald of Ash + Hatred + Precision + Enlighten
Until you can afford the Enlighten, just swap in Herald of Purity instead of Hatred.

Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 20/21) + IceGolem (lvl 20/21)
If you are lazy, you may link BloodRage into the CwDT setup instead of bother casting it yourself.


Start with ANY Weapon till level 18, then try to get the Realmshaper and the upgraded version (Realm Ender) at lvl 40. Both give you a free extra Cold to Fire link and +levels to some gems.
Pick up Hegemony's Era as soon as you can, until you are wealthy enough to a strong rare staff. That's kinda luxury though, since Hegemony's Era already is quite good.

Body Armour
Just take anything you find while traveling Wreaclast, which gives you resist and life.
Kaoms Heart is way to go, though, if you do not have the currency yet, just pick up a Belly of the Beast.

Goldrim is always nice to level with, else just pick up some life/ress.
Starkonja's Head will help fixing Dexterity Problems, gives a bunch of life and some DPS.
The Brine Crown gives you Freeze Immunity, if you are able to get Dexterity somewhere else.

Wanderlust are always BiS at start, else just some movementspeed boots.
Gang's Momentum and Brinerot Whalers are budget options which are quite nice, if you want more movementspeed, craft some rares.

Before getting Avatar of Fire, try to get your hands on a pair of Hrimsorrow's so u are actually converting all your damage to cold for some DPS increase.
After that, take up Oskram and use them till the end, since they give a free curse on hit (Assassin's Mark) and we dont have enough links to curse otherwise, due to Kaom's Heart having no sockets.
If you are kinda rich/lucky and get a decent curse-on-hit shaper ring, you may also take up some nice rares here.

Craft/Buy rare Rings/Amulet which max out your ressitances and add some life. If they even boost your DPS: NICE.

Level with Meginord's Girdle or anything you find on the road.
Level 52 Dyadian's Dawn gets avaiable and costs nothing, while bringing nice life/res and even some DPS to the board.
Later try to aim for a strong Stygian Belt and socket an Abyss Jewel.

Cinderswallow Urn
Taste of Hate (luxury)
2x LifeFlask ... Try to aim for "of Staunching" and "of Heat".
Feel free to swap in a Quicksilver-Flask anywhere, if you want to run faster.

1. cap ressistances
2. add life
3. crit multi
4. attack speed
5. any other DPS
6. chance to block


Crave the Slaughter - level (attack/move) faster
Pain Reaver - No need to search for mana-leech, and STRONG liferecovery after a hard hit
Flawless Savagery - DMG/Crit
Blitz - DMG/Att-Speed

Rite of Ruin may be an option instead of Pain Reaver to farm even faster, but life-/manaleech on pure elemental builds is quite hard to find on items, and unefficient to travel to on the tree. Also the degen ...

Take 2 Points

Brine King or Arakaali
Shakari is my personal favorite, though there are several viable choices.


Passive Tree

PoB link: https://pastebin.com/KjYVQA1N
I added the stuff im aiming for in the short run, not yet sure what im going to change, once the wealth is coming in.


My Current Gear

Next would be to get some better (more movement-speed) boots and accordingly (balance ress and get more DMG) alter the Rings/Amulet.
I had some lucky picks on those Jewels.


Closing Words

I hope i encouraged some players to try out non mainstream builds in the new season! Lets get ready for LEGION!
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i`ll try this one
I appreciate that you took time to create this build, but I'm confused about something in Path of Building... I pasted the code in and it loads the tree just fine, but it doesn't give me a "leveling path" for the skill tree. So as a new character, as soon as I put a point into Warrior's Blood, the tree forks. Which way do I go first? :P
Cube____ wrote:
Which way do I go first? :P

I added several trees for leveling :)
Just change the tree in the bottom left of the PoB interface.
Hey, I just want to say thanks for making this guide! I'm a pretty new player and quickly found Frost Blades to be ultra-fun, and I super appreciate you providing something that provides a VERY different experience compared to my 'traditional' frost blade raider build. The near-facetank ability is a nice change of pace from having to constantly re-position and whirling blade around. I appreciate the leveling trees too, but now I see I went all sorts of out of order!
Im interested in trying out the build. Did it end up working well? Would like to know before i buy gear
What would be a strong rare staff? Do you have an example?
CryoGoblin wrote:
What would be a strong rare staff? Do you have an example?

Any Physical Staff.
So with (in order):
flat-phys and %phys

There is an example in the PoB-Link.
What type of content have you done with this? With your current PoB lvl 100 tree seems would avg around 700k~ damage with 5 link setup, but the moment you switch to lvl 90 tree.. damage goes all the way down to 200k. Not sure does PoB calculate properly conversion?

I do like that this build would seem tanky, but just a bit concerned about damage. Especially if one wanted to kill like Depth 250 Delve bosses.

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