[3.7] Pretty much failed Glacial Hammer Juggernaut

Currently unsure if this is even viable. I wouldn't suggest anyone use this. That said, I'm leaving it up for others to reference if they want to.

Welcome to my third guide! Well, build diary for now. This is my third guide so far, and I'm quite hopeful it'll be one of my best. As the league progresses and I test the build, this build guide/build diary will be updated with new information as I test things out. The changelog will contain any updates!

Disclaimer: I am not too experienced with melee. I've played spells since first booting up PoE. As such, this is not a fully fledged build guide. I'm treating it as a build diary until I have time to test it properly, to verify that it'll work as well as I think it will.


Please note that this guide is meant for HCSSF play. It assumes that you have no unique items, that you will not get any particular unique items, and that you intend to never die. That said, many uniques are perfectly viable or even good for the build, evaluate them on a case by case basis as they drop for you.

This build is not targeted at the best of the best players. If you casually reach 100 in every HC league, this guide is not for you. I'm a strong opponent of the idea that HCSSF is something that only highly skilled and experienced players should even attempt, and my guides are an attempt at giving people resources with which to progress in PoE.

How is Glacial Hammer?
Frosty. This section will be updated once the skill has been put through its paces a bit.

Who am I?
I'm Lily, a masochist at heart, thus my love for HCSSF. My proficiency over the past 1400 hours have been mixed, but I have evolved from barely getting past A5 Kitava to reliably hitting maps with about half the characters I give it a solid attempt with (rough estimation). I reached 90 in Delve and Betrayal, comfortably did T15 maps in Synthesis, and hope to get further in Legion.

Do you stream?
Yes! Sort of. I'm not a professional streamer. I'm not even a hobbyist streamer. The main reason that I even set up streaming software was so that I could easily share with one or two friends what I was doing, I didn't intend to build a community.

I don't generally talk on stream. I don't have a camera. It's basically just a window into my current gameplay session, with the added benefit of me interacting in chat about what I'm doing. In this case, it'll let you see how my build is performing, because I'll be playing it nonstop for a while.

Link to my shitty stream

General info

Proven Achievements
None yet.

Pros and Cons
These are as of yet untested. This is pure theory at this point.

+ Tanky
+ HC Viable
+ Built for SSF
+ Good league starter
+ Good clear and boss killing all in one package
+ Super satisfying sounds

- Can't do Elemental Reflect maps.

Untested as of yet.

Path of Building Pastebin
Note: The Path of Building build uses Charged Dash as a placeholder for Dash, until the new gem is added.

Main Mechanics


Glacial Hammer: Glacial Hammer is an interesting melee skill. It has attack range built into the skill, giving it a decent area clear from the get go. The jewel Winter Burial will then get us splash. Every third successive hit with Glacial Hammer will have improved freeze, making it easier for us to freeze tough enemies.

Ancestral Warchief Totem: Being near the totem gives us increased damage, while the totem itself does decent damage. We use this to kill bosses.

Frost Bomb: Frost Bomb applies cold exposure, which reduces the enemy cold resistance by 25%.

Offensive Auras: Hatred gives us a lot more damage. Herald of Ice gives us some more damage, AoE clear, and frenzy charges through Ice Bite.

Elemental Conversion is a strong way to scale your damage. Increases to individual damage types are applied to the final product, if that product once was that damage type. By converting, we can make use of both physical and cold damage scaling. We get 100% phys converted to cold, so 10% increased physical damage and 10% increased cold damage counts as 20% increased damage in the end.


This guide is written for HCSSF. What this means is that the goal is to have no deaths whatsoever. As such, rather than aim for "good enough" defenses, we kind of go a bit crazy.

Life: The more you have, the less you die. Shocking, I know.

Armour: We're stacking lots of armour. This reduces physical damage taken from hits, especially small ones.

Molten Shell: We're using Molten Shell as an on demand damage mitigation tool that helps us mitigate large incoming elemental damage and large hits.

Fortify: Procced through Shield Charge, we scale this through passives making it a very strong choice.

Block: Thanks to block, we'll have roughly 25-35% of attacks not actually deal damage. I tend to think of this as a 30% less damage taken from hits modifier.

Unstoppable: This ascendancy node allows us to almost completely ignore freeze, chill, Temporal Chains, and many other slowing mechanics. It also gives us stun immunity.

Unbreakable: Life regen, reduced damage taken, more armour, and even more life regen. Very strong.

Unflinching: Reliable endurance charges, as well as +1 max endurance charges.





Main Offense Attack
These are all one link, but are listed in order of importance.

4L: Glacial Hammer - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Melee Physical Damage - Faster Attacks

5L: Ruthless

6L: Cold Penetration

More Damage

4L: Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Melee Physical Damage - Concentrated Effect

Pop this on bosses and challenging enemies.

Travel and Defense

4L: Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blind

Auras and Cold Exposure

4L: Hatred - Herald of Ice - Ice Bite - Frost Bomb

Hatred and Herald of Ice with Ice Bite reserves 82% mana. This gives us A LOT of cold damage, AoE clear through Herald of Ice, and frenzy charges through Ice Bite.

Frost Bomb gives enemies -25% cold resistance, a potent damage buff.

Guard Skill

3L: Vaal Molten Shell - Increased Duration - Dash

Possible 3L: Enhance

Dash allows you to cross gaps. Enhance support would grant 24% increased duration, but is drop only. It's not needed, but possible to use if you happen to get it. I prefer Dash due to the ease of crossing gaps with it.

Curse and Block

3L: Cast when Damage Taken (Level 1) - Assassin's Mark (Level 5) - Tempest Shield (Level 7)

Cast when Damage Taken activates less often as you level up higher. It also can't activate skills that are too high level compared to itself, as defined in the tooltip. That's why we keep the levels low.

Passive Tree

Passive trees

It is very important to note that these passive trees are very much guidelines. If you don't want to use certain passives, that's fine. You do you. This is the build that I personally use.

Level 93

The order in which we get our ascendancies isn't super critical. I recommend getting Unstoppable and Unflinching during the first two labs in any order, and then Unbreakable and Undeniable in the last two labs in any order.

This is the order I use.
Unstoppable - Unflinching - Unbreakable - Undeniable

Lab1 - Normal Lab - I'd do this around level 33-35. Right after you get the crystal veins waypoint in A4 is when I tend to go for it. Unstoppable provides us with movement speed and immunity to several things that slow us down, and can get us killed. No more freeze, chill, temp chains, stuns, just keep moving. If you're concerned about survivability, Unflinching is an option to get earlier endurance charges. I recommend Unstoppable for most players.

Lab2 - Cruel Lab - Unflinching gets us reliable generation of endurance charges, which help us survive. If you picked up Unflinching in the first lab, grab Unstoppable here.

Lab3 - Merciless Lab - Unbreakable makes us way more tanky, and provides us with lovely life regen.

Lab4 - Endless Lab - Undeniable gives us a lot of accuracy rating, attack speed, and damage. Hit more reliably, faster, and harder.

Why Juggernaut?
Juggernaut is the tankiest ascendancy. It has a lot of things we like, allowing us to focus more on offense in our skills.



Major: Soul of Lunaris. All effects are lovely for survivability.

Minor: Soul of Shakari or Ralakesh.

Shakari reduces our chaos damage taken and makes us immune to poison after capturing a soul.

Ralakesh reduces physical damage taken over time. This is wonderful for the labyrinth, as it makes most traps do less damage.


As this build is made with a pure SSF playstyle in mind, none of the gear in this section is mandatory. That said, there are several specific items that we want. The gear in the spoiler tags are all our best in slot goal items, they are not what you're going to use while levelling. For that, there's a section below the specific slots that tells you how to prioritize while levelling.

NOTE: The gear that is linked in each section is not strictly optimal. It might be missing shaped mods, or other things. Treat them as a guideline, with the text acting as the optimal goal. The gear is going to improve as I get better gear.

Our primary goal is a one-handed mace with high physical damage or high cold damage. The higher the DPS, the better. Crit stats good to aim for here.

Unique options
Cameria's Maul, Cameria's Avarice.

Rare armour shield with high armour, life, and block.

Unique options
Aegis Aurora.

Armour helmet with lots of armour and life.

Enchant: Increased Glacial Hammer Damage or Physical Damage gained as Extra Cold Damage.

Body Armour
Standard armour chest with armour, life, and resists.

Unique options
The Iron Heart, The Iron Fortress.

Either an armour glove or Spiked Gloves for increased melee damage. Life and armour as always, attack speed is nice here.

Any enchant, really.

Unique options
Veruso's Battering Rams.

Rare boots with movespeed, life, resists, and armour.

Enchant: Added cold damage or Increased attack speed.

Unique options
Death's Door

Shaper and Elder amulets have some nice modifiers for us like phys as extra cold, and additional physical mitigation. They're not so good you have to get them, but they're an option.

Steel, Opal, Diamond, or Coral rings are probably best. Phys damage, cold damage, attackspeed, life, elemental damage with attack skills, all good stats.

Rare belt with life, resists. Leather belt is best, though a Stygian Vise can be very strong.

One Winter Burial for the splash, then Abyssal jewels with added damage and life. Regular jewels work too.

Seething Divine Life Flask of (Dousing/Staunching/Warding)
Alchemist's Granite Flask of Iron Skin
Ample Basalt Flask of (Dousing/Staunching/Warding)
Ample Diamond Flask of (Dousing/Staunching/Warding)
Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline

Unique options
Taste of Hate, Lion's Roar, Atziri's Promise.

While leveling, the base type of items is less important. Use what gives you the best modifiers and sockets.

Base type: Armour. You want to use the highest Armour bases you can find. This can be tricky early in the league, as you need to prioritize things like resistances and life. Just do your best!

You definitely want a one-handed mace.

Stat priorities: Always prioritize defenses. Potential damage pales in comparison. Aim to overcap your resists by 34% to be safe from elemental weakness curses. This means you want each resist to be at 109% or more. As long as you're at 75% resists with 0 endurance charges, you should be fine.

-Resists to cap
-Resists to overcap
-Attack Speed
-Crit, both chance and multiplier
-Physical damage
-Cold Damage


General answer: Kill all.

Alira gives us resists, crit multiplier, and mana regen. This is viable if you desperately need the resists, but we get a lot of resists from our passives so it's less necessary. The crit multiplier is nice, but not worth two points on its own.


Pick up Glacial Hammer after Hillock. Proceed as normal.


What if I want to play SC?: Then play SC. This build is perfectly SC viable. It's viable for trade league as well. The build contains multiple goal items to aim for, that you can trade for. It's not as convenient as having uniques, but the gear section says what mods to look for.

My other guides

Divine Ire Inquisitor
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Reserved just in case
PoB when?
allurein wrote:
PoB when?

PoB is already in the post.
23% effective crit chance? Maybe it's better to make it with RT?
Can i maybe go berserker instead and use 2 camerias avarice? im going to play the build in softcore so i dont mind dying a lot haha
jericho_chris wrote:
23% effective crit chance? Maybe it's better to make it with RT?

With Jugg, we won't be struggling to get enough accuracy to hit 100% hit chance. PoB has an outdated accuracy calculation, and doesn't have updated gem info. It'll be higher when updated.
Can i maybe go berserker instead and use 2 camerias avarice? im going to play the build in softcore so i dont mind dying a lot haha

Thank you Lily!

It was a Global chat that made me search for your build, and thank you very much for the good work. Your inquisitor was the sweetiest sweet, and I hope this jugg will be nice as well.

Do you think it worth going for 50k+ armor?

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