[3.7] Champion Frost blades Theory Crafting


Looked at the patch notes and Theory-crafted this build, any opinion on how to improve it?(currently around 200k dps with not every buff)


Good luck to everyone for legion! :P
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At least click on 'Is the Enemy Taunted' in POB to have proper hit chance and almost double damage in numbers, also intimidate in the same section because of gloves.

Amulet needs some crit multi to be good for crit build. You can also get Shaper amulet with Phys as Extra cold. Manage your resists in another place, amulet is not it - for this type of builds.

Good jewels with double multi will boost damage by 10% each, also don't forget Fight for Survival's.

Use stygian with delve craft for 30% more ele and more cold if you can craft both.

Get Twin Terrors for crit chance boost and you most likely need assasins crit nodes.

Also Elder chest with crit chance will help even more.

After i added crit multi on amulet, added jewels and Twin Terrors i had over 730k dps with only Diamond flask up on your build. Also with Rare claw's this build can be boosted well over 2mil dps easily.
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Thank you, that help a lot! :)
I'm gonna start the league with this build and see how far I can push it.
Hey! I am trying to theorycraft myself a frostblades builds for 3.7, I think marauder, scion and duelist are do able. Does bleed proc and apply with frost blades? I was thinking of a match with Bleed.
I think that bleed apply with any attacks but not 100% sure, never looked at bleed-based build, if that's a thing.
how about slayer version ?
quang9x97 wrote:
how about slayer version ?

He made this thread for help on the Champion Frost Blades build he made. Why are you in here asking about a slayer version?

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