[3.6] Bane Occultist - 10K Energy Shield - Beginner Friendly - All Content - League Starter - Cheap

This is a fast clearing, high survivability build that is cheap to gear. Relying on energy shield for defense means you don't have to worry about health or mana pots and allows you to focus on clearing.

10K Energy shield by end game pretty cheap.
Beginner Friendly guide with no clutter and Path of Building trees.
All Content build.
League Starter since it is pretty cheap and easy to self craft while leveling.
Cheap uniques and gear as you level.

Can not run maps with no mana regen.

Build in action demo

Energy shield base gear is priority as you level and end game.
-Use Orb of Alterations or your crafting table on magic base energy shield gear to get the desired energy shield bonuses as you level.

Second priority is keeping your resistances at cap at end game.
-Again, use Orb of Alterations or your crafting table on magic gear to get the desired resistance bonuses as you level.

Four cheap uniques that make this build strong are:


Sulphur Flask of Warding

Granite Flask of Dousing

Basalt Flask of Staunching

Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline

Quartz Flask of Grounding

-The Warding, Dousing, Staunching, Grounding modifiers can be on any flask other than Quicksilver.
-You will constantly spam flasks in dangerous fights or for damage boosts


Kill all bandits!

Occultist Ascendancy order is as follows:
-1st Wicked Ward
-2nd Vile Bastion
-3rd Profane Bloom
-4th Malediction

Path of Building link:

PoeURL links:

Gem Setup

Your Intelligence gems will cap at level (20). Your Strength and Dexterity gems will level as high as the bonuses on your gear allows. Keep Arcane Surge at (9) for maximum benefit.

6 Link:
Bane(20), Despair(20), Temporal Chains(20), Efficacy(20), Swift Affliction(20)
-In the beginning you will need to use Blight and Corruption until you get Bane, then you can drop Blight and Corruption as your main attack.

4 Link:
Blight(20), Infused Channeling(20), Efficacy(20), Controlled Destruction(20)
-Only needed on bosses for extra dps

4 Link:
Vaal Blight(20), Efficacy(20), Increased Area of Effect(20), Controlled Destruction(20)
-Only needed on bosses for extra dps

4 Link:
Discipline(20), Malevolence(20), Poacher's Mark(20), Enfeeble(20)
-This gem setup needs to be on your Vixen's Entrapment to trigger

3 Link:
Flame Dash(20), Arcane Surge(9), Faster Casting(20)

3 Link:
Blight(20) ,Spell Totem(20), Multiple Totems(20)
-Only needed on bosses for extra dps
-You will use Wither instead of Blight until you get the Spreading Rot jewel from the main quest line

Main Attack
Bane will be your main attack. It will kill most mobs one hit. It will dot bosses so you can focus on dodging mechanics.

Discipline and Malevolence will be turned on all the time, this is a low mana cost attack build.

The Blight totems, Blight channeling, and Vaal Blight links are extra dps utilities to kill bosses faster.
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Thanks for this nice guide! -- I especially like the "cheap uniques" part :)

Mind paste your current gear as well ? (or some reference gear when you kill Shaper, etc) :)
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