[3.6] Juggernaut Cyclone 2x Mjölner: Wave of conviction + Ball lightning - lightning convert

Juggernaut Mjölner: Wave of conviction + Ball lightning - lightning convert

+ Very good clear speed
+ You don’t need 6-link, so it's cheap
+ Very tanky build (over 4k life regen + over 7-8k life + over 10k armour muych more def…)
+ Good attacks speed and movment speed
+ Immunity to Temporal Chains
+ All content vielable (I defeated everything except the Uber Elder yet)

- can't do maps with "reflect elemental damage" mod
- not recomend for maps with "no regeneration" mods

- cyclone Mjölner playstyle is addictive... ;)



Mein build mechanic is based on tons of spell damage with The Iron Fortress + Repetance


1. The Iron Fortress grants 3% melee physical damage for 10 strenght (normally is only 2%) + Repetance grants Iron Will (your phys. damage from strenght also grants spell damage to skills) so...
with 1000 strenght you have +333% spell damage

2. When lightning spell is trigered with Mjolner then this spell has +100% spell damage with Mjolner ability.

3. Pure talent Jewel (very important Jewel)

Scion - +25 All attributes
Templar - 5% elemental resistance damage penetrate
Marauder - +15 increases cyclone AoE

4. 7 sockets from tree + 1 from belt = 8 jewels sockets

+ life + points damage to spells


Mjölner 1: Wave of Conviction + Physical to lightening + Concentrated Effect (convert + DPS) = clear speed and good Cyclone AoE

Mjölner 2: Ball Lightning + Slower Projectiles + Elemental Focus (good single target DPS)

Armour: Cyclone + Faster Attack + Fortify + Gain life on hit + Blood magic (5-links) + Culling Strike (6-links)

Tons of survival with life gain and fortify and good attack speed
Culling Strike is excelent for bosses if you have a 6-link


CWDT + Blood Range + Immortall Call + Stone golem
Survival + attack speed + golem for more life regen
Immortal call is very good because you always have 6 endurance charges so you have this buff for long time...

CWDT + Molten Shell - I very like this skill - next 1400 damage you would receive will be prevented
Herald of Thunder - more DPS to lightning skills

Blasphemy + Worlord's Mark + Elemental Weakness

Warlord's Mark - endurance charges generator and life regeneration
Elemental Weakness - more DPS

Herald of Ash - more Spell damage

+ points to life
+ strenght
+ elemental resistances

16% increased attributes (very important)


Start skill tree


I recomend to play with 2-hended Axes and resolute technique


My character account
name: Tas_Synthesis

Path of Building code

on-line tree


It is possible to create a version 100% converted to fire with Avatar of Fire and Chiftein ascendancy

If you want to have more DPS you can get Wrath Aura

https://youtu.be/k88RPhxW5oQ - Chimera
https://youtu.be/9eiBeukuFKY - Vaal Temple map

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Innovative and quite cheap build. I'll takę it for flashback event.
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Gonna try it in Flashback ;)
Nice stuff! Haven't thought of the Iron Forteress / Iron Will combo before, that's nice if it works together.

A few ideas:

- Cyclopean Coil belt is probably good
- Alberon's Warpath too
- Scion Inquisitor/Elementalist would give good damage and also fix the reflect issue

Here's a PoB I toyed with for fun : https://pastebin.com/925CHQiU
how could you use 4 Aura??

herald of thunder and ash - each 25% and warlord mark / elemental weakness - each 35%

100% over!??!

misterpg wrote:
how could you use 4 Aura??

herald of thunder and ash - each 25% and warlord mark / elemental weakness - each 35%

100% over!??!

herald of thunder is no used - sry, I have just forgotten remove this. :)

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