[3.7] Glad CyclingVortex with [10M dps] [6K ehp] [79% blockChance]

According to https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2486771,

Chris released "And Cyclone is now a Channelled skill", so cyclone channeled spells are available in version 3.7.

As it is very op with "gain x% non-Chaos/elemental damage as extra Chaos damage" when you convert damage over times.

The extra chaos damage is calculated every time you convert an old damage type to a new one, just like ignite and poison before 3.0 XD.

In 3.6 WO reached almost 100M dps enhanced by the Eternity Shroud, that's super overflowed damage against even the uber Elder.

So this time we may combine these mechanics to a Gladiator to gain both deffense(ehp and block chance with staff) and offense(critical based and extra Chaos).


Here is a short cut for this pob at LV96:
*6400+ehp, 73%block chance to attack and spell, 10Mdps against Shaper* (at medium cost)

I think Cyclone CWC Spells and extra Chaos must be hot in the coming version 3.7 XD.

What do you think?

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What about life sustain? Warlord's mark no more works with spells. Looking for some fun with max block glad and saw your build.
Poacher may be, but not low lvl in cwdt setup.
Okay, i almost made your impossible staff!

Time for imprints and regals :D
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Well nobody does this build? Any other ideas about cyclone+bw?

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