Great ideas to Enhance trading systems quality in every leagues and standard

Hi, I love this game a lot and I just want to help to improve it. I am an average occasional player and with all the discussions I had from players and friends here is few frustration that I have put together.

1- Inter-league trade board: all active players play most likely in league. But there is few that stay in standard. So I suggest adding a menu in START option at the bottom that is 'Standard trade market'. So people in leagues will have the ONLY possibility to accept or refuse offers from other league. They cannot set an order from other league. I think a lot of active players in league will be interest to still control their BIG Bank in standard and standard player will have way more items to buy in standard.

2- Auto-Accept system: the auto-accept would be greatly appreciated from a lot of player because it will unlock A LOT and will improve A LOT quality of life of everyone. Few issue would be 'oh I forgot to change the price' 'oh I did not want to sell it' etc. But I think after 1 week people will adapt. Best positive thing out of it would be to still be able to buy item from offline player... and also DEAD player.. (You know player that quit the game but still have that super nice item for sell...). Another cool thing (I think) would be to make sure price fixer wont exist anymore.. Like selling things low price but never accept the offer... This happens to me A LOT AND A LOT... And a lot... it makes me crazy that nobody accept offer... Even when its overpriced... I don’t care to pay 3-4-5 time the price... But when its 10-20 time the price I’m like.. w.t.f. Maybe bad part of it would be a rich guy buying everything with auto-accept and then set overkill price? But then leagues player will always have their stuff for sell when leagues restart so idk seriously. I think, overall it would be good to at least try it 6 month.

Do you think if GGG have some sort of ‘’WHAT DO YOU THINK ( something) ’’ questions to the community randomly and people answer it would be great? Like a post in forum? Idk, maybe people well fell more being part of POE improvements’?


1- Typing 100 words instead of 50..
2- 20 offer?, when I try to corrupt something, with 10 offer it takes me 1-2 weeks sometime.. (Auto-accept and interleague trade would help it)
3- Trading item and not only currency? (Trade system)
4- Have on option for UNIQUE ONLY, CORRUPTED, NOT CORRUPTED. (Same way you select online players and offline). It would help me to search my item in 2-3 stashes instead of 126 stashes of random 90% rare item.
5- sometime a player have 5-6 time the same unique items for sale, having the possibility to send him 5 offer in the same minutes would help.


1- Guild system with guild stash will improve quality of life and makes the game way enjoyable, because everything of this game is about community.

Having something like this on start menu, with the option of scrolling in the guild menu, click on someone that is only and be able to send him party request from Xbox or ps4 menu as a very nice shortcut.. idk possibilities are large.

I know that kind of improvements can be a problem with the dev team because they have other priority like micro transactions, next leagues, patches from bugs etc... But I think working on the community would be a good catch to keep players play the game... next gen console is coming, ps5 and Xbox two and I think POE players in console will grow a lot by theses simples improvements that is specifically for players (the community)... This game was release on pc many years ago, I’m a fan of these kinds of games, like diablo 2-3 etc., but I’ve never heard of this game before 2017 when my brother told me HEY! IVE FOUND A NEW GAME... it was not that new lol... community is the key.
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