[3.6][WIP] Have you seen the true meme of god Exile? 10k+ ES | 500k+ DPS Arc Mjolner

-----------------Update 2019/04/04-----------------
Tried out Lightning Strike, I feel like the meaning of melee just got redefined. With the extra range from the projectiles, I can clear packs of mobs from off screen. The boss DPS suffered a bit, but I was able to take down Minotaur no problems, just slower than I'd have liked. Otherwise, very solid for clearing maps quickly and not having to worry about things killing me.

T16 Minotaur Lightning Strike

Excuse me for getting stuck on weird terrain, Lightning Strike feels weird with how the projectiles disappear upon collision with terrain and it's not always clear what it can go over and what it can't.


My friend really wanted to do an Arc Cyclone meme build because we need to play melee builds even in the spell meta. At the same time, we wanted it to be as tanky as traditional cyclone builds while having DPS similar to hand cast Arc. If this sounds ridiculous to you, it's because it probably is. After weeks of theorycrafting, I finally arrived at a build that I find acceptable and gave it a shot.

This build is a work in progress, the current state is from early testing. This post is a quick write up and I'll go deeper into detail later if I find some time. I don't know if I can recommend this build to anyone looking to do a legitimate build, but it's an interesting concept. It's my first Mjolner build so any feedback would be appreciated.

I have no problems running yellow maps and Uber Lab so far. Red maps are a bit of a pain, but I'm guessing it's because I'm still ramping up my damage. DPS is supposed to scale to 700k-ish in PoB, but I'm guessing I can't apply anywhere near that much shock in practice so I limited the number to be more realistic. Comparing PoB with Enki's Arc, it seems like this build is about on par in damage for the same amount of investment.

Update: April 3, 2019
After doing some research, I added in Shock Nova and took off Controlled Destruction. It feels a lot better now!


Apologies for the crappy gameplay, haven't played a Cyclone character in a long time (Harbinger league, actually).

T11 Shaped Haunted Mansion

T12 Villa, got fisted by Dominus but everything just fine

Uber Lab seems fine too

T11 after Shock Nova

Pros and Cons

+ Tanky (can have 12k+ ES with a Watcher's eye)
+ Much cheaper than a meta ES spell build
+ Chaos Innoculated so no Chaos damage taken

- Awkward to level because you need to respec into ES
- Dependent on flask up time to kill tanky mobs


We use Mjolner to proc Arc when we hit enemies! Given Mjolner's internal cooldown of 150 ms, we don't want to go over 6.67 attacks per second or else things get awkward, so we want to get as close to that as possible.

Build Tree



We need to proc Arc with a Mjolner.

Shaper's Touch lets us get massive amounts of energy shield and accuracy.

This converts strength into ES.

As much increased strength and flat strength as possible.

For jewels, we want a Might of the Meek, a few Efficient Training, and a few Brawns.


We sorely need lightning penetration.

Onslaught for movement speed and attack speed.

Wise Oak for more lightning penetration.

Sulphur Flask for regen + increased critical chance to keep elemental overload up.
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