[3.6] Death's Oath + Bane(Life Based Map+Boss)

The Pale Master


I've spent the last few leagues refining a life version of the Death's Oath build. The addidtion of Bane brought the build full circle.
I really like how it has turned out. I thought I'd share.



+ **Very Fast Map Speed**
+ **Relaxing Play Style**
+ **Immune to Reflect**
+ **Can do 99% of Map Mods**
+ **Surprisingly Tanky**


- **Not a Budget Build**


Scion Pastebin Link: https://pastebin.com/rMhn3dge

Ascendancy Points: Trickster > Path of Shadow > Guardian

Pantheon: Arakaali(Major) - Gruthkul(Mapping)/Yugul(Bossing)

Bandits: Kill All


**The tree follows a simple principle. "Boost damage over time, curse effectiveness, life, and life regeneration."**



Scion Start (Level 40'ish): https://pastebin.com/MdprtEbN

Shadow Middle (Level 91): https://pastebin.com/xHuw7tzU

Final Tree (Level 100): https://pastebin.com/rMhn3dge



**Stat priority %Life > %Damage Over Time > %Area Damage > %Chaos Damage.
There are 4 jewel slots in this build.**



These are our offensive flasks. Sulphur flasks already have low charge usage. Go for the inc. duration.

I've linked two different Basalt flasks here. Take curse immune for mapping. Use inc. armor for bosses.

Just about any bleed removal will work.

Must go FASTER!!



Helmet - 40% Bane Damage
Gloves - Commandment of Frost on Kill
Boots - Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently






The Cane of Unravelling gives us our 6-link for Bane. This is for the bossing variant. You may still go with Breath of the Council + Shield for a weapon swap map clearing style.**


These are listed only for the Breath + Shield variant. Use Lioneye's if you want pure defense/life. Use The Oak if you want more life regen coupled with a more flexible gearing selection. Each are great.**



I use Voll's because of the defense values and life regen(since we don't equip anything corrupted). There isn't another "good" option. **



Self-explanatory. It's the core of the build. Try to find high life and high all-stats. The extra Dex will increase your damage some.**



I have my current gloves listed. Life + Resists. That's all we can ask for. Still working on the appropriate enchant.**



A good pair of rare boots. Life, Move Speed, All Resists. This is where roughly 1/3 of your resists will come from. **



I have the Chaos variant of Impresence for a specific reason. You can easily run the build with a rare. I recommend a marble amulet with % chaos damage / life / life regen.**



BIS rings will have All Resists, Life, %Inc Chaos Damage, and Chaos Res. You need to use Essences of Envy to craft the % Chaos Damage. These can be expensive to craft.**



This is the sleeper in the build. Huge life roll. The fun part is the increase to stats. 1% increase to damage per 5 of your lowest stat. Dex will always be the lowest value. You're going to see upwards of 50% increase in damage from Dex, alone. Also, we're immune to shock and ignite. That leaves only freezing to need a flask for.**



Main DPS Setup


Arcane Surge, Swift Affliction, and Efficacy MUST BE LINKED for them to apply to the Death Aura. Conc Effect, Void Manipulation, and Less Duration don't have to be linked to anything.
Use Vorici's method to add the sockets. It's MUCH cheaper than trying to color the sockets after getting 6S.

Bane is our single-target setup. 6-Link your staff ASAP.

CWDT Setup


**This might look odd. Soul of Arakaali allows us to boost our regen by 50% whenever we proc CWDT. Ensure you have your gems set up with Blood Rage being proc'd BEFORE Immortal Call. The blood rage will stay active. The degen will be countered due to IC's immunity to physical damage.**

Mobility Setup


**This is a typical Flame Dash setup.**

Aura Setup - Curses


**I run Despair in two places. Bane allows me to keep it applied to tougher mobs + bosses. I also wanted it active while clearing everything else. That's why I have it linked to a Blasphemy.**

Aura Setup - Vitality


**Vitality helps to counter the self-applied DOT from Death's Oath. You can only run 3 auras if you're also running an Impresence! Portal is my choice for the 4th slot.



**Working on detailing this.**


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can this build make t16 maps?
hi, gonna try out this build, but im wondering why you use witchfire brew when you have despair + blasphemy setup

also i know you havent filled out the leveling section yet, but how would you go about leveling this? im not great at leveling ascendant characters
Any video in action? Not talking about Uelder, but maybe some red map with hard mods (not just white)...

You can put all trees, gear options, etc in the one POB build btw...

I think, using Despair in the Bane support and as aura is overkill.
Leave it as aura and use Temp Chains with Bane. But you would need +1 curse somewhere...
I'm Russian and I love it.
Auctioneer House - just MUST be here! Most of sellers do not reply, not even talking about AFKers and offliners!
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tafitII wrote:
hi, gonna try out this build, but im wondering why you use witchfire brew when you have despair + blasphemy setup

also i know you havent filled out the leveling section yet, but how would you go about leveling this? im not great at leveling ascendant characters

I am level 62 atm with this build. I leveled storm brand with poison support and herald of agony. I speced into the minion nodes instead of going to duelist for melee nodes, way easier that way I think.
PoB with all 3 skilltrees inside: https://pastebin.com/cJtN7sz2
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Do you think you could use pathofexile.com passive skill tree links instead of using pastebin? Importing the pastebin as a .build file doesn't do anything.
EDIT: googled pob so now I know I was using these wrong. Website skill tree links would be appreciated though.
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not viable. good luck tanking 150k+ dot dps.
bvanharjr wrote:
not viable. good luck tanking 150k+ dot dps.

Pretty sure the degen does not stack and is mitigated by chaos resistance.
Tried this in 3.6.
Levelled with contagion + essence drain until I got bane.
The self-damage from death aura doesn't stack, so it is 450 DPS. With resists and pantheon its like 100, which is nothing.
The build came about 12-15 exalts until I considered it complete. It was cutting through T16 maps like hot knife through butter, just walking around and everything dying, don't even need to 'wait' for the mobs to die. Despair aura helps a lot if you want to play with minimum engagement. The tooltip on the Death Aura showed about 50-55k dps. Had about 800 life regen without the guardian node passive. I could AFK on the furnace in uber lab.

Overall great build, especially for mapping, chill to play, will probably play it again in 3.7, once I can afford it. Cannot run no regen maps or kill aztiri cuz of reflect.

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