[3.6] A Dominating Blow Guardian with Spectres and Herald of Purity | Uber Elder dead

Build uses Dominating Blow, Spectres (Enhanced Vaal Fallen for single target and Kitava Heralds for clearing maps), and Herald of Purity to kill monsters. I loved it so much I got to level 100 in Delve League. Videos at bottom.

Quick clip killing Minotaur

-Good damage and clear speed once you get good gear and jewels
-A mix of minions.
-Enhanced Vaal Fallen do a stupid amount of single target damage
-A more aggressive play style. LEAP SLAM

-Defenses are average at best
-Sometimes you don't know what's going happening on screen
-Not that cheap for endgame. Helmet may be annoying to craft and good jewels are expensive.

Passive Trees and leveling:

PoB with leveling trees

PoE Planner links:
25 Pts
50 Pts
75 Pts
100 Pts
113 Pts
123 Pts

Direct link to character

The leveling trees assume you start from minion from level 1. Use any skill you want until dominating blow or until you feel comfortable using Dominaitng Blow. You can use spectres (Kitava Heralds for leveling) as soon as you feel comfortable. If you need resistances, pick up Holy Dominion.

If you don't want to use SRS till 28 then use spells and get some elemental damage nodes and spec out once you switch to dom blow. I would do this way of leveling. It's the quickest and orb of regrets are plentiful these days.

Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheon

GUARDIAN: Radiant Crusade -> Unwavering Crusade -> Time of Need -> Bastion of Hope

Bandits: Kill all

Pick whatever Pantheon you want. Use the cold ones for uber elder.

Dominating Blow/Spectre/Herald of Purity brief explanations
Dominating Blow:
Dominating blow does good damage and has decent clear speed. It's quite fun to get auras from rare mobs.

GGG needs to buff the gem a little bit. You lose a decent portion of your DPS when you go into boss fights dry. You lose at least 3 magic sentinels and at least one 1 rare sentinel. Not to mention the 10% chance to spawn a sentinel is far far too low.

Best Spectre for single target is Enhanced Vaal Fallen.
Best Spectre that I have used for clearing maps is Kitava Heralds.

Herald of Purity:
I think you can get away with only using them for farming Bosess. I find that they are up often during mapping so it's feels like a waste of mana reservation and gem slots.

You should definitely use them for bossing since it's a pain the ass to keep your dom blow minions alive.

Put it in a shield. It scales really well with levels. Use Victario's Charity for mapping. Corrupt it for +1 to level of socketed gems or +2 to duration gems.

For bossing, try to use in a Solaris Invictus, Vix Lunaris, or Magna Eclipsis corrupted with +2 to duration gems or + 1 to socketed gems. If you get an empower level 4 in there, they will rarely die.


Dominating Blow -> Melee Splash -> Minion Damage -> Multistrike -> Faster Attacks -> Maim

Make sure you have an elder helmet with at least Minion Damage! Otherwise, you will have to switch out a gem for Minion Damage support.

For Enhanced Vaal Fallen, Raise Spectre -> Melee Physical Damage -> Maim -> Multistrike/Damage on Full Life (I like using Damage on Full Life for non-uber elder encounters. BIG, SLOW HITS.)


For Kitava Herald, Raise Spectre -> Spell Echo -> Summon Phantasm on Kill -> Greater Multiple Projectiles

Herald of Purity -> Melee Physical Damage or Empower Level 4 -> Minion Damage
Note: Use Empower level 4 in a corrupted shield with +1 to socketed gems or +2 to duration gems.

Hatred -> Generosity ->Enlighten 3/4 -> Arctic Armour (NOTE: Use of Enlighten and Arctic Armour are may not be necessary. You choose if you need/want to use them!)

----NOTE---- You can use Haste or another 50% aura in one your ring slots if you drop Herald of Purity for MAPPING. I would do this for a smoother mapping experience. Leap Slam feels better.

Leap Slam -> Faster Attacks -> Fortify or Vigilant Strike
Note: You can choose to use The Vigil jewel with Vigilant Strike. I would use it for Uber Elder. Pick whichever one you feel most comfortable using.

Convocation -> Flesh Offering (Use Blood Magic if you encounter mana issues)

Desecrate (equip in ring if you run out of sockets)

Optional Gems:
Ball Lightning/Storm Brand - use to generate frenzy charges if you use Victario's Charity.

Purity of Ice - only use if you get an Aul amulet with either hatred or purity of ice

Arctic Armour - I like to use it for extra defense



I like Soul Taker because I reserve a decent bit of mana and you don't have to worry about running out of mana too often. You can use The Scourge, or a fossil/crafting bench weapon. Up to you.


You don't need a corrputed shield. You can get by fine with Victario's Charity. The other shield is only used for bossing.

Body Armour

Craft using Pristine + Serrated until you get 120+ life, % life, and maim.
Other options: Loreweave or a spectre chest.


Big damage boost.

Helmet, hardest to get

or an elder helmet with minion damage and concentrated effect.

Craft with Essence of Insanity. I bought my current helmet for 3 ex in betrayal. Make sure to at least get an elder helmet with minion damage.

Additional rare sentinel
3 additional magic sentinels
+1 to herald of purity minion


Craft using Pristine + Bound until you get 80+ life, % life and +1 to spectre. Buy a new pair to craft if you craft a decent pair.


Find/craft something like that. Double resistance is probably fine.

Rings and Amulet

You don't need to use unset rings unless you are socket starved. You can use an rare amulet. I just use purity of ice Aul amulet for a little extra defense against Uber Elder and Shaper. If you use an Aul amulet then you will probably need to use one.

Look for high life on your rings and amulet. You will probably need dexterity on one or two of the jewelry. Get some resistances. Typical stuff.

Make sure to craft shock nearby enemies for x seconds on one of the rings

Jewels, also expensive
Look for life, minion damage and/or minion damage attack/cast speed.

I would get at least one ghastly jewel with taunt and one with blind.

Craft Cobalt Jewels with bound fossils. Minion damage only spawns on cobalt jewels (not on viridian or crimsion) Bound fossils give cobalt jewels minions attack/cast speed.

Use The Vigil jewel to give you and your minions fortify for at least 30 seconds.

You can also use Unending Hunger for clearing maps.

3.6 Uber Elder using top tier gear
3.6 Full Clear of Maze of Minotaur
3.5 Uber Elder using an essence of insanity helmet with minion damage only and a little worse gear than other videos
[Delve] Kurgal 520

I have other dominating blow videos on my channel.
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Yo, the build looks cool as fuck, would love to try it, I play HC, anyway to get some more defense to make it abit more HC friendly? (as you say, the defense is abit low?)
leoo1337 wrote:
Yo, the build looks cool as fuck, would love to try it, I play HC, anyway to get some more defense to make it abit more HC friendly? (as you say, the defense is abit low?)

No idea. I play SC for that reason. Maybe the defenses will be average for better players.
Ofnir_ wrote:
leoo1337 wrote:
Yo, the build looks cool as fuck, would love to try it, I play HC, anyway to get some more defense to make it abit more HC friendly? (as you say, the defense is abit low?)

No idea. I play SC for that reason. Maybe the defenses will be average for better players.

Alright, well ill give it a try anyway, see if I can make some changes to get it more tanky, looks like alot of fun tho, thanks for the guide.
If you like the skills then you may perhaps want to try my build. It's not finished yet and a bit old, also only reached tier 13 (without problems but I didn't play more then that).

It propably has a bit less damage but not to much and it heavily relies on auras for both survivability and damage. I don't realy have survivability or damage problems with an effektiv four link and quite normal gear. The only expensive thing is the chayula amulet. But not realy mandatory for the start. The best part: You are a part time aurabot without a need for a team!


Edit: The spectres I use are the apes from act 2 who can give you Frenzy charges. They can be an immense buff to your minion army, more then for your self. (Carnage chieftain or something like that)

Also, if you just take out the vaal summon skeleton and exchange it for a melee physical damage and put a sixth link on the armour with ruthless you will get around 2/3 of the damage of this build,so no to shabby. I also believe that you can do quite a lot with a few jewels and better gear. Just look for the chance to blind for minions, it's a nice extra defense.

For the Guardian: Take the normal buff build + a helm with increased physical damage taken for nearby enemys (Not included in poe build statistics).
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