[3.11] Kuraun's Abysmal Freezing Pulse Trickster!

1. Fairly simple to level with.
2. Cheap.

1. Lacking in damage.
2. Fragile.
3. A lot of investment needed to make the build "decent".
4. Meme build 600000 Billion DPS haha
5. Look, this build is crap...

Helmet: Rare with life and res.
Gloves: Volkuur's Guidance
Weapon: Amplification Rod
Shield: Light of Lunaris
Boots: Rare with life and res
Amulet: Rare with life and res
Ring 1: Rare with life and res
Ring 2: Circle of Fear (With reduced mana reserved for Herald of Ice)
Belt: Rare with life and res
Body Armour: The Ivory Tower (Chaos dmg ain't nice)

1. Life flask.
2. Atziri's Promise
3. Rumi's Concotion
4. Mana Flask.
5. Quicksilver.

Make sure they can remove bleed, shock, freeze and/or curse.

These are only suggestions. Feel free to change it to suit your purpose. I highly recommend you bring along the mana flask though, you are going to need it to sustain your mana.

Skill Tree, Bandits, Pantheon and Ascendancy Notes
Level Around Lvl 80: https://poeplanner.com/ABUAAOEAFQYAAG2U8fiX-_W0OOUZjDZUR6a-nsRd8phTH0GTJ--I-TfXz0mxL50W8yY8f8bKWTmZ0UUHY8u9EZYHHpUu8NVJUY_642L1-rc40NBSsuTr41aio1F0jummmWwLIvRtGf6zahsI9GpDvOosnBBYr5vr7prgRZ1TUhzcjxq4kyj6gsf56No6uNCxBUGHtz7-Cti9NZL-j03jplc64fJFpwidruWL-dt-xxpsNukkqhZv42rYJIVt1YEk2DbFHwIv1qg1arsacgQHg9tVxjpYlQQyNL6KoS9VS2HiJpUOSAAAAAAA
Swift Killer > Weave the Arcane > Ghost Dance > Escape Artist

Feel free to choose the pantheon notes you find most helpful.

Bandits: Kill All

My Gear for Delirium

Skill Gems
Wand: Freezing Pulse, Elemental Focus and Added Cold Dmg
Shield: Flame Dash, Faster Casting and Culling Strike
Gloves: Vaal RF, Increased Duration, Elemental Focus and Increased AoE
Helmet: CwDT, Phase Run, Immortal Call and Increased Duration
Body Armour: Frostbite, Arcane Surge, Decoy Totem and Frost Bomb (AS you trigger from Frostbite)
Boots: Stone Golem, Portal, Herald of Ice and Clarity

Wanderlust, Goldrim, Tabula Rasa and Lifesprigs are excellent leveling uniques.

Leveling overall is somewhat easy. Good luck.

There are two allocated sockets in the passive tree. Place the first snow jewel in it.


Build Info and Updates
Hello there! Welcome to my very first build guide. Before you use my build, know that this build is terrible. I am only making this build guide to honour it. This build was the very first build I made and used, so I have very fond memories of it. To sum this build in a nutshell, it is a terrible build that has sentimental value to me. If you are planning to use this build to complete end-game content such as Shaper and Atziri, well... this ain't it Chief. [3.10 Update]Updated for 3.10, we are no longer using MoM. For 3.11, no significant change.

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