[3.7] CrystalNix's Glacial Hammer Champion Build

Updated for 3.7, got Acro, it feels better. Enjoy :}

Welcome everyone, CrystalNix here!
This is my Glacial Hammer build that i played in 3.5 softcore Betrayal league. It is a noncrit build with elemental overload. I always wanted to try this skill and finally decided to give it a go, since we have Ancestral Call now. It turned out to be quite enjoyable to play (you freeze,chill and shatter enemies), with decent clear speed all up to tier 15 maps. I cleared T16 also, but the guardian i thought was too much for me with the gear i had. With investment though i think it will work out, so it certainly has room for improvement.

+cheap to build
+fast map clear
+freeze, shatter
+HC viable

-can't do elemental reflect maps
-not the best single target

Some stats here


The only mandatory item is the Glacial Hammer threshold jewel that gives us splash cold only damage. It will also provide us with 25% of physical damage converted cold, glacial hammer skill itself has 50% of physical converted to cold and we grab some from the tree to get 100% conversion. This is important, because the splash damage is cold only and this way we do all of of it as AOE. Helm enchant with extra damage or chance to freeze is nice if you can get one. I started by wearing The Bringer Of Rain, it's a great choice on a budget and also the blind is a nice bonus. Doryani's Catalists are the best choice for weapons in my oppinion. Taste of hate provides us with damage boost and some physical mitigation, so if you can afford it i would suggest getting it.Other gear is just life, resists and wherever you can find a spot - some flat physical damage.If you are willing to spend some currency a shaper amulet with % physical as extra cold or lightning damage will be a good dps boost.

As for jewels, life and attack speed/damage/resists. Try to prioritize attack speed, because the weapons are kinda slow.

Gems and links


swap AC with Maim Support or Ruthless for single target



you can change enfeenble for frostbite for even more dps, i didn't feel it was necessary, frost bomb is for lowering cold resists




herald of ice isn't that much of a damage increase, but with culling strike and onslaught support helps clear mobs more consistent and keeps onslaught up almost all the time, except when fighting bosses though.


In order of me taking them:
1 Unstoppable Hero
2 Conqueror
3 Worthy Foe
4 Inspirational
Last one is completely up to you. I like it because it buffs our hatred aura a bit and makes our banner reserve no mana. Also some movement speed is always a nice bonus.

Bandits - kill em all !

Pantheon - Soul of Solaris and Soul of Shakari are my choses everytime.

PoB link - https://pastebin.com/YMWAHx9x

I personaly always level my melee characters with earthquake on a 4L. I did this till level 67 when i equipped BoR and from that point it was just a speedrun through maps. Not sure if it's possible to level with glacial hammer itself.


Questions and suggestions are always welcome, just leave them in the comments and i'll do my best to answer if and when i can.

You can catch me live sometimes on https://www.twitch.tv/crystalnix

Good luck and stay sane exiles :}

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Nice looking build, might try it next time I roll a melee character. Getting a bit tired of fire based skills.
Could i bother you for a PoB link?
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Added PoB link :}
u should find some currensy and made 1kk shaper dps witout charges. and 1.8kk for maps. Gl)
u should find some currensy and made 1kk shaper dps witout charges. and 1.8kk for maps. Gl)

Thank's for the suggestion. I already did consider crit before starting the build, that's why i said it has a lot of potential for dps increase. Tho i still went with the tankier version (it's a personal preference) and it still cleared all the maps pretty fast as you can see in the videos. Your pob link i hope could help other ppl, who would like to max their damage though, so ty :}
Ah, man. This looks like a solid melee build. Tired of Molten Strike and Tectonic Slam and I miss the older melee skills. I've already made well over a dozen characters in Syndicate league but scrapped most of them. I have a problem. I can't help but give this build a go! Thank you. :)

I'm playing this build ATM. I must say it is more than decent. I can see myself killing guardians and Shaper soon. There are several improvements I can see myself doing in the passive skill tree, but would appreciate some advice :)


Yop - thx for the tip to a nice and enjoyable build that is not so mainstream.
What weapons are used before the 75th level?
deaklll wrote:
What weapons are used before the 75th level?

Running a similar build.
A frostbreath and a brightbeak will get you there.

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