[3.7] Power Siphon Trapper (Most of the content viable - Explanation in the post)

Wait, did I read Power Siphon?
Yes you've read Power Siphon and not Siphoning Traps. Welcome to my very first guide, which I hope all of you who came in here enjoy. Since this is my first time posting I don't expect to make a brilliant post but I'll make it as good as I can.

I made this build as a meme, since Power Siphon hasn't been used for ages and the rework didn't do much good tho this ability, so I decided to build it from a different perspective. I wanted to play this skill the past league but noticed that the self cast wasn't that effective, so I just decided to put them into traps so that they benefit from this kind of damage.

Also, I have to say that the build is somehow budget and can be brought far beyond what I've done, so any comments on the build are welcome.

I don't wanna read, gimme the POB code
Yo should probably read through the post, cuz you can get upset with the PoB but you've been warned

For the stats freaks

I don't know how the numbers exactly work but this works for me, I've managed to kill guardians on this setup taking a dead or so. This stats are with no auras nor flask nor charges

There's a lot of stuff in here to explain. In the beginning we can play as any trapper would do, cuz the starting nodes are for traps. We get the Power Siphon skill when we kill Merveil, but unfortunatelly it won't do much damage this early so keep going with the traps you're using, there's no restriction.

As for the bandits I killed them all, we get enough Crit from gear so we don't really need Alira
When we reach level 45 we can equip Eclipse Solaris, which is the base wand we're gonna use in the end game, but fated

The reason we are using this wand is because we are taking the node "Born in the Shadows" which gives use a lot of damage to blinded enemies, plus we're gonna use some other blind related items to squeeze the most of the blinding. Although I said we are taking "Born in the Shadows" we are going for the "Chain Reaction" first, cuz it's pretty convenient that our traps explode all at once, so "Born in the Shadows" will be our third or forth acendancy passive, depending on how we are doing, but we can use Eclipse Solaris since it already has the blinding aura.
Besides that there's not much explaining, just grab resistances and life and progress through the game story until the end and equip the uniques whenever you can. Try going for evasion gear, since that will help us survive.
Don't grab Eldritch Battery until you have Tinkerskin. All trap builds which use this armor suffer from mana in the early game, but using EB early isn't gonna fix it.


Most of the gear is mainly focused in evasion with a bit of ES, since that's what we're gonna use as our mana pool since we are reserving all mana, but we are pretty much fixed with this two uniques

Besides giving us some energy shield it allows us to spam traps like there was no tomorrow since we get back the ES we lose plus some life. The phasing effect is pretty convenient too since the CWDT we use has Frost Wall, so we can go freely through it without much trouble

Yes, we use the aspect of the cat which gives us more survivability since we have cat stealth every now and then. It has some ES too, so we're pretty much done with the ES for the build. We also get benefits while on Cat's Stealth, since it gives us some more Crit Chance against blinded enemies and a permanent 40% damage against blinded enemies.

We use two Corona Solaris since it boosts our damage a lot. All enemies around us are gonna be blinded so we get the Crit and damage buffs plus the reduction in accuracy kinda counts as more evasion for us. If we also take into account cat stealth we are not very likely to take damage.

I could have corrupted it with some elemental damage or resistances or maybe some Wrath effect, but it isn't that necesary. This gives us some fire penetration against blinded enemies, plus they can't evade our attacks, so we're always gonna hit. And this is important, remember we are working with an attack, not an spell, so we can miss without the amulet.

This is the last unique item we're using and it conditions our secondary ring to be shaped. We could use elder, but we have Brine King, so there's not much trouble. Also, don't expect seeing the tentacles around the map since it only triggers when you kill, and the killers in here are the traps.

I burrowed this gloves from a friend, cuz they had the extra trap, cuz more traps=more damage. I'm not sure if this is completely true, and I have yet to experiment with gripped, cuz projectile damage scales. But basically we are looking for life and resistances, everything else that scales damage is welcome.

As I said this ring is nothing special, just has the shaper tag for the Mark of the Elder.

I know, abyssal belt would be better, but couldn't find a good one for a reasonable price so yeah, a rustic sash makes a good job here.

Movement speed, life, resistances, nothing else to say here cuz it's pretty self-explanatory

As for the enchantments on the helmet we want some Power Siphon related stuff, and the only ones we really want are Power Siphon Damage or Extra Projectile, but this last one isn't that much important, can help with map clearing but We don't really need that cuz we fire a ton of projectiles already.
For the boots the most convenient one would be elemental penetration or cold/lightning damage, since we want more damage on bosses.

Those are the main flasks I use, besides the life ones. The Vessel of Vinktar should preferably be the attack one, not the conversion one, but this flasks gives us tons of damage


For our main setup we're using Power Siphon-Trap-Trap and Mine Damage-Cluster Traps-Added Lightning Damage-Elemental Damage With Attacks. Trap and Mine Damage gives approximately the same damage as Elemental Damage With Attacks, so you can choose the one you like the most in case of 4/5L

Our power boost setup is a Bear Trap-Advanced Traps-Increased Duration-Trap and Mine Damage, throwing them at the beginning of a fight gives us an extra 25% damage or so.

For the curse we use Storm Brand-Curse on Hit-Chain-Projectile Weakness. This way our target is permanently with the curse and it spreads around very well.

In our survival setup we have Cast When Damage Taken-Immortal Call-Frost Wall, which is really good cuz we can hide inside those walls in case we need it. I also have a level 20 Ice Golem there, just cuz I didn't had a socket for it.

For the auras we have Wrath and Herald of Thunder. Don't worry if you don't see the lightnings, the enemies die with ailments, and I'm not entirely sure how they work, but they kind of overwrite between them so that's a thing.

For mobility use whatever you like the most, either Lightning Warp or Flame Dash


Major - Brine King for the stun prevention, we have a low life pool, so we don't want to be permastunned by monsters. I recommend it up to the third level, the forth one can be omitted
Minor - Use the one you like the most. Yugul isn't useful cuz we don't take much reflect, just from the brand we set up for the curse and the occasional lightnings from Herald of Thunder.

Most of the content viable

So I know this doesn't look very trust worthy but it's a very solid build. I managed to do guardians and even facetank Minotaur on 3K life with no leech and deathless. Why haven't I done shaper is because my PC is crap and the few times I got into Shaper the whole arena was deloaded and couldn't see where was I standing, so the only way I have to do it is with auto builds such as minion builds. But I entered and managed to almost kill him without much trouble.

Cautions to be taken

We are pretty squishy and as such there are certain things that may kill us if we aren't careful. We rely on dodging ourselves most of the stuff but it's not a bullet hell, we have a lot of evasion, so simply dodge big stuff.
As for map mods we should avoid are:
-No regen, cuz the ascendant "Pyromaniac" doesn't trigger. We probably could if we got more life per kill but we can't get such thing
-Curses, especially vulnerability, They are really deadly but there are certain combos that could potentially kill you
-Player dodge chance is unlucky, I don't really have to say anything, getting rid of our defense isn't a good idea

But this doesn't end here. Since syndicate is a thing we also have to take a couple of its member into consideration
-Ryker, this bastard has the only skill that makes you vulnerable for a really long fraction of time, and that is his effigy which petrificates you. Since petrificated isn't freezed then you can't use any flask and doesn't count as stun, so you're pretty much done
-Leo, he can pretty much jump and oneshot you for no reason, cuz he may have some sort of mod for 100% accuracy or something like that, cuz whenever he jumped I was ded
-Jorgin, he isn't much of a trouble except when he is in party, then he can go through everything and kill you behind a frost wall, unless you kill him before he does


As much as I'd like to fill this spoiler with videos my PC isn't powerful enough and I'm not that good of a player yet, so I kinda struggle with some bosses cuz I don't play them frequently. Anyway
Minotaur facetank https://youtu.be/LCASmU3oyFA

That's all I got, hope you all like this build and feel free to make any suggestions.
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Thanks, cool build
upload video pls
Thanks for the build.
As you know, we need clear speed in legion league, could we clear all mob in monolith on time with this build?
Just found your build after searching for power siphon builds this league. Did not expect traps. I like the idea you've come up with here.

I'm very confused, though, on why you are using wrath and spec into lightning nodes on the tree when you're using a skill that scales off of weapon damage well and your weapons provide a ton of fire damage. Why not switch wrath and HoT to anger/HoA and use something like Xoph's to further scale the other elements.

I also wonder if dropping one of the Corona Solaris would be beneficial. It looks like the fire dmg does not stack, since it is "hits with this weapon."
I'm not sure how traps determine that sort of thing.
A different wand could increase your DPS. There's also the option to add a shield for more defensive stat boosts too.

Might have to try this build. I'll update if/when I do.

Thanks for the ingenuity on this idea though! Very original!
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