[3.5] The Chaos Spinner - Cyclone/Death Aura Trickster Map Farmer

Hello everyone,

I wanted to post my build as I'm quite proud of it since it's the first build that I didn't follow a guide to make at all.

The challenge was to create a build where I would just walk (sort of) but also have as many defences as possible because I like that playstyle but I also like not dying.

It's a click one button and go! build. Really great for map farming, not the best for single target, but happily does most content - even about T15 bosses - but it's kind of slow for those.

I'm currently on a 5l staff - but for late game and bosses you should really get a 6l.

Trickster ascendancy taking Swift Killer, Weave the Arcane, Patient Reaper and Prolonged pain

Kill all bandits for the extra points.

Pantheon - Arakaali + Shakari (I don't have them full)

Mechanics + Main Items + Skills

One Click + Flasks keep you through any map as you're wiping through everything with Death Aura - support gems socketed for max DPS.

Impresence for free Despair Curse with no reservation + extra chaos DMG.

Void Gaze skill giving enemies about 20% reduced chaos damage resistance with a CWDT + IC for some extra phys mitigation IF you get hit

This beauty right here running Cyclone + Fortify + Decay (for more chaos DPS) + Life leech support + added chaos damage (to maximise the damage for leeching)
(Ideally 6link it so you can add the extra Blind gem for late game bosses to make sure you have almost perma-blind-on-hit)

Add Wither totem for exceptional single target damage amplification from 15 Wither stacks on some boots with resists + chaos

Gloves with resits + chaos (if you can get some with +non-ailment chaos damage multiplier it will be even better)
Link Grace + Dread Banner with Enlighten on this.

Get some resists + chaos + life on rings

make sure you have Aspect of the Spider somewhere as well

I liked having 2 jewels with blind chance + life so I can keep my 5l until I get enough currency to 6l.


Using aura nodes + Dread Banner for 150% increase in Fortify effect getting about 50% damage reduction at all times if you get 50 stacks
10% Life leech + 10% regen + ES + MoM
79% evade chance (using blind)
Permanent blind on hit (from staff 6l)
40 spell / 50 attack dodge chance (Phase Acro)
when you do get hit - 4k life + 500es + 500 mana (for MoM)
80+% movement speed
99% chaos damage - about 3k phys out of the total 300k DPS so you can do all reflect maps and EE maps
ascendancy - movement skills don't use mana so all mana is used for MoM you recover 10% of mana when you use cyclone so no mana potions needed (20% chance)
Most trash mobs don't touch you anyway because of Death Aura + dodge + evade

PoB Link

Looking forward to your thoughts
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Hey interesting build idea, but i have a few thoughts, i hope you dont mind some constructive criticism.

First of all running despair on cyclone is kinda wasted as it only needs to apply once, and cyclones main strenght is that it generates lots of hits.

Second the added chaos damage +life leech is a bit moot imo, your on hit DPS with cylcone wont be high enough to get any meaningful leech imho.
You would be better off swapping out added chaos+life leech for life gained on hit if you want to stick with cyclone.

The reason for that is beacuse while you are clearing, patient reaper should keep you you topped up anyway, and so you life leech goes to waste(as it turns off when you reach full life).

Also cyclone might not be that great since it slows you down quite a bit.

If you want a bit more clearspeed you can swap you staff out for 2 Obliteration wands, and use a 4 link lightning warp with swift affliction/less duration and decay(those both buff your decay damage and make lw much more playable).
THen the chaos explosions will take care of the rest.

For single target you can use your current staff for 5 or eventually 6 link essence drain, it can do some very nice single target damage.

Last thing: Dread Banners fortify effect is only active when the banner is placed(but then it makes all sources of fortify stronger),still its a great aura and does a lot for how cheap it is.

Contrary to the previous opinion, I like the chaos damage cyclone direction you were going with this! I don't like cyclone with a staff however, but this has given me some really good ideas based on my experience with cyclone. Thanks!

For trickster I think a dual wielding claw build would work.

A 6 link chest with
Cyclone > melee physical > pulverize > infused channeling > withering touch > decay

Another piece running blasphemy > despair > and something else. The claws would allow for a high health and mana leech built into them along with better physical damage hits for the cyclone. Combined with chaos damage, dual wield, and claw tree nodes, I think it could be really good.

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