[3.5][Medium Budget] Stand In Front - 78/78 permanent block - Gladiator - up to 82/82 block

I am having fun with this build in T10 maps with syndicate members (except damage over time)

This is based on the Shaper mod 5% life recover when block

Build Tree


The helmet+shield choice is not a best one yet


6 gems with +1 shield attack block and 6/7% life
you get 6% block and around 38% life

if you have currency, then get 11% area damage

Not yet finalized, I am only 84


5k - Life
30k - damage - Ancestral Warchief - with flask buffs and soul gain prevention buff

Gems Link - Full physical to elemental conversion
Advantage: this gets benefits from elemental damage rings and belt and penetration skill tree, also gets benefits from increased physical attack damage

Main Skill 6L - Ancestral Warchief + Weapon Elemental Damage + Added Fire + Multiple Totem + Physical To lightning + Faster Attacks

Auto Curse - Tempest Shield + Curse On Hit + Elemental Weakness + Culling Strike

CWDT - CWDT + Immortal Call + Increased Duration + Lightning Golem

Optional - Reckoning + Life Gain On Hit + Curse On Hit + Elemental Weakness

This build can stand in front of Haku almost forever (except damage over time debufs if any)

Stand in front of merciless Lab Izaro forever and have fun :) (uber - not yet)
Stand inside Red beast group forever :)


Mana could be a problem
Need better gear for boss kill with regen and resistance

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