did you guys (GGG)know how sxxxs servers you give on xbox?

i saw someone tell you “we need ability to change servers !”
You say “Hi guys,

We are looking into adding the option to choose which gateway you connect to on Xbox. I don't have an ETA on this but hope to have it added in the near future.” on sep 21 , 2017
Now is 2019!
What you guys FXXXXXX doing ?

You did nothing !

Did you GG play this game on Xbox ?did you think just Americans play this game on Xbox ?

Did you know ! Lag! Lost connection ! game crash!!!

You beg to our money every 10 minutes!!!
You want us support every 10 minuets!!!

you give us a servers like a junk! And we never can’t change servers!
Just let the FXXXXXX servers put us from one garbage can to another!

If you want more money! More support!
Do your FXXXXXX JOB as well as you can!

If you can’t make the servers good! Good to anybody in this world can play it,you can choose P2P on xboxOne!
Just let trade market work on servers!
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-1 to your behavior LOL

is it really that bad for you? to rage like this ?

i live in holland and my game always connects to either GB-London or GER-Frankfurt.
whichever one has the lowest ping(ms) when starting up the game or connecting.

holland has no decent collective gaming servers.
(or not that i know of, because if it would then the game would connect to a dutch server and i would have 11ms ping then)

the game should automatically connect to the best gateway for you with the lowest ping possible for that server connection.

but i guess being able to choose where you want to play is still a bit better?

having the pop-up for sales and support every 10 mintues is pretty damn annoying i'll give you that!
we surely don't need to be reminded every 10 minutes!

a pop-up to appear once for mtx sales or w/e when you start up the game would be the sollution.

screaming is not a sollution. LOL

oh, btw.. fyi..


have fun
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lag is ok to me
The problem is this servers give me two options
1 you can play. 2 you can’t play
I had vpn ssh ssr,every game on Xbox have servers ,I can fixed with myself,except this one.

Packet loss is the big problem from me.....that make me stay someplace,and I can’t control my character.....then die

I already know some servers is good for me
I can’t choosing back!

Always in Texas......that server is my bloody nightmares!!
It has become unplayable for me which is the reason why I am quitting PoE on Xbox and stop buying any stuff to support the development. Simply because there is no development, its just getting worse!

I've switched to Xbox on early 2018 and I was hyped about playing it on console, even with some issues and the fact that trading is a nightmare, I've bought a lot of stuff on Xbox. In the first two weeks of every season, the amount of lags and server timeouts (disconnects) was insande but it has gotten better and was perfect when the flachback event started. Until delve.

You stuck in every loading screen for 30-60 seconds, you are lagging in towns that hard, the resolution was switching on some maps randomly every second and the disconnects and crashes destryoed the last bit of fun you had. Even on the last month of delve, this issues were still there. I hoped for a performance boost on betrayal - and got betrayed for my hope. I've stopped playing PoE on the third day and tried to play it again today. After one month, there are still the same bugs (e.g. npcs and items are stuck on the waypoint and you cant delete or move them), the same amount of lags and random crashes every 30 minutes.

Dont get me wrong: I love Path of Exile! Compared on every platform, I have passed the 1000 hours of playtime and I still want more. But not with this performance. Its frustration. Pure frustration. And because of that, its even worse than Diablo 3 (Vanilla).
Right now, Path of Exile is dead to me. And that's a sad fact.
It has become unplayable for me which is the reason why I am quitting PoE on Xbox and stop buying any stuff to support the development. Simply because there is no development, its just getting worse!

are you using:

xbox one x (because the game was actually designed for the X version)
ssd external harddrive
at least 100mb connection if not higher
cat6-7 internet/ethernet cables

the right settings on you modem/router (port forwarding,etc.)


probably not by the looks of your post

i'm playing on a xbox one elite with 200mb connection and cat7e S/FTP cable(S/FTP cable blocks wifi signal penetration), still need to get a ssd external harddrive.

but the game runs pretty smooth for me.. it's just the syndicate fortification that creates a lot of lag. (at the moment)
everything else is just fine.

load screens are always less than 5 secs for me !!!
lag in town(oriath with 10+ players) is also about 5 secs until the game is fully loaded in, after that no lag in town.
and no lag in my hideout with over 300 decos at the moment!

npcs and items are stuck on the waypoint and you cant delete or move them

yes you can.. look in your hideout deco inventory!
hover the cursor on the npc you want deleted and press B for reclaim!!!

and how about you upvote my tradeboard filter idea? (still working on it, mostly polishing)


i need views and replies on this post for GGG to notice it!
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graass wrote:

are you using:

xbox one x (because the game was actually designed for the X version)

The game is for the Xbox One. Saying, I shall buy another console is just dumb. You are buying a console just to not care About Hardware. Making the game work properly with the ressources the console is offering is part of the developers work.

So I am sorry but telling everyone they shall buy the X is pretty damn dumb! You can stay on your opinion and act like a GGG fanboy by protecting the worse performance of the game by telling BS to everyone but it wont help the game.

graass wrote:
npcs and items are stuck on the waypoint and you cant delete or move them

yes you can.. look in your hideout deco inventory!
hover the cursor on the npc you want deleted and press B for reclaim!!!

[Removed by Support] They are stuck! Pressing buttons wont do anything. You can select them, you can rotate them but you cant move or delete them. Even selecting another Hideout wont do it. The layers of NPCs and Inventory Items just stuck. This is a bug I have reported directly after the Season started and its still not fixed.

Coming in and telling a guy who has this bug "You can do it. Its your fault!" without accepting the fact that the game has serious issues is the dumbest thing a human being can do. [Removed by Support]

Seriosly, sometimes I wonder if companys hiring people like you just to make "bug reporter" facepalm over and over again until they stop reporting bugs, so the game seems to be in a good shape. And then, they are wondering why no one is buying their games again ...
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wow you are toxic!

i was trying to help you out but nevermind.

good riddance. bye

graass wrote:
wow you are toxic!

i was trying to help you out but nevermind.

Good joke! This:

graass wrote:
are you using:

probably not by the looks of your post

is disrespectful! Its almost an insult. Telling other Players they should buy an X if they wanna play PoE isnt a help, its BS. Telling me that I dont have a bugged Hideout since I simply have to press some buttons is ignorant.

And telling me in the end of your post with caps I shall support your suggestion which has nothing to do with my post is just dumb. Just look in the mirror before you give an answer and think about it.
FJsevers wrote:
...Packet loss is the big problem from me...

If you're experiencing packet-loss issues, it's not likely any fault of GGG's or their servers. IOW - It's your problem.

You need to talk to your ISP, get them out to your location, and let them diagnose any connection issues you may have.

According to a statement made by a mod, can't remember where it is atm, the XBox console uses the same servers as the PC game.

The first thing I'd recommend is check your hardware. And, just stop thinking that PoE is like any other Xbox game - It isn't. It's much more fragile than most of those games. PoE is most often a single-player experience played with multiplayer semi-mmo system mechanics, like requiring a live connection to a server. And, PoE shuffles a ton of data back and forth and makes constant checks on everything the player does. That means if you have a connection issue, ESPECIALLY with packet loss, you're going to have a bad time...

Get your ISP out there to fix your issues, replace your modem, check your outside connections, etc... That's your best option.
Also, the other thing you have to look at is your ethernet cable.

How old is it, have you updated it when you got a new modem.

If you are using the old Cat5e cables well you're going to get packet loss. Look at the cable and see if it is Cat5. If it is try upgrading to a Cat6 or Cat6a, no need to go to a Cat7.

I upgrade my Modem just recently, and I am still experiencing some lag. I have open all my ports for the xbox as well.

My next step is to check the packet loss. Xbox says I have no packet loss from the internal checks that it does.

I am going to buy a Cat6a cable tonight. It is by far the cheapest thing to do and on the weekend I am going to do a check between my place and the GGG's Washington servers which I am connected to.

Cat5 10-100Mbps 100Mhz Unshielded
Cat5e 1Gbps 100Mhz Unshielded
Cat6 1Gbps 250Mhz Shielded/Unshielded
Cat6a 10Gbps 500Mhz Shielded
Cat7 10Gbps 600Mhz Shielded

You have to remember that you need to do everything on your end before you start blaming others for problems that you have the ability to fix.

Not everyone on Xbox has these problems that you speak of. If everyone did then I can say yes GGG needs to fix something but since some of us have issues and others do not. You need to do everything in your power to fix it and then you can say. "Hey I have upgraded this, I have upgraded that I have done this I have done that and this stuff is still happening"

I am not saying go out and buy an Xbox X (Hell it is 599 here in Canada) but look at the other smaller things you can do first.

1) Upgrade your modem. Companies change their modems all the time and the also give out old refurbished ones as well. So try and get a new one from your ISP and ask to make sure it is not refurbished.

2) Check your cables like I said, 10 years ago a Cat5 or Cat5e was good enough for our internet service but as you see above with the new internet you upgraded to a couple of years ago the cable will not be providing you with the best service.

3) Check to make sure your Xbox is speaking to the modem properly, open the proper ports for it.


4) Clear your Xbox Cache and re-download the game. Also, you might want to look at getting an external HD for your Xbox. I got one a few years ago and surprisedly it made a difference. And yes clearing a cache is a thing. It gets rid of all the useless information stored on the Xbox, it moves some files closer together and thus allowing a game to have all the information closer together and not spaced apart as much when you re-download it.

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