[3.5] Disintegrator Double CoC Build

TL;DR POB link and DPS number
POB Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/NAJFw0sg
Skill tree: poeurl.com/cfnQ
Example skill tree around level 64-68 (when you can start to equip your Disintegrator and other endgame gear: poeurl.com/cfo9
My character link: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/dust36/characters?characterName=BiggerCritter

For those who just want a total dps number (as it’s a combination of several skills for this build): ~1.4 million Shaper dps (See my POB link and the DPS section below for detailed calculations)


Uber Elder kill- yes, I died twice because I’m bad

T16 Elder Guardian map with bonus T16 Zana (both with 40% phys reduction/no regen) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ok1S7JDM4qc

T16 Hydra without using Conc. Effect on boss

I also did Uber Atziri several days ago and didn’t get a video of it, if I’m able I’ll try to add one at some point.

Table of Contents

1. Intro
2. Pros/Cons
3. General Build Concepts
4. DPS Calculations
5. Ascendancy/Passive Tree
6. Skill Gems
7. Gear
8. Leveling
9. Bandits
10. Pantheon
11. Questions


Hello, and welcome to my Disintegrator Double CoC build guide!

The goal of this build is to provide a new option for players who are looking to experience the Cast on Critical Strike gem that was updated in 3.5, without having to spend tens of exalts that they probably don’t have on the gear that’s required for some other CoC builds. It uses a dual CoC setup with Cyclone/Bladefall and Static Strike/Blade Vortex, and has excellent single target damage to go along with decent clear speed.

I’ve played my personal version of this build (character name: BiggerCritter) since mid-December in Betrayal league, have reached level 95 with it, and have used it to clear almost all of PoE’s content, including Uber Elder and Uber Atziri. I am a softcore player, so if you are a hardcore player considering this build you’ll have to make your own choices on its viability and any changes required for hardcore play.

Popular CoC build item options this build does not use (current prices subject to change):
- Lycosidae (100c)
- Cospri’s Malice (1.5ex)
- One-handed sword with crit, attack speed, and hits can’t be evaded (5ex minimum just for the multimod/evade craft)
- Two-handed shaper exquisite blade with built in cast on critical strike, attack speed/chance to deal double damage, hits can’t be evaded (currently 1.5-2ex for the crafting base, thousands of alterations to hit the correct mods, and 5ex minimum for the crafted mods; completed swords are currently listed for 15ex+)
- Pandemonius (5ex)
- A shaper/elder ring with assassin’s mark/warlord’s mark on hit (around 1ex+ for one that’s not terrible)
- Wise Oak (no resistance balancing needed!)

Items this build requires instead:
- A Disintegrator staff (2c)

Build Pros:
- Can run any map mod other than no leech (and maybe some combo of 60% less life recovery, Vulnerability, or no regen)
- 6k+ life at endgame, even when using a Rat’s Nest or Devoto’s
- No need to stand still and self-cast Blade Vortex; Static Strike does it for you!
- Nearly permanent, auto-refreshing fortify (also thanks to Static Strike)
- Very strong single target damage
- Cheaper than many other options if you’re looking to play a CoC build
- Have a ton of fun playing with CoC!

Build Cons:
- Slower clear speed than the top tier meta builds
- Slightly less consistent CoC procs than a build with hits can’t be evaded and/or higher crit
- Need to deal with the degen from Disintegrator, especially when affected by certain map mods (less recovery of life, cursed with Vulnerability, no regen)
- Sometimes can get in awkward/dangerous positions when trying to attack with Static Strike (Ancestral Call Support fixes a lot of this issue)
- Needs at least one 6-link to make full use of the build’s Static Strike QoL features

General Build Concept

The basic idea of the build is to use two Cast on Critical Strike setups, one with Cyclone triggering Bladefall and another with Static Strike triggering Blade Vortex. Static Strike can continuously proc CoC over its entire duration, so you can hit once and as long as it’s up BV will gain stacks. You can then be Cycloning (and proccing CoC-Bladefall) throughout that duration. Static Strike can also continuously refresh fortify for you.

We make use of the large physical damage boost Disintegrator gives (almost doubling the base damage of Bladefall/Blade Vortex), and get crit and accuracy from our tree, gear, and skills to reach good levels of both and avoid the need for an expensive hits can’t be evaded mod. We also get global leech from Disintegrator that works with our spells, gives us survivability, and helps offset the Siphoning Charge degens we take.

We stack accuracy and crit to get 90-93% chance to hit and ~85% effective crit chance, which is enough to make CoC feel good and proc spells often enough. We achieve our good crit chance through our passive tree and ascendancy, gear, skill gems, and diamond flask.

CoC Trigger Cooldown

(I did not do any of these CoC cooldown time calculations myself, I took the info from others who posted about it previously. The links to those posts with the info I used are below)

The new CoC gem has a 150ms cooldown. Thanks to a ton of research and info posted by other players, we believe that the actual cooldown is more like 165ms due to server tick rates. 14% cooldown recovery is the break point required to actually improve this cooldown.

If we don’t get any cooldown recovery, we can only trigger CoC 6.06 times per second. Cyclone hits at twice your attack rate, so we would need to have under 3 attacks per second to avoid going over this breakpoint. Our weapon base has 1.2 aps, and Cyclone has a 50% more attack speed modifier, so we’re at 1.8 aps by default. We can only get 66% increased attack speed to stay below the breakpoint, and we get 37% from our tree, 10-16% from one of the three main helmet options, and 10-20% from Blood Rage. In short, we’re already at or above the CoC breakpoint if we don’t have any cdr!

If we can get >14% cdr on our belt or boots, we can then proc CoC 7.57 times per second, which we can reach by staying below 3.75 aps. This means we can get a better 108% increased attack speed everywhere without worrying about going over the breakpoint, while triggering our spells more frequently.

All that explanation too complicated? For this build, it’s pretty simple: if you don’t get 14% cdr somewhere, your Cyclone aps should be below 3.0. If you do get 14% cdr, your Cyclone aps should be below 3.75. Try to calculate it with everything you would have up vs a boss, as single target is the main time these calculations really matter (e.g. I don’t include onslaught in my personal calculations, as I only get it on kill occasionally, so it likely won’t be up against a boss).

Links to CoC cooldown discussions I reference:

DPS calculations
(Disclaimer: I aim to be an ethical dps player. I’ve only checked the settings in my POB that you can reasonably expect to have up during a boss fight like Shaper or Elder. These calculations are based on that anti-POB-tooltip-warrior ideal. If you have any issue with the settings or think I’ve screwed up my calculations, please let me know.

Cyclone itself does 200k dps.

Blade Vortex hits 7.5 times per second at 10 stacks (nearly always up against hard bosses), and does 78k per hit, for a total of 585k dps.

Static Strike does very little, but if you care, the beams are doing 40k dps.

Bladefall is the tough one to calculate, as it’s hard to know how often it’s actually proccing. If we had 100% hit and crit chance, our Cyclone would crit about 7 times per second, which is under the CoC cooldown (7.57 per second) with our >14% cdr belt mod. We only have ~92% hit chance and ~85% effective crit chance, which would lower that to around 5.5 crits per second (7*.92*.85). Let’s just say we’re only getting 5 of those to be safe and ethical. Our bladefall does 119k per hit, giving us a total of 595k dps. (It’s possible for an enemy to be hit by more than one of each bladefall’s waves, but I’m not going to get into that. The build has more than enough damage, ok?)

This gives us a grand total of: 200k + 585k + 40k + 595k = 1.42 million dps

What if I only have two 5 links instead of two 6 links, my damage is probably shit then, right?
Let’s find out. I assume you’re going to take out either fortify or ancestral call if you only have a 5L for Static Strike. In either case, Blade Vortex damage will be unchanged, and Static Strike will either lose 2k dps or gain 8k dps (it’s basically no change in either case).

For our Cyclone setup, we have to drop either conc effect or vile toxins for a 5L. They’re close, but let’s say we drop vile toxins. Our Cyclone goes down to 149k dps, and our Bladefall goes down to 82k per hit (or 410k dps if we’re proccing it 5 times per second like we said).

In total, our damage with two 5L is: 149k + 585k + 38k + 410k = 1.18 million dps (only???)

In summary, your damage should be fine, even on 5-links. Don’t worry about the numbers so much!

This is a Scion Ascendant build that combines the Assassin and Slayer subclasses and uses Path of the Shadow to get to the Shadow area of the skill tree.

Every part of this subclass is helpful for the build. The extra 1% crit helps us more easily reach the high levels of crit chance needed. The built in power charge on crit gives us easy power charge generation everywhere, including against bosses, and means we don’t need to use Assassin’s Mark. The 40% chance to poison affects both our spells and attacks, giving us a bit of extra poison damage and applying plenty of poison stacks for the damage boost from Vile Toxins support (if we choose to use it). The extra movement speed is a nice bonus. Finally, immunity to reflect when we crit (coupled with Slayer’s complete physical reflect immunity) means we can run any phys or ele reflect maps, and we don’t have to avoid the Atziri Mirror clone (though that could still be an issue if we don’t crit, as our bit of elemental damage can then be reflected).

The main draw of the Slayer node for this build is the “Life leech effects are not removed at full life” line, as it gives us a recovery buffer to help counter the physical degen we take from Disintegrator. Culling strike, the extra damage, and the extra area are all nice bonuses as well. The immunity to physical reflect is also helpful as discussed in the Assassin section, as most of the damage we deal is physical.

Path of the Shadow:
The Scion’s ability to start at another class starting point is relevant for this build, as it allows us to get many of the great nodes in the Shadow starting area while saving 7-9 travel points to get there.

Passive Tree

Skill tree link: poeurl.com/cfnQ

The tree should mostly speak for itself, but generally we’re going for the close jewel sockets, a good amount of life, crit chance and multiplier, accuracy, and damage (physical, spell, minion). We make sure to grab the Potency of Will skill effect duration cluster, and extra power/endurance charges when we’re able. If there’s anything that doesn’t make sense about why I grabbed it, go ahead and ask and I’ll explain my thought process. Otherwise, make changes as you see fit.

Skill Gems
Cyclone - Cast on Critical Strike - Bladefall- Increased Critical Strikes - (Hypothermia / Void Manipulation / Increased Critical Damage/Added Fire Damage) - (Increased AoE or Concentrated Effect)

This is my primary Cyclone skill setup. The first 4 links are the base requirement to make the build work.

Your fifth and sixth links are flexible and dependent on the socket colors you’re able to get. I believe the greatest possible dps combination for Elder/Shaper/Guardians is Void Manipulation and Concentrated Effect. I only swap to Concentrated Effect for endgame bosses such as those, and keep Inc. AoE in that slot otherwise, as I find the extra damage wholly unnecessary for any content below T16 maps. If you are unable to get 4 green/white sockets on your chest piece to make that combination work, I’d suggest trying another gem based on the color you have available, such as Increased Critical Damage or Added Fire Damage.

Static Strike
Static Strike - Cast on Critical Strike - Blade Vortex - Increased Critical Strikes - Ancestral Call - Fortify (or Conc. Effect / Vile Toxins / Increased Duration)

This is our fire-and-forget second CoC setup. Static Strike is a duration skill, and will keep attacking for the entirety of that duration. These beams can proc CoC and fortify. They hit slower than the CoC cooldown, but that’s ok as Blade Vortex has a ten stack limit and doesn’t require us to continuously proc CoC on cooldown to reach maximum damage. As long as we can maintain the stacks, we’ll have max BV damage. In practice, this works more than well enough, especially against endgame bosses where it’s more important. All you have to do is hit with Static Strike once or twice, and for the next 10+ seconds you should have BV stacks dealing damage and the fortify buff. Pretty cool, huh?

If you only have a 5-link, you’ll have to make a tough decision to remove either Ancestral Call or Fortify. Ancestral Call provides insane QoL for proccing CoC; most of my deaths for a few levels were getting hit and dying while trying to hit and enemy with Static Strike while not using Ancestral Call. AC allows you to stay further away from enemies and is more forgiving with your targeting, so it can be dangerous to leave it out. On the other hand, auto-refreshing fortify is one of the coolest parts of the build. Try each setup out and see what you prefer, and remember you can put fortify on your leap slam instead until you get a 6-link.

Even if you have a 6-link, you can also choose to replace one of those two gems with another damage gem like Conc. Effect, or also Increased Duration Support which will give you longer duration Static Strike and Blade Vortex stacks.


War Banner- This can almost be considered a build-enabling skill for us. It give us a huge accuracy buff while also giving us a solid “enemies take increased physical damage” multiplier. The banner planting mechanic is cool and gives even bigger boosts, but I often found myself forgetting or just being too lazy for it. Just using the banner as a permanent aura is a nice help itself.

Hatred- Our base damage is pretty much entirely physical, so hatred gives an excellent damage boost. I’m not sure what you’d ever want to replace it with, but if you find something you want then more power to you.

Herald- A herald or other buff is almost optional for this build, as there’s several decent options and no required one. I used Herald of Ash, Herald of Ice, and Herald of Agony at different points in this build, and Ash or Agony were especially nice boosts (Agony is specifically good if you’re using Vile Toxins instead of Hypothermia or another gem in your 6-link, while Ash is generally good). You could also use a Bestiary Aspect skill instead if you can get a good one on your gear, as they reserve the same 25% mana.

An Enlighten attached to these auras gives you a bit bigger unreserved mana pool, but if you don’t feel you need the extra mana or if you need the extra gem slot, then it’s not at all necessary.


Blood Rage- Gives us a bit of extra Cyclone leech (not that helpful), attack speed, and frenzy charge generation. Again, be careful not to get too much attack speed that you go over the CoC breakpoint; you can always use a lower level Blood Rage gem to lower your attack speed again.

Phase Run- Extra movement speed and phasing are always nice, and we can also get nice long durations with the frenzy charges we’re always generating while clearing. Static Strike and Blade Vortex will keep hitting without breaking the Phase Run buff as long as you don’t use any other skills, so have fun speed-running through packs and letting them kill everything for you!

Leap Slam- Just your standard movement/gap clearing skill. I prefer to run rather than slam everywhere, especially since it will trigger the Siphoning Charge degen if you constantly use it between packs. Feel free to attach and trigger Fortify with this if you only have a 5-link for Static Strike, or if you want to use the extra link on that for damage or Increased Duration.

CWDT- I attached three spells to a medium-level Cast When Damage Taken: Immortal Call, Enfeeble, and Vortex.

Immortal Call is important to get our Pantheon life recovery buff, as well as being generally helpful damage mitigation. The Smashing Strikes notable on the skill tree gives us decent endurance charge generation from all our crits, which buffs our IC duration most of the time. The general increased duration nodes we get on the tree also help our IC.

Enfeeble- This CWDT is where I ended up putting my curse, as we really don’t need the bonuses from an offensive curse (and their effectiveness is not great against endgame bosses anyway). I opted for the defensive curse to further improve my survivability. This is in no way required, and you can fit a curse of your choosing into the build however you like.

Vortex- Vortex was especially helpful when I was using Hypothermia more consistently in my main links as it provides chill against big bosses, but it’s not required. I didn’t have anything better I wanted to replace it with. Feel free to be creative with your CWDT, or use the extra slot for something else entirely.

Portal- Shoutout to one of my favorite skill gems and never having to carry/pick up portal scrolls. I ran out of space in my main links so I put it in my weapon swap. Purely a personal choice if you want to use this.


General recommendations
There are only a couple required/highly recommended stats you need to get somewhere on your gear slots for this build. Specifically, you're going to want:
- at least 14% cooldown reduction (available on Shaper belt or boots). Why? You can read more about the mechanics of CoC procs and cooldown here, but in short,
- at least two 300+ accuracy rolls (available on rings, gloves, or a rare helmet). Why? Flat accuracy rolls get scaled by all the % increased accuracy we get from the passive tree and from War Banner, helping us reach the high hit chance we want.
- A % physical attack damage leeched as mana roll, if you want to run no regen maps without a mana flask (you can get this on a jewel).
- 3 to 5 Shaper or Elder items for Siphoning Charges. Disintegrator itself counts as one, so you just need 2-4 other items. You’re going to want the Shaper cooldown recovery on either belt or boots, so that’s another item, and then you just want 1-3 other gear pieces to be Shaper/Elder, which is not too tough. Careful: if you get too many Shaper/Elder items you start taking an unreasonable amount of degen damage from your Siphoning Charges and don’t gain enough offensive benefit to make it worth it. I believe the sweet spot is just the 3-5 charges, but see what feels good to you.

Everything else is just getting as much life and resists as needed. You don’t need a ton of expensive damage gear for this build, which is nice.

Example Set- My current gear



The only truly required piece of gear for this build is the Disintegrator unique staff, which only drops from Uber Elder.

Its defining features are high attack physical damage, high physical damage added to spells (it adds approximately the base damage of level 20 Bladefall and Blade Vortex gems, effectively doubling their damage), and Siphoning Charges.

Siphoning Charges are a charge type unique to the Disintegrator item, and you can increase your maximum number of them by equipping other Shaper or Elder items (the staff itself is Elder, and gives you one charge by default). You get several bonuses for each Siphoning Charge; notably, you get yet more added flat damage, %damage added as extra chaos damage, and global life leech. This leech applies to your spells, attacks, every bit of damage you deal, and does not lose effectiveness against bosses like curse-based recovery options (Warlord’s Mark).

The downside of these charges is the last line, where you take 150 physical damage per second per charge if you’ve used a skill in the last 4 seconds. We counteract this degen with a combination of our leech, regen, Ascendancy, Pantheon, and physical damage mitigation (Basalt flask, endurance charges, Immortal Call).

Body Armour

Loreweave is my personal choice in this slot, as the easy extra maximum resistances help mitigate incoming elemental damage very well. Most of the other stats on it are at least somewhat useful to us, but the build doesn't require an insanely well-rolled one.

Another good option is a rare Elder chest with the "Attacks have +x% to critical strike chance" mod and good life. This further improves our attack crit to trigger our spells. Any other stats are just a bonus. In Betrayal, you can even craft %maximum life/mana on top of everything else!

There are a ton of other options too, if you prefer- Carcass Jack and Belly of the Beast are just a couple of examples.


My three main options for this build were Starkonja's Head, Devoto's Devotion, and Rat's Nest. You can use any of those three or other options if you prefer, such as a good rare with life/resists/accuracy/%phys taken as elemental stats. Of the three main unique options, just decide whether you prefer the extra life of Starkonja's, the movement speed/chaos resist of Devoto's, or the movement speed/crit chance of Rat's Nest. You can also make a decision based on the availability of helm enchants if you want.

Bonus: Helm enchant

There are a ton of good options here: besides the normal damage options for BV or Bladefall, there's also BV or Static Strike duration, or even utility options for things like Phase Run, Immortal Call, or War Banner. I'd also recommend avoiding the Bladefall crit, Bladefall/BV AoE, and Cyclone/Blood Rage attack speed enchants, as our spells will already be critting almost every time, the AoE increase from Lab enchants is generally lackluster, and we'll probably already be getting enough attack speed to get close to CoC cooldown breakpoints elsewhere. Finally, don't overpay for any specific enchant unless you really want that one specifically for some reason, as the build works just fine without any helm enchant at all.


I used Oskarm as my gloves when I started this build; they're a solid, cheap option that help your accuracy and crit, give a bit of life, and give you Assassin's Mark on hit. Eventually I wanted to switch to a defensive curse (Enfeeble) as our ascendancy gives us power charge generation and since I got my crit high enough to feel good without the Assassin's Mark bonuses, and at that point I swapped for a pair of rare gloves with high life, accuracy, and some resists. Feel free to try out other glove options for more defense, crit, or damage. We’ll always be leeching while doing damage, so if you can get gloves with an open prefix to craft that damage while leeching mod, go for it!

Bonus: Glove enchant

Glove enchants get a bad rap for being too weak. While I agree they could be made better, they can definitely still help your build if you want to take the time and effort to get a good one. If you do want to use a glove enchant, one bonus of Disintegrator is that its added physical damage to spells applies to spell glove enchants. Specifically the Word/Commandment of Blades enchant is a chaining physical damage projectile spell that scales with much of our general damage and can add a nice little boost to our general clear, picking off stragglers we might miss. The cooldown reduction we get on our gear affects the cooldown of glove enchants too!


Just life, resists, and movement speed, pretty simple. You can get a shaper pair with cooldown recovery speed (remember to divine it above 14%!) which would free that mod on your belt, giving you more options as discussed in the Belt section.

Bonus: Boot enchant
There are a few good options here, but I’m partial to the extra movement speed option. You could also go for the extra leech, regen, crit chance, damage, anything you prefer really. The one I might actually avoid is the attack/cast speed, as we already can easily get enough attack speed from other sources and our damage could suffer if we go above the CoC cooldown threshold.


You want to get a shaper belt with >14% cooldown recovery speed if at all possible. Life, resists, and/or flask mods are a nice extra mods to get. Leather or Rustic bases are both good for the build, other bases are just ok (you can no longer get shaper Stygian Vises, so I’m disregarding that base. If you can get cdr on your boots, a normal Stygian can be a good option too).


You just want good life and crit multiplier, as we can definitely use more multi if possible. If you can get a shaper/elder amulet that also has a %phys as fire/cold/lightning mod, that will be a decent damage boost as well. Finally, an open prefix will allow you to craft a big damage while leeching mod which is also a nice boost.


All you need here is to fill out your life, resists, and accuracy. Get shaper or elder rings for the extra Siphoning Charges if you can. Mark of the Shaper is a decent choice if you have enough accuracy and resists elsewhere. You could also splurge and get a curse-on-hit shaper or elder ring if you want that instead of a cwdt-curse like I used.


Try to get life on every jewel if possible. We don’t rely heavily on our jewels for damage, but every bit you can add is still helpful. Fill out your attack speed to get near the CoC breakpoint here, as attack speed with staves is a super cheap mod that no one values. Otherwise, crit multi, physical damage, area damage, or spell damage mods are all good, whatever you can get. Don’t value extra crit chance too highly, as it’s not extremely necessary or good on jewels. An abyssal jewel with Onslaught on kill is nice for clearspeed. Finally, you should get a %phys mana leech mod on one jewel if you want to be able to do no regen maps.

2x Might of the Meek below and left of Scion are another good, albeit more expensive, option. A Watcher’s Eye with the Hatred crit mod will also probably cost you 2.5ex+ and is not at all required, but could help your crit and allow you more flexibility in other areas.


Our flasks are flexible and up to personal preference. A diamond flask is absolutely necessary, a quicksilver is generally nice to have, and you almost certainly want at least one life flask.

PLEASE roll your flasks well, as it’s a part of builds that’s often neglected, and it’s easier than ever now with Beastcrafting! I personally always want Heat, Warding, Staunching, and Adrenaline mods on my flasks, and I love the Chemist prefix to give me more flask uses (Especially if you can combine it with the “reduced flask charges used” belt suffix!)

I ran one instant and one recovery life flask for most of the time I played this build, though I eventually swapped the instant flask out for Sin’s Rebirth and its damage boost. I chose to keep the recovery life flask because it’s very nice to have between or after packs to recover from Siphoning Charge degen (an instant flask doesn’t give enough uses or amount recovered to help all the time), because my defenses were generally strong enough that I wasn’t in enough danger to require the instant recovery, and because I play softcore so the occasional death wasn’t important enough to give up the recovery QoL. Feel free to use an instant flask, or both types, yourself. Also remember that you can use your weapon swap to stop the Siphoning Charge degen, if that’s not too annoying to do!

If you have space for damage flasks, Sin’s Rebirth, Atziri’s Promise (budget option), or maybe Taste of Hate are your best bets.

Example tree for leveling from around 64-68 (when you can start equipping Disintegrator and other endgame gear): poeurl.com/cfo9

I was going to level with arc totems, but just stuck with storm brand after trying it and realizing how good it was. This guide probably isn’t for extremely new players, so my hope is you have an idea of how you like to level a build and can just roll with that.

Around 64-68 you should be able to equip your gear for this build, so focus on getting to the key areas of the skill tree if you want to switch around then. Disintegrator will likely be able to carry you through early maps on its own power. Don’t be afraid to travel directly from Scion to the Shadow area and refund those travel points once you can get the Path of the Shadow ascendancy node.

We’re a crit build, so we help Alira. Pretty simple.

Pantheon powers are very helpful and important for our build. Almost always, you’re going to want to run Soul of Arakaali and Soul of Ralakesh.

Arakaali: Gives us 5% reduced damage taken from damage over time, and 10% chance to avoid lightning damage when hit. This helps us mitigate the degens from Siphoning Charges and Blood Rage, as well as helping against lightning damage.

When we capture Queen of the Great Tangle in the Jungle Valley map, we improve our life recovery from all sources when we stop taking damage over time. This means that whenever our CWDT-Immortal Call procs (as long as we aren’t taking elemental or chaos damage over time too), our physical degen stops and we gain the extra recovery. Instead of our leech being capped at 20% of our max life per second, that goes up to 30%.

The other bonus powers are nice too, so capture them if you can.

Ralakesh: Gives us 25% reduced physical damage over time taken while moving. We’re nearly always moving with either cyclone or just walking, and the damage reduction helps mitigate both the Siphoning Charge and Blood Rage physical degens. It’s also helpful against traps when you’re running Lab!

When we capture Drek, Apex Hunter in the Fields map for the bonus power, we can’t be blinded, which greatly improves our accuracy against Shroud Walker rares, Shrouded Shrines, or any other blinding effects.

Questions you may have:
Q: “Your Loreweave only has a 79 max res roll! What are you, stupid?”
A: Probably, yep. To explain myself, I linked, colored, and got the white sockets I needed before divining it, and then I hit the current roll with 1 divine so I just left it. Sue me.

Q: “Why are you wasting a passive point on 18% Lightning Res? Nice shitty build lmao!”
A: Thanks! I really wanted to craft -x to mana cost of skills for QoL rather than resistance, and I was too lazy to replace gear pieces to fix it. I’m sure your certified NiceBuild ™ will have better gear and be able to save that point to use elsewhere.

Q: “LOL you died twice in that Uber Elder video. Trash player, trash build.”
A: That’s not a question… but yes, I’m definitely not a top tier mechanical player and Uber Elder is very hard content. Hopefully you can look past my mechanical shortcomings if you’re interested in this build.

Q: “Based on my extensive calculations, simulations, and doctoral thesis, you’re only 76.313% efficient with your CoC procs! Relying on accuracy and shitty staves is terrible and your build is terrible.”
A: If the build still feels good to play, can do pretty much all endgame content, and is an order of magnitude cheaper than other meta CoC builds, how terrible is it really? Maybe you should actually try it out before you judge it!

Q: “You copied Mathil’s build!!!”
A: Nope, but I’m a fan and was excited to see him trying out a similar concept. If you take a look at the guide, however, you’ll realize that while the builds have a similar playstyle, there are several differences in the passive tree, skill setup, and gear requirements. Also, while it would be wonderful to have the ability to know what Mathil’s going to build two weeks beforehand (when I built this character), I unfortunately don’t have that power.

Q: “Why are you taking minion damage nodes?”
A: The Spiritual Aid notable passive has “Increases and reductions to minion damage also affect you.” This means the damage on the nodes we take to get to Spiritual Aid affect us directly. It is general increased damage that affects all types of damage we deal. We also get a nice bit of life regen and increased accuracy rating from those nodes.

Q: “Can I use this as a league starter?”
A: Probably not, as Disintegrator only drops from the endgame Uber Elder boss, and will likely be unavailable or rare/expensive at the start of any league. That said, most items for this build are relatively cheap, easy to get, and unpopular in the current meta, so it’s possible you could start as something else and get this up and running a week or so into a new league.

Q: “You forgot about an item/passive/skill that would be good for this build!”
A: It’s very likely that I screwed up and forgot something, yes. Please let me know or ask about it; I would love to discuss other ideas or improvements to be made! Or, just go ahead and make changes yourself; the build has plenty of flexibility for you to try different things, and that experimentation is one of the most fun parts of PoE, in my opinion.

Thank you for reading, and if you try the build, I hope you enjoy it and have fun!

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Nice build bro!
And How to lv up? gear for lvling and build still good if a have about 300 acccuracy in glove only?

oh man i have all the answers in 1st post, ! i have just 2ex and 6link staff, still viable to build?
Ty so much
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Hello, thank you for the build, luckily I saw it right when you posted it, and the next day started leveling my new scion for the build. Right now I am level 84, and what I want to say this build is actually good, has solid dps and clear maps (even elder t16) pretty quick.

The main problem - is that it often gets killed on guardians, what I feel is that it has not enough leeching or something else. Also it can't run -60% life regen maps, and on Guardians I avoid damage bonuses on bosses/monster because even with fortify and charges up bosses still sometime manage to oneshot me.

My hope is, that when I take some more skill nodes and level up to 92+ I'll have enough damage and life (it is around 5200 hp currently) to kill bosses fast enough they can't kill me. Actually there is no problem with any map that is tier 15 or under it, but guardians and shaper make me die sometimes (still couldn't beat shaper yet). Also I'd like to try +# life on hit, maybe it can make it a bit safer on bosses, but the rings with health, resists and good life on hit (10+) cost from few exa to infinity.

The good sides of build is that jewels with stats we need cost really cheap, helmet enchants are cheap either. It costed me like 7-8 exalts to gear my character (maybe some luck required, because it may be hard to get good loreweave with 5 off colors).

Another good side of the build is that it runs uber lab pretty fast and safe, you can't stay afk on traps, but you can run on them without any problems.

So, I feel like some problems will disappear with new levels and passive nodes, but it will still feel a bit vulnerable to big bosses.
Nice build bro!
And How to lv up? gear for lvling and build still good if a have about 300 acccuracy in glove only?

oh man i have all the answers in 1st post, ! i have just 2ex and 6link staff, still viable to build?
Ty so much

Yeah, I only have a limited leveling section for now as I only have my personal experience (I didn't level as CoC until hitting 64-68 when I could equip my gear, before that I just leveled as a caster with Arc and Storm Brand). I added a lower level tree to shoot for around level 64-68 when you can get things going with Disintegrator, hopefully that works ok around then. Feel free to level with whatever you find fun or strong beforehand.

You'll have to check what your hit chance is if you're trying to go with just 300 accuracy on gloves only. The build will probably still work, but low hit chance will really start to hurt the amount you hit and crit the lower you get. I'd say you'd want to try to get at least one more accuracy roll on your gear if possible, and try to shoot for getting 85% chance to hit with your attacks at a minimum.

As for the budget, I think 2ex + your staff is definitely enough to get started with the build, as you can get a lot of good gear with just an exalt or two this league. Just try to get good life rolls on as many pieces as possible and a couple decent accuracy rolls, the baseline gear shouldn't be very expensive.

The one part that might be tough on that budget is the body armour, as you likely can't get a good 6-link Loreweave along with the other gear. You could start with a 5-link if you have enough for that, as the build should still have decent overall damage even with only a 5L. You could also look at alternative armours to start instead of Loreweave, such as a high life/crit chance elder chest (example search: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Betrayal/JjzOp5cl), or a Carcass Jack.

Hopefully that helps a bit. Thanks for checking out the build, and good luck trying it if you choose to do so!
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MovieZo wrote:
Hello, thank you for the build, luckily I saw it right when you posted it, and the next day started leveling my new scion for the build. Right now I am level 84, and what I want to say this build is actually good, has solid dps and clear maps (even elder t16) pretty quick.

The main problem - is that it often gets killed on guardians, what I feel is that it has not enough leeching or something else. Also it can't run -60% life regen maps, and on Guardians I avoid damage bonuses on bosses/monster because even with fortify and charges up bosses still sometime manage to oneshot me.

My hope is, that when I take some more skill nodes and level up to 92+ I'll have enough damage and life (it is around 5200 hp currently) to kill bosses fast enough they can't kill me. Actually there is no problem with any map that is tier 15 or under it, but guardians and shaper make me die sometimes (still couldn't beat shaper yet). Also I'd like to try +# life on hit, maybe it can make it a bit safer on bosses, but the rings with health, resists and good life on hit (10+) cost from few exa to infinity.

The good sides of build is that jewels with stats we need cost really cheap, helmet enchants are cheap either. It costed me like 7-8 exalts to gear my character (maybe some luck required, because it may be hard to get good loreweave with 5 off colors).

Another good side of the build is that it runs uber lab pretty fast and safe, you can't stay afk on traps, but you can run on them without any problems.

So, I feel like some problems will disappear with new levels and passive nodes, but it will still feel a bit vulnerable to big bosses.

Thank you for sharing your experience; I'm happy to see someone else trying my build and enjoying it!

I definitely agree that the hardest content (Guardians, Shaper, etc.) can be scary, especially before you get to the build's endgame life potential. I've experienced several deaths to them myself, especially when I had a lower life total like you said.

Another 5-7 levels can really help a lot with the flat life you get from each level and some extra % life nodes, and I personally found myself dying less in general once I got up to ~6000 life to go along with my other defenses.

I'm glad you've had a good experience with all the other content T15 and below and with doing Lab on the build. Thanks again for sharing!

Hi bro, its me agian!
you said that: 14% reduced CD mean: (>14) or (>=14)??
Still cant decide what build to play between your build and ice golem build!
Im noob, so i failed so many build this leg!

Ty so much! hope you can help me!
Last edited by BETTERPC on Jan 20, 2019, 9:48:42 AM
You want a reduced cooldown recovery roll that is >=14% for it to matter for CoC, exactly 14% is fine. The mod has a range of 10-15% on both belt and boots, so you can get one with a roll lower than 14 and use Divine Orbs to change it to 14+.

Also you can probably make the build work without a cdr roll on your gear at all, you might just have lower dps without it, but the build concept should still work. I wouldn't worry too much about the cooldown reduction unless you're trying to take it to a high level and do endgame bosses.

Hope this helps!
Hello dust36,

How is this build in 3.6? Better, worse.... there was any changes? Ty for the attention.
bolasdeferro wrote:
Hello dust36,

How is this build in 3.6? Better, worse.... there was any changes? Ty for the attention.

Hi, thanks for checking out my build. I'm currently running a new, slightly updated version this league, you can view my character "BudgetCritter" on my profile (https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/dust36/characters?characterName=BudgetCritter) for now to see how it's set up.

I'm level 94 and have 6.4k life right now, and I've done most of the major content on it again (not Uber Elder or Uber Atziri yet this league, but I will soon), so it's definitely still a decent build, and I felt it was easier/cheaper to gear with the changes I've made.

I'll try and do a more detailed writeup of the updates and add a new video or two in the next couple days.

For now, a quick summary of the major changes are: switching the Ascendancy from Assassin/Slayer to Assassin/Juggernaut; using a Cospri's Will unique chest instead of Loreweave; and using fewer Shaper/Elder items to take less Disintegrator degen damage, since we don't have Slayer overleech to help anymore (I'm personally using 3 so I still have 0.6% leech with siphoning charges up, which is enough).

With these changes, we don't have to worry about getting accuracy on rings/amulet/gloves anymore, can run 2 curses, and only need a couple specific gear stats besides life/resists (just a cooldown recovery speed roll on belt or boots, and optionally a %physical as extra elemental damage on an amulet). Also, we get more consistent Immortal Call uptime with the endurance charges we constantly get from the Ascendant-Juggernaut and from Smashing Strikes on the tree.

You can definitely still use Loreweave or the original build in general, I don't think any of the 3.6 changes break the build, I just personally wanted to try a few changes and think it's a bit easier to get good gear and higher life.

Let me know if you have any other questions, and like I said I'll try to make a new video and update the main post soon!
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