[3.5] Pee2Win Winter Orb Totem | SSF Shaper down

hi guys, I've been playing Winter Orb totem since they fixed the stack bug, it's fun and easy to leveling.
How does this build work

We summon Winter Orb Totems, they pee, we heal. xD

Lair of the Hydra
Pit of the Chimera
Red Elder T14
Catarina, Master of Undeath T12
more videos coming soon

+ shatter a lot, fun
+ Good AOE, decent single target damage.
+ hinder, ash, chill, freeze slow monster, more safety.
+ Totem damage leech to character.
+ Low mana cost, easy to sustain.
+ Can do reflect map.

- lack of dex, need find on gear or tree
- map mod with Monsters cannot be taunted, cannot be slowed screw up both our defence and offense layer.
DPS of Winter Orb(working)

Cast speed only affect the time of stack buildup, it doesn't affect the frequency of Pee. xD
So the '30% less cast speed' at totem support gem is less harmful to the winter orb.
(Tooltip still bugged, real cast speed by totem is around 5.5 cast per sec. Winter Orb reach 10 stacks within 2 seconds.)
36 mana cost for a 6L totem, just feels like we have free '70% reduced mana cost of skills' compare with other spell totem.

The tooltip dps shows one totem, one stack average dps, it pees 1.25 times per second.
With 10 stacks, it pees 3.125 times per second, and we have six of them.
For single target with GMP support, each time the orb pees, at least three AOE hit overlap the target. Yes, shotgun!
so 3800 x (3.125/1.25) x 6 x 3 = 171K, that's the the DPS without penetration and debuff.
Calculation with curse and debuff work in progress.
Character status

Block chance from shield, Mind Over Matter and leech are the main defense layers for my character. It's 5600+ life and 1300+ mana not reserved. And it's nice to have some life / mana regeneration.
Beyond that, I'll try my best to move my ass around.
Ascendancy progress / Skill Tree / Jewel / Pantheon

Take Hierophant first, then take Chieftain, templar's starting point last.
Level up
For low level, self-cast any spell you like or even use attack skills.
1 Go straight for Ancestral Bond

2 more life, totem damage, placement speed

3 Crit, AOE, more life and mana

4 lv90, templar start point, MOM, jewels, refund totem placement speed after gem 20q.

All main point allocated, you can alter whatever you want to suit your character depend on various gear setup.
Bandits: help Alira (Mana Regen / Crit damage / Resistances).
I don't have Rain of Splinters in SSF right now, but if you play non-SSF it's highly recommended.

Basically focus on life and damage.
x% chance to hinder is for defense, I think 8-10% is enough. If you have Aspect of the Spider, simply use jewel with more damage or dex. I found one on gloves from Jorgin's stash in Fortification safehouse.

Might of the Meek is not necessary, just lucky to have it in SSF.
Optional tree if you have Might of the Meek.
it's my pantheon setup for azurite mine, you can pick whatever you want to suit your character.
Gem Setup

6L Winter Orb Totem

if 5L, remove added cold damege Support
4L #1 Curse and Debuff

Trigger 1:

Trigger 2:

this setup can inflict Curse + chill effect for Bonechill(cold snap / vortext) + Frost Bomb in one action.
-44 (-8.8 if Guardian / shpaer / elder), -25 resistance, and enemies take 10-30% increased damage by chill effect.

4L #2 CWDT set

Classic CWDT + IC. Lightning Golem gives cast speed and temporarily aura.
Aura and buff

I use Herald of Ice till lv92,
If you have Bestiary item with Aspect of the Spider (or Cat maybe), feel free to switch among them and pick the one you like.

Movement skills


My current gears

The 'trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill' mod has 4s cooldown for each socketed spell individually. trigger one spell at a time, summon totem doesn't count as use a skill.
About +1 totem veiled mod see here.

It's not likely to have Winter Orb enhancement on the helmet in SSF, so I choose Bone Helmet for free damage since we have Spiritual Aid.
Was planning on adding +1 curse veiled mod on a rare chest, then Carcass Jack dropped. After several jew/fus bankruptcies, I had it six linked, still crying.
In Betrayal you can craft Totem Placement Speed on boots up to 30% inc. Also new support 'Multiple Totems Support' give another 20% inc once it has 20q on it, so I refunded 3 nodes of placement speed near start point southward.

Damage, life, resistance, mana, mana regen and Dex are all good.
'x% damage taken gained as mana' is another defense method to boost mana regen after take high damage, and now can be crafted on rings and amulets.

The hybrid flask recover both life and mana when I take high damage, helps a lot at tense moments.

Christmas sad story, slayer leech effect does not work with totem leech

Last night I finally had my Carcass Jack six linked, huge AOE coverage and damage boost.
Now I'm considering change ascendancy combination. Current ascendancy is Hierophant + Chieftain, target Chieftain + Slayer.
I want to take advantage of the 'leech effects are not removed at full life' plus new veil mod Vaal Pact while Focused, so I could have consistent recover during tough fight. But I'm not sure if it works with totem leech. I'd like to ask for advice here due to limited resources in SSF I may not roll back easily.

here's pastebin: https://pastebin.com/heDaMmpf

Lethal, untouchable, keen, aflame. Just what I was looking for.
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warlord's mark causes you to leech. So with a ring like this or cheeper
you can leach from all nearby targets.

Is this helpful?
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but my character don't do any damage, it is the totem that deal damage and the leech is from Chieftain's ascendancy. I think the curse would not provide leech effect to my character.
Lethal, untouchable, keen, aflame. Just what I was looking for.
Completed 23 Challengesshghostell wrote:
but my character don't do any damage, it is the totem that deal damage and the leech is from Chieftain's ascendancy. I think the curse would not provide leech effect to my character.

It wouldn't since it's the totems doing damage, not you.

Been leveling with this build and it's been so much fun so far and it has a lot of damage and very tanky.

I'm yet to get to maps but I can already see it's going to be good.

Also, mark of the shaper should be used for the lightning damage to spells and then respec points over to celestial punishment for extra damage.

Abyss jewels with taunt chance is probably also a good idea instead of the hinder chance, which means you can also drop decoy totem for a new cwdt setup with tempest shield for example.
fph ~ Orbs work in real life. I exchanged my ex for a lot of regrets.
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Totem taunt is nice, but the 'x% chance to taunt' on Abyss jewels are either for 'on hit with attacks' or for minions (also attacks only) AFAIK.
Lethal, untouchable, keen, aflame. Just what I was looking for.

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