[3.5][WIP] Poisoned Wounds Duelist - NEED INPUT/SUGGESTIONS

The premise of this build is to utilize both bleeds and poisons effectively, stacking them quickly and moving on while the DoTs tick. No bleed support is needed with the Gladiator tree. Champion tree is built for more durability with perma-fortify.

I would like suggestions for notable uniques that might complement this build. It's a 2h-focused build, not specific to any weapon type. The only requirements are a solid pdmg stat and some way of complementing bleed/poisons. I'm still kinda new to POE so I don't have a good idea of what's available yet, just exploring the build to see if it's something that can be made viable for at least some endgame content.

This build needs:
- Skill recommendations
- Unique Weapon recommendations
- Unique Armor recommendations

6L: Double Strike, Poison, Chance to Bleed, Multistrike, Melee Phys. Last slot can be Fortify, Splash, or Ancestral Call.

Ideal weapon: Atziri's Disfavour
Any Rare 6L 2h Axe with high Pdps works, prefer bonuses to physical/bleed/poison damage, socketed gem levels, or resists if you need them. Chance to bleed/poison are nice to have for secondary abilities, but not really necessary.

Passive Tree Progression

Gladiator Variant:

Champion Variant:
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