[3.5] Lewd's Cold Hard CoC Build Guide [Frostbolt/Ice Nova] 2.3M+ Shaper DPS Tanky

When I heard CoC was receiving a substantial buff for 3.5 I figured I'd get the lube and go to town on some wholesome CoC action. Starting the League by playing with CoC.

Check out my twitch if have any CoC related questions or just looking to jam along with your own CoC out as well. http://www.twitch.tv/lewdiest

End-Game PoB: https://pastebin.com/dSg2RRR5

Did some tests with Arctic breath, info under Videos and Gems section.

Benefits of the CoC
-Lots of Balls
-Easy[gameplay] Breezy beautiful, Cover CoC
-Many ways to trigger CoC[Cyclone isn't the only girthy boy]
-Fast Paced
-Never have to break a barrel again
-All Content Viable
-This bad boy can fit so many life gain on hit[Tank out with your CoC out]
-FPS friendly, surprisingly
-Most importantly A E S T H E T I C S

Videos of my CoC
T12 Villa:
Sloppy Hydra fight:
Quick note on this fight, I had JUST swapped over to dual wield, haven't gotten any other gear to support it[such as +accuracy on gloves/ring/helm] and am using Additional Accuracy instead of Hypothermia effectively dropping around 20-30% of my boss dps. Will upload another video within the coming days of all guardians with optimized gear.

Arctic Breath + GMP interaction clip from stream:
Explained in the GEMS section why this is important to note

Build Concept

That and I always wanted to take advantage of the way Ice Nova casts directly on Frostbolt. I've tried in the past but it just felt REALLY bad as the Ice nova would destroy the Frostbolt, splitting your balls and lowering overall A E S T H E T I C S, which are key to any build.

But. Ice Nova was changed with 3.5. No longer does it destroy your balls but it also spawns TWO whole novas when cast on multiple Frostbolts. Super duper aoe, right? Yes, it does have that. It also has aoe overlap now too. Similar to shotgunning, any aoe cast from a single skill that has a delay between aoe explosions will hit multiple times. Neato huh? Well it gets better, with the amount of splooshing you can do that enables Life Gain on Hit to become quite riCoCulous[get it?!?!?!?]

Lycosidae Version - Endgame

Lycosidae Version - Order of Gearing
Alright, let's talk about gearing for a little bit as you won't want to just copy paste a few items as you can afford them. You want to make incremental upgrades. Here's the order of importance of gear, be sure to focus on a single item slot at a time for the big upgrades.

Lycosidae [Ornament of the East before Lycosidae]
6L Non-Unique Chest 3G3B - Only if you don't want to use Tabula anymore
Cospri [Mortem Morsu before Cospri(high attack speed roll preferred, only super important roll)]
Pandemonius [allows you to drop Herald of Purity(explained in Gems Section)]
Spell Life Gain on Hit shaper ring [+ survivability]
JewelsAttack speed mods + Maximum Life %
Starkonja w/ Cyclone Enchant [massive +dexterity and you need all the attack speed you can get for CoC/Cospri trigger rate]
Aspect of the Spider mod [can be on any item that it fit or be bought on a ring]
6L Chest [Many options, QotF gives a lot of quality of life as it makes your Cyclone finish faster in case you mess up. Loreweave is a great defensive option. Caracas Jack is pretty good as well for the increased Nova aoe and dmg.]
Cooldown Recovery Belt [20% lowers your trigger rate to 0.13sec on both Cospri and CoC]
Warlord's Mark on Hit ring [allows you to drop Blasphemy Warlord's Mark(drop aspect of spider ring for now, can craft on later if you have an open suffix on any gear)]
Vitality Life Gain on Hit Watcher's Eye

Dual Wielding

Dual Wield - Order of Importance
Will be updated later, still gearing myself.

Go BV[or any spell with high base crit and good damage] early game til you switch to CoC. The provided PoBs will be under the assumption of you switching to CoC at lvl 38 and upon completion of first lab.


PoB for leveling, assuming you have a Lycosidae: https://pastebin.com/giMjEPkH
There are 3 separate trees, based on what amount of points you have. You will want to grab a Mortem Morsu before you start going CoC, which is viable from lvl 38 if you wish. I would advise going CoC after your Second Lab is done[for the base crit that second lab gives]. Grab Life or Crit nodes as you see yourself needing them. Start with the nodes that give Crit Chance first then get the ones that give Spell Crit, followed by Crit Multi nodes. This includes Claws of Falcon node as it gives a good chunk of Crit for you to trigger CoC[Remove these upon switching to Cospri's once you have it]


PoB for leveling WITHOUT Lycosidae[as a starter build]: https://pastebin.com/5JErfkBC
The listed tree is split into several break points based on amount of skill points available to you. Grab a Mortem Morsu before switching to CoC. You should have enough accuracy up to Blood Aquaducts where you have the option to switch to a Ornament of the East claw, it provides Hits cannot be Evaded[the mod Lycosidae gives]. However it has lower crit chance and attack speed compared to Mortem Morsu. IF you have a Tabula Rasa you can put in an Additonal Accuracy Support gem and that should be enough accuracy til you can afford a Lycosidae. Once you are able to afford a 5L[or Tabula] you will want to have Frostbolt in your CoC set-up, be sure that it is before Ice Nova in gem links as CoC rotates through the spells attached to it. Once you have a Lycosidae, regret all the accuracy nodes and any travel nodes associated with them and switch over to the above PoB and the info provided with it.

6L CoC
Cyclone>Cast on Critical Strike Support>Increased Critical Strikes Support>Hypothermia Support>Frostbolt>Ice Nova
Cast on Critical Strike, and any trigger unless specified, cycles through the Spells in order of linking. You want Frostbolt to spawn first so that your Ice Nova casts on two separate Frostbolts. Once you have a Cospri's Malice, replace Frostbolt for Elemental Focus. Your Hypothermia will gain the damage bonus from Chilled enemies because your Cospri spells will induce Chill status effect.

Cospri's Malice
Frostbolt>Cold Penetration Support>Ice Nova
Again, Frostbolt first as you want it to go off first so that your Ice Nova's have something to proc off of, doubling their damage. Cold Penetration Support is better for overall clear vs Hypothermia which gives slightly higher damage because Hypothermia requires you to Chill before it gives a benefit. Your Frostbolts will be doing plenty of clearing at range this way.

Alternate Cospri's Malice set-ups
Frostbolt>Greater Multiple Projectiles Support>Arctic Breath
A second Ice nova is good damage, however by using this combo you can drop all Frozen Trail jewels and grab more attack speed + % max life jewels which as noted earlier will allow you to get 0.15 attack rate and beyond easier, highly recommended if you are using a Cooldown Recovery option. This set-up has a secondary bonus as well. Arctic Breath + GMP hits a mob 5 times which greatly increases your life gain on hit. Highly Recommended if you only have a spell life gain on hit ring and not a Vitality Watcher's Eye

Leap Slam>Fortify>Faster Attacks Support>Increased Critical Strikes Support
Your movement skill is completely up to you, Leap Slam is a personal preference. Increased Critical Strikes Support is linked to your movement to trigger Cospri's while moving about. Not necessary just a small quality of life and clear speed improvement. Feel free to put anything else you might want to fit into this.

Ancestral Protector
This skill gives % more attack speed while you are near it, making for an easy way to hit proc rate cap vs single target, doubly as useful if going for Cooldown Recovery options.

Defensive Links
Blasphemy>Warlord's Mark
This is necessary for leech, Cyclone can be very mana intensive which Mana leech from curse helps with greatly. As well as enabling a good amount of Life leech as it impacts your spells and not just attacks like other sources of leech from the tree. Poacher's Mark is viable, I prefer Warlord's as it grants sustain'd regen over instant regen. Use this set-up til you have a Warlord's Mark on Hit ring, which will allow you to use Vitality and Vaal Righteous Fire in place of the Blasphemy/

Herald of Purity>Blind Support
This combo is crazy for defense. The Purity summons can take aggro while inflicting Blind which is insanely valuable for Dodge/Evasion based builds. It lowers mobs accuracy by 50%, which while doesn't affect Dodge it does affect your Evasion chance. If a mob bypasses your Dodge, they will roll your Evasion check which if an enemy has Blind it significantly increases your chance to evade. You can drop Herald of Purity once you have Pandemonius if you choose. Allowing you to use Herald of Ice>Onslaught Support which will trigger Onslaught while mapping for faster clear. And more A E S T H E T I C S

Cast When Damage Taken lvl 1>Immortal Call lvl 3>Increased Duration>Frost Bomb lvl 10
CWDT + Immortal call is a go to on many classes for the physical damage immunity it provides, very good for those "oh shit" moments when you need to leech back up your life. Works like a charm. Your endurance charges, while mapping, plus Increased Duration make for one meaty physical immune timer. Combining this with Frost Bomb for the -25% cold res to all enemies in it's pulsing radius makes for a big damage boost vs single target that doesn't melt instantly.

Use this after you have a Warlord's Mark on Hit ring. Only after. Combine this with a Vitality Life gain on Hit Watcher's Eye for INSANE life sustain. How this works is that Ice nova hits twice when cast on Frostbolt. Effectively making your first trigger 4 hits[Frostbolt+2 Ice Nova+Cyclone], while your second trigger is 5 Hits[2 Ice nova from Cospri+2 ice nova from 6l+Cyclone], with proper attack speed scaling that is effectively 9 hits every 0.3 seconds. Combining this with your Warlord's Leech and Soul of Arakaali-Queen of the Great Tangle will make for one tanky CoC.

War Banner
Drop the Herald of Ice and run this instead as it gives you 40% inc accuracy, which is basically necessary for dual wield as getting enough accuracy[92%+] is incredibly difficult and requires a lot of gear crafting as some options are just not available reliably on market.

Alira - Feel free to switch to Kill All once you fill out your crit multi nodes on tree and have your resists cap'd through items. The 5 mana regen will hurt, but is only a quality of life component.

Major God: Soul of Arakaali - Queen of the Great Tangle
Blood Rage + Immortal Call will trigger the 50% increased Recovery Rate of Life from Queen of the Great Tangle. Life Recovery Rate affects not only your leech rate but also affects all sources of Life Recovery such as Life Gain on Hit.

Minor God: Soul of Gruthkul - Erebix, Light's Bane
Reducing Mobs attack speed by 8% is a huge benefit to dodge/evasion based builds as it makes them hit slower which means less hits taken in general. Another substantial defensive boost.


Minor God: Soul of Garukhan - Stalker of the Endless Dunes
This soul is focused on gaining movement speed which helps a for clearing and is a nice quality of life boost for cycloning. Every little bit helps. The +5% chance to evade attacks is a flat amount, so say you have 53% chance to evade you now will have 58% chance to evade. Pretty good as well.
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Really interested in this build.

Can this handle all endgame?
Your lycosidae version still has inc accuracy socketed.
How do you deal with oneshots especially from the betrayal encounters? As my build is pretty similar but still gets oneshot way to often for my taste. Is the blind from pandemonius a big deal to avoid that?
Rolled roughly this build after seeing your Reddit post the other day, early maps are tempting me to purchase additional MTX for increased AESTHETIC joy.

10/10; can't tell what's going on around me.

Could you please make a more detailed leveling guide for some of us less experienced?
No need for what to do in which act, just what skill to start with, support gems, when to switch to what etc.
You mention going CoC after second lab and that I assume is around level 55-65. What do we do until then?
I have never leveled a spell build before and want to give this a try. I have a Lyco shield as well as a Starkonja with Cyclone attack speed.
What weapons should we be using during leveling? Wands?
As you see there are some newbieish questions here and I could use some help :)
Thank you!
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im trying to figure out what armor to get for this build, obviously carcass jack is great for clear speed/dmg etc, but i see you get a decent amount of evasion rating with qotf. Only thing is, I can't figure out how your evasion rating is over 20k with almost no investment in evasion. when i plug queen into my build my evasion rating is still pretty low

the build on pob:


edit: just realized your calcs were with a jade flask up. nvm
Last edited by xNuj on Dec 17, 2018, 12:25:14 PM
Very interested to give this build a shot, especially given the fact it can be tried out for about 10c (tabula + claw). I have the currency to get a lycosidae and cospri's, but have never played a CoC build before and want to see how I feel about it. Love cyclone though, so I think it'll be enjoyable.
Last edited by Slithid on Dec 17, 2018, 2:32:18 PM
Cool build, just ripped on my starter so looking for a fun second.

Can this handle reflect mods? You mention all content but wanted to make sure.
What do you do to deal with hexproof maps in terms of mana use? I end up running out of mana since nothing will let me leech from Warlord's.

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