Any Hope for an OLED friendly HUD?

Hello GGG,

OLED's are fantastic TVs.
Some are also great for Gaming because of the low Inputlag. "Burnin" is actually not an issue anymore, if you vary your Content a little bit.

A lot of Game HUDs are not a Problem because they are not very bright and rather small.

Unfortunately, red and blue sub-pixels degrade fastest on an OLED TV.

The red/blue bright POE HUD is absolutely destroying OLEDs in the long run. Its just a matter of time.

How about giving us the Option to switch it off or at least to change the Opacity?

That way we could enjoy POE on an OLED TV without worrying about burn in.

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And here - me playing not even on fullHD TV... I need a job :(
simple solution, don't use tv's that burn images into them..

whether it's gaming,watching tv or streaming (because there always is a still image in these 3)

OLED is really only good for watching high quality movies that never use graphics that stay in 1 spot

IMO you should have done some research before buying a HD tv.

the image burn can happen as fast as 5 minutes so dont use it for gaming!

and the low input lag OLED gives you is really only good for fps shooters when it comes to gaming, but again.. lots of still images/graphics that will burn into your screen.

my suggestion would be to sell your OLED and buy the right TV if it's meant for mostly gaming.

sorry if this doesn't help you, but GGG won't be able to fix this since it's not their problem to fix.
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