LLD Crafting guide (including LLD loot filter)

This guide is for players new to LLD, whether you want to go all in with it or just want to theorycraft a build.

Before you craft anything, search for gear first. Crafting is expensive. Amazing LLD gear goes for 2-10c on the market, while the average craft will go for an exalt or more. While yes, each equipment modifier is huge in LLD considering how little you get from the tree, you have a finite amount of currency and you won't make any back from PvP. Spending 2 exalts to craft boots in LLD isn't worth it if you can buy boots that do the same job for 3 chaos. Currently, Abyss items (stygian vise and abyss jewels) and Incursion items always drop above item level 36. It will be a lot cheaper to search for these than trying to craft from a magic item.


How to use groups
How to use weights
If you're searching for Incursion modifiers then you can typically search by the second part of the modifier. To limit your search for LLD items you need to sort by stat requirements. For example, if you're searching for a bow you can put 95 maximum in to the dex requirement. If you're searching for a 1h axe you can put 58 maximum in to the str requirement. If you want to find any gear, regardless of it's defensive stats, you can put 85 in to all stat requirement's maximum. This will pull up some base hybrids that are too high leveled for LLD, make sure you check the wiki to see if it can or can't be used before you buy it. Another thing you can do on pathofexile.com/trade is search for an open prefix. If you're searching for a incursion base you can search for 1 or 2 open prefixes. If you only get 1 open prefix then you have to annul off the other prefix if its too high leveled before you can do a 'prefixes can't be changed' scour, but that might be your only choice. If you want to know the level requirements for modifiers check out poe.db . You can also search for a base item specifically, but in most cases you're going to have to buy a sub-optimal base to get the stats you really want. Most of the time this is ok, with the only important exception being ES bases if you want to go CI. Even still, 50 ES isn't worth the 3ex crafting fee most of the time.

You're sure you want to craft? Let's talk about the basics first.

1. Certain items can drop that already have modifiers on them. With Incursion coming back, some of these mods are extremely powerful and you won't want to craft on a white base over these items. Here's a good example, here's another one.
2. Master Mods are really close to, or higher than, the highest roll-able mod. For example, on most gear the highest roll is 60-69 life. You can master craft 55-64 life. It's a ~1% chance to get 60-69 life BY ITSELF, it might be a 5% chance to get another useful mod, which turns in to a .05% chance to get tier 1 life and a second useful mod. Crafting gear without compromising on that negligible stat difference is going to get insanely expensive.
3. If you're crafting for LLD, you need to have an item level below 36. There's a couple equipment types that don't hurt too bad from going to 34 or 35, but 36 is optimal. This is because individual modifiers requirements are multiplied by .8 and its always truncated, not rounded. So, if you get a level 36 modifier, It's multiplied by .8 to 28.8, which is truncated to 28. Any lower and you'll miss out on the chance for a tier 1 mod, like 60-69 life, and any higher and obviously you can't use it. The only exception is when you buy an item mentioned in the first part.
5. Finalize your build! Last thing you want to do is spend over an exalt crafting a weapon, and find out you would've been better off with a different implicit, or even worse, crafting the perfect weapon just to find out you got a 1% damage increase from what you would've had with a unique weapon.

You sure you're ready and you want to waste a lot of currency? Ok, let's get in to the crafting.

Let's talk a little bit about theory first, if I just give you a fish but you'll still be hungry tomorrow.
Master crafting is damn near close enough to tier1 mods that if you can master craft it, you should. That typically leaves you with prioritizing one prefix that you can't craft, so basically, we focus on getting the most important mod on the item, then we start building from there. The reason we focus on a prefix is because 1, there's always a prefix we can't craft. 2, the multi-craft mod is a suffix. 3, If you craft one good suffix (which can be master crafted anyways), regal, and hit a bad suffix, you're basically stuck with one good suffix, one shit suffix, and only two good prefixes/ 4, Even if you land a second great suffix, you're left with only two good prefixes instead of three.

Here's the prioritized mods:
Physical Weapons -> Hybrid Physical damage
Spells -> Hybrid spell damage
Armor -> Hybrid Life (or energy shield)
Boots -> movement speed (potentially will be just hybrid life in Betrayal if you can craft 20% movement speed, which you most likely will be able to)
with the only exception being on a shield you might want to roll global physical damage

There is currently 4 methods of crafting. Fossils, Incursion drop-exclusive bases, conventional crafting, and bestiary crafting. Incursion based LLD items are going to be the best, by far, but also the most expensive, by far. Fossils will come in second for the most part, followed by conventional. I assume bestiary mods will have a place in between Incursion and fossils, but I honestly have no knowledge about bestiary crafting.

First, always 30% quality your body armour and weapons before you start crafting them. It's damage on weapons, its defense and easier links on body armour. You can 30% craft other gear, and you probably should for shields, but it's not completely necessary. After you finish your craft you can not go back to 30% quality your gear.
That website is essentially an interactive fossil crafter. Check out what fossil-exclusive mods are useful for you, and run with it. For example, penetrating 20% resistance on a elemental build is priceless. Not only do the fossils give you some amazing mods, it also makes it more likely you'll roll related mods. However, some mods aren't very helpful, or are downright trash, like onslaught on kill.
Spell casters can use prismatic fossils + their specific elemental type to craft weapons, and you'll always want to craft every other piece of gear with fossils. This is currently the cheapest and most efficient way to craft. If the prices for fossils remain the same next league, you'll want to use fossils every single time for armors, and every time with weapons unless you're using an incursion base.
Here's a highlight of fossil crafting


Depending on your budget, you might want to skip t2, but if you don't want to spend 2ex on alterations then just settle with t2.

Here's a little picture guide

1. You roll with alterations until you your desired mod
2. If you get a shit suffix then you keep rolling, or you annul it, depending on the cost and your patience.
3. Regal it. If you get a shit prefix on a physical weapon then you need to reroll, or annul it, otherwise you're fine.
4. Multi-mod, and fill it out.

If you don't mind spending 2 exalts before the multi-mod, you can keep rolling until the regal hits a top prefix.

Here's a highlight of conventional crafting

It's also possible to find "of Crafting" items in Delve. They're low cost, single mod, and have amazing customization potential. Currently, master crafting is amazing for jewelry, which makes getting "of Crafting" jewelry pieces a necessity. Slap it with a regal and go.

Here's a highlight of "of Crafting" jewelry pieces.

Incursion crafting is no longer possible, the new mod level is 50. I'm going to leave this here just in case for standard players, and some potential future possibilities

Incursion weapons are god tier in LLD.
Here's a list of Incursion mods.
End game stats on a low level weapon? You should use these whenever you get the chance, but in Betrayal, incursion items will always be above item level 36 since Incursions don't start until maps, which means really expensive crafting. If you don't have mods that require above level 36, then you can still use them, let's talk about how to get there.

This basically works the same as a regular item, except you need to isolate your incursion mod instead of build up to it, since you can't just reroll it. Once the incursion modifier is gone you can't get it back, you have to get a new item. If you have a magic incursion item, just follow the normal crafting guide, but don't annul because of 1 shit affix unless it's high level.

We have two scenarios with high level incursion items
High level prefix:
1. Use an annul until the prefix is gone or your item bricks.
2. High level suffix left? Move down to the next part

High level suffixes, usable prefixes:
1. Craft prefixes can not be changed on your item
2. Scour it.
3. Move to regular item crafting

There are some exceptions to this. If you don't have a big budget, you can just craft attack/craft speed instead of using multi-mod. That would cut cost down from 3+ exalts to under half an exalt, not counting the cost of the item itself. It might also be worthwhile to use Leo's meta-mod (can not craft mods above level 28) in the Betrayal, we'll have to wait and see.

Here's a highlight of top level Incursion crafting, courtesy of DIllIGAF.


I don't know enough about this to comment yet, but I hope to get to it relatively soon in Betrayal. If anybody else knows about it, hit me up


If your item is under item level 50, you can't 6 socket it. If your item is item level 36 or higher, which it always should be, you can 5 socket it. However, you can use Vorici to 6 socket an item regardless of it's item level. It isn't crazy expensive, 700 jewelers from Vorici (if betrayal doesn't compeletely remove this, then it'll probably be the same price) which is less than 100 chaos. However, after that you need to 6 link it. I've never 6l'd an LLD item, it's not really necessary. You'll be just fine with a 5l. However, if you're determined to be the very best that no one ever was, and you already 30% qualitied your chest, it should cost between 400 and 500 chaos to 6 link it, on average. Repeat - 5l will cost less than 30 chaos on average.

Conventional crafting and incursion crafting are typically going to cost a fuck ton, at least 4 exalts for one piece of equipment. Fossil crafting has the potential to be a lot cheaper, maybe under 30c on average, with better results in a couple cases. Choosing which you want to do largely should depend on your budget, the cost of fossils, the cost of your base item (potentially high with incursion modifiers, we'll see), and your level of patience. With the conventional method, rolling a good prefix and suffix, and hitting a good regal can take 2k+ alterations, 100 regals, and 100 scours. I personally find it fun, but it's not for everyone.

Moving forward with changes to master crafting with Betrayal

Unless master-meta mods are removed from the game completely, the method will remain the same. Hopefully Leo's meta mod is reduced in cost which would make crafting incursion and abyss bases a lot cheaper, but I really doubt it. If Vorici's socket crafting is removed then we're all fucked. Fossil prices will change but nothing changes too much with low level bases. Potentially a fossil will be added, or a bestiary craft will be added allowing the 2, or even all 3, to mix but until it happens we can't really plan on it. Hopefully we get more information soon.

Anyways, that's LLD crafting. Let me talk about my LLD filter for a second.

Here's a picture of what it does. Essentially, it shows currency, div cards, league-exclusives, quality items, RGB recipes, and last but definitely not least, top tier crafting bases for LLD. If you want to see what it includes, it's a really short filter. Skip to 0716 and that's the bulk of what makes it different from other filters. This is a heavily modified version of Neversink's standard restriction level filter. If you haven't checked out his filters before then give it a quick google search.

I also have a LLD-specific modifier for Neversink's filters, it's a simple text block that takes less than a minute to add in.
Here's an example of what it does. It's not super flashy like the regular filter is, it modestly points out some LLD bases. (Veiled mods hype??)

Cases in which this is useful, how useful is it, and why would I even use this?

-If you don't LLD then there's no point. There's no market for it. For example, I spent 5+ exalts crafting a weapon and sure, I got a lot of offers when it was listed, but they were all 5-10 chaos offers because it's a level 28 weapon.

Cases in which this is useful:
-If you're running through an ilv36 zone, the LLD filter only includes top tier gear for LLD. Yes, it includes some relatively bad gear, level 20 evasion helmet and medium hybrid flask for example, but it'll be the best in its type. If you're only looking for 1 piece of equipment it's not as useful, but if you're looking to deck out multiple characters with >50% hideout made gear then this filter is an incredible convenience. It filters out everything else. Only usable items appear. Currency drops, unique drops, are completely unmodified. You'll see everything relevant. When you go back to a higher level zone everything drops pink, reminding you to switch to your normal filter.

-If you're running in your regular zones and you add in the mod to a regular filter, it will show when a base usable for LLD drops with drop-only modifiers. There will be a couple false positives, LLD level items that just roll mods that are too high leveled and aren't worth crafting, but there will be a couple of true positives as well. More items in a dry market is always a good thing.

Installation guide:
For the LLD Filter, save the file as a .filter, and just throw it in your filter folder and you should be good to go. Let me know if you run in to any issues.

For the LLD mod, copy this entire block of text, and paste it into your chosen Neversink filter between the 0500 header and the 0501 header. If you're having any issues then let me know and remove it in the meantime if the issue is big enough.
I don't know how it will work with other loot filters, maybe try pasting it somewhere near the top.

Special thanks to g64 for answering a couple of my dumbass questions.
Here's a link to the PvP compendium which would've answered my dumbass questions before I asked them, if I had noticed it was there.

Reference websites:
I personally prefer poe.trade because I've been using it for a long time, but I've heard a couple of times that pathofexile.com/trade is a better.

If you have disagree with anything I've written, please let me know so I can fix any mistakes.

In case you missed anything, here's a link to my LLD Filter, LLD mod for Neversink Filter's, and here's a link to Neversink's website with his lootfilter on it

To-Do List
-Bestiary Crafting
-Update Master crafting for Betrayal ~ should be finished within a week of the league, by the end of the first month if the shit is hard to learn
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Thanks for the work on a guide! Even got a loot filter
I initially learned to craft for the regular game from a LLD crafting guide back in Invasion I think, but a lot is changing so I hope this can help some other players as well. I should've reserved a post, I think I'm running out of space lol
Thanks, looks great
"You have great power. You're right to be proud. It's unfortunate you have to die now, but I will honor you with 45% of my strength."
great job! I ll add your thread to the pvp compendium one.
Poe Pvp experience
Filters updated for Betrayal.
Here's the mod for Neversink's filter. Still the same way to add it in, paste the entire text in between 0500 and 0501 Headers
Here's the LLD crafting base filter. I have a minor update or two, added in veiled items. Not sure if Veiled items will even be able to drop at ilv 36 but better safe than sorry. I'm betting on scarabs being map exclusive so they weren't added in. If it turns out I'm wrong then I'll update it quickly.

I'll update the guide for veiled mods and Bestiary crafting probably towards the end of the first week. I have a feeling GGG completely forgot about LLD when making the Focus skill, and Impale, I'm still really excited for this season of PvP tho.
I think Incursion mods are ilvl 50 now...

They really gutted crafting benches for lld.... Flat life craft is only 35-44 now lmao...

Here's what you can craft on a phys bow now... Really sad. no crit chance or multi.

If you want to craft a phys weapon you need to hit all 3 prefix naturally and then you can craft some crappy attack speed or meta mod. Nice changes ggg
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VZ58 wrote:
They really gutted crafting benches for lld.... Flat life craft is only 35-44 now lmao...

Here's what you can craft on a phys bow now... Really sad. no crit chance or multi.

If you want to craft a phys weapon you need to hit all 3 prefix naturally and then you can craft some crappy attack speed or meta mod. Nice changes ggg

No I'm pretty sure most of the mods are better, but there are different levels of each mod.

Check https://poedb.tw/us/CraftingBenchOptions

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