Gladiator Scorching Ray build: rank #3 EU

hi guys, if you are curious about this hipster build, you can check my build here:
It can be made with a minimum investment (balefire for example), with 82/82 block and 5% life gain on block you are still able to beat 99% of PvPer :)
Last bumped on Nov 14, 2018, 9:58:10 PM
best build ever! good shiet
-Life gain on block (400+) for defense.

-Scorching Ray for offense, as it can reach high DPS without much investment.

Two lame thing GGG should take care off
Poe Pvp experience
googie337 wrote:
best build ever! good shiet

a true cancer! sometimes I just pretend to hit and run (this build is fast!) so these melee players can't touch me. They never knew that they wouldn't kill me even if I was afk :) The ability to deal high DoT without investment from SR is ridiculous, nerf it GGG!
Offscreener glass canon build should be nerfed hard too, I can't imagine if this much tanky character can't approach them, there is any build out there can.
i'm so glad that i quitted this game.
"You have great power. You're right to be proud. It's unfortunate you have to die now, but I will honor you with 45% of my strength."
Thanks for share , i was thinking make something like this but with ''Flameblast'' just for fun lol

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