[3.4] Berserker 2-H EQ - 12k eHP with MoM (8.5k life + 3.5k mana) 500k sustainable pDPS

I play 1-2 characters every league, taking it to the max as much as possible. My previous build for the previous race (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2201859) did extremely well and was a lot of fun. Berserker is off-meta hence gearing is far more cheaper. It has high sustain due to perma healing warcry pots. High ascendency DPS. 2-handers are out of style and are CHEAP for REAL 7-links! Scroll all the way down to see my comparison between using the same skill setup but with jugg vs berserker.

This season, my league starter was also a Berserker and I wanted to improve upon that build. I took what Berserker is best at (warcry healing) and abused it to the max by using life and mana (with Mind over Matter) as eHP.

The build progress is fairly simple, do pure life until a week/2 weeks into the season where there are enough items out there for you to reliably switch to both using life and mana as effective hp.

Import into Path of Building for details:

Bandits: Kill all
Pantheon: Soul of Arakali OR Solaris - Arakali for the boost in regen+leech in combination with blood rage + immortal call

I only have a pastebin which includes the items/passive tree as I've more or less stopped playing the game for the past 2-months and I've currently swapped over to a jugg to see what the fuss is about.

The DPS I listed does NOT include flasks and ONLY include permanent buffs (Intimidate, Maim, 50 Rage). This is as stable DPS as you can get.

DPS calculation (ignoring blood rage):
180-190k pDPS for initial EQ hit.
After shock does 70% more dmg.
306-320k pDPS for aftershock EQ hit.
Given that both hit which isn't hard for boss fights... ~500k pDPS.

Uber elder
You don't need kaom's root for any content except uber elder. Red elder is a fart, you can do it deathless, same with shaper. Delve bosses except for Aul are also a joke. I don't include Aul because I haven't fought him with this build. This build is honestly smooth with boss killing.

The hardest and most common reason you will die is due to multiple repetitive hits of physical damage. They are, however, ALL do-able - just NOT deathless.

Chimera: a bit annoying since you don't have any phys reduction.
Pheonix cyclone/whirlwind: its easy to do deathless - don't tank/stand in the way of the cyclone path
Minotaur with hard mods: always keep anti-shock on
Vaal temple triplets due to the phys cyclone and rain of spears looking skill
That's it! These 4 scenarios are far more annoying than Red Elder and Shaper

Tank all slams except Uber Atziri (with 12k eHP and Loreweave, elder and shaper slams cannot 1-shot you)
Perma-stun with massive hits
Perma heals with warcry (you heal 3k eHP - that is 50% of most people's builds)
CHEAP, doesn't take much to get starter, 2-handers are unbelievably CHEAP and SO easy to craft (even 7-linkers) since it's off-meta.
High DPS. (Berserker ascendency just gives so much damage that you don't really need passive points invested for enough DPS to take on end-game bosses. Just get a decent weapon.)

Need Kaom's roots to do uber elder (hard to fit in skill sockets [you can remove ancestral warchief since that totem dies too much to be reliable due to ground degen effects]).
Too many tough mobs with the worst mod combination (endurance charges, take reduced (50%) physical damage, more life (50%)) will mog you
Phys reflect
Physical damage hurts you (especially crits)
Your body armor provides you the most crucial defenses so you can't swap on any other variations (Loreweave/Brass dome/Lightning coil).
No matter what you do, a jugg equivalent with 8k life is far more tankier, more QOL, BUT less damage (50% less damage - at least with mine).

Variations and modifications to counter Cons:
Use abyssal cry instead of enduring cry. Enduring cry gives you EC charges which helps prolong immortal call duration BUT abyssal cry SLOWS people down. In combination with the slow from a temporal chain corrupted Tombfist is pretty substantial.
Use Brass Dome + Essence worm with Determination and Determination watcher's eye (Reduced crit damage + reduced physical damage taken). You lose 1-2k eHP but you are far more tankier (mainly applies to deep delves).
You can also consider using Lightning Coil which is also pretty substantial. If so, aim for a corrupted lightning coil that has the implicit (take 50% reduced damage from crit). Honestly, a 6L armor is pointless since warchief is only useful for the dps buff and it dies pretty easily so you usually end up positioning it pretty far away, at least for uber elder (great for shaper though). Your own hits are far harder.
You can also go for the super expensive but completely sexy essence crafted shaper armor that has both the shaper mod physical damage taken as cold AND essence mod physical damage taken as cold (far too expensive for me at that point in time).

Reflections, comparisons and stuff I'm currently working on:
As I've mentioned, I swapped over to a jug, made a pure life version and compared the two side by side.

Juggs are:
Much more expensive (need really good quatra modded jewels for half the DPS of berserker and still maintain high life of around 7-8k).
Need Kaom rings and high regen to do uber elder reliably with pure phys EQ due to less DPS.
Once you have those, it is far more tankier with watcher's eye. You don't need immortals call because you already tank phys damage. Jugg ascendency passives which allows you to reduce 5% all damage and 8% elemental damage at full EC (which is perma without IC) basically gives you 13% increased eHP. This means 8k jugg = 9k-ish any other class. Berserker 12k eHP with 10% increased damage taken is basically 10.5k any other class.
High regen is basically equivalent with warcry healing assuming that Rage degen is COMPLETLEY negated... Sometimes high eregen is better as when there is a large amount of ground degen (such as during uber elder). Sometimes it is worse, when you take a massive slam and needs to quickly recover to safe life levels.

Jugg theoretically works best as pure ES with Incandescent heart and completely negating chaos damage (converting is far more expensive and time consuming - a lot harder to find the specific gear necessary). You don't use brutality and go pure phys and you will be able to output more DPS than berserker.
I've also crafting a pure ES berserker but the lack of ES heal from warcry makes it kinda meh...
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