Nostash November HC - Zizaran and friends!

Hey guys I'll be making a pretty hard Nostash league, current idea is:

No Stash
20% Haste
LMP (multiproj)
20% Increased damage
40% Increased monster life
15% Fire Cold / Lighting Damage

We don't have all the proper options I would like so far for this league, after some discussion we're going with an 'honor' system, you can trade with other players but you are not supposed to mule or party up together to kill anything.

Feel free to express interest here, nugi, uber and dan and a few others have expressed interest so far!

Edit: Wasn't planning on SSF but nothing 100% yet.

Edit 2: IF ITS LIVE by then, league will start

league here:
@Zizaran ingame
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What would be the duration? No stash means that if you rip then your entire league progress is reset, so it probably isn't worth making the league too long.
Probably 1-2 weeks? Kinda keen on making something harder than BLAMT at some point too
@Zizaran ingame
Sounds awesome, im in
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Would this be SSF?

I feel like trading/grouping would kinda ruin the point of nostash, since it would allow muling.
Crazy, hard and sounds very fun. I would personally prefer some minus resistances so gearing is even more difficult. But that might be a bit to much with LMP haste and that much added damage.

I don't play that much so will not compete at a high level, but will for sure take a break from other games and join and have fun.
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I'd be down, with these mods though I don't think anything more than 20 days would be needed. Seems like a short term race.
sounds fun to me, would like to participate!
I'm in on this and excited. No-stash is my favorite unique mod in the system. I'll help fund as well.
Ziz you are the best.. thank you so much for trying to set us up a fun race.. if you are going to set up donation goal ill come help for sure!

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