[3.4] The Child of PeePee and CoC - Assassin Build Guide

Hi guys. This is a build guide for my Poet's Pen Cast on Crit Arc. I wanted to build around the mighty wand but didn't want to create a meta build. Seeing that the Poet's Pen has a good base crit. I decided to create a Cast on Crit build and it worked wonders (Don't have videos though cause potato PC). This is my first build guide so apologies for the clutter

We one tap packs using Frenzy because we proc the Arc that is socketed in the Poet's Pen also making them explode because of Inpulsa. If there would be mobs remaining, our Cast on Crit in the chest would proc, making sure the whole pack is cleared. I've done Shaper deathless with this build. Haven't tried Uber Elder yet but I'm pretty sure it's going to be smooth

+ Fast Clear Speed
+ Not too expensive for a PP build
+ Offscreening
+ Tears bosses apart
+ Super Fun
+ Inpulsa kek
+ Not a meta build
+ Delving is smooth (Depth 320 atm)
+ There's a lot of room for improvement if you have the currency

- A bit squishy (Needs a bit more currency for a high life pool)
- Cannot run reflect maps
- Unique hungry on gear so capping res is hard

Shadow - Assassin

Level 90 Skill Tree

Ascendancy Points - Unstable Infusion - Deadly Infusion - Ambush and Assassinate - Opportunistic

Bandits - Alira

Tree Explanation
Since we are going Assassin. Crit multi and Power Charges are our bread and butter. Spell damage is also nice but try to have more multi than spell damage.

Total gear cost me around 5-7 exalts

Devoto's Devotion is mandatory since we want the Attack Speed, Dex and Movement Speed since we are wanding. The enchant is not too important though

Poet's Pen of course - try to get a corrupted one with Attack Speed

Socketed gems here are Arc - Added Lightning - Increased Crits
Lycosidae is not mandatory, you can use a good spell/crit shield if you have the budget to add in accuracy on your rings/gloves

Shaped Rare Boots with 30% movement speed and Cooldown Recovery Speed

Socketed gems here are Wrath - Herald of Thunder - Curse on Hit - Warlord's Mark
Rare ring with high resistances. Precursor's Emblem is not mandatory. If you can get either a Warlord's Mark ring or a Precursor's with +1 Power Charges. That would be better

Amulet should be Choir of the Storm (can't link it cause I brick vaaled it lol). It gives us high crit chance for both spells and attacks, and gives us decent increased Lightning Damage.
Inpulsa is really great for the build. Life/Explosions/Damage if you shocked recently are actually benefiting us through mapping and end game bosses

Socketed gems here are Frenzy - Cast on Crit - Arc (Lvl 21) - Increased Crits - Lightning Pen - Power Charge on Crit. Reason why we are not using Controlled Destruction and Elemental Focus is because we want high crit chance as much as possible and we want to shock
Shaped Rare Belt with life and Cooldown Recovery Speed

Rare Gloves is just for capping my resistances. Try to get something with life and attack speed


Socketed Gems for the other gears are Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge - Decoy Totem. CWDT - Immortal Call. Phase Run - Inc Duration



You can toggle to different trees. The "Now" is more DPS focused and the "Testt" is more life focused. Never achieved 5k life tho. PepeHands. 250k+ Average Hit on Shaper is not too shabby in my opinion

Mapping is great since we one shot packs. Killing bosses is fun -- This is the only build I used that I've killed the Underground River boss without it jumping up. Easiest Shaper kill in my life since I don't have to be up close to actually do some damage. I'll be selling the gear now but I'll answer questions.
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How far have you gotten in Delve with this build and how smooth was it going through all the levels of delve?
Notsavard wrote:
How far have you gotten in Delve with this build and how smooth was it going through all the levels of delve?

330+ depth now. Tried my DPS on a 69% Moar Monster Life Aul. Actually pretty decent but I wasn't able to kill him. LOL. Delving is pretty smooth, comparable to a Freeze everything Elementalist, this build stuns pretty much every mob in Delves if you have a Warlord's Mark ring. Without it, it's still pretty smooth but you'll receive damage from time to time but I've never been one shotted at 4.6k life

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