[3.4] THE JUGGERLOCK | Dominating Blow Minions | Budget Build

Welcome to my first guide! I am a brand new player this league and wanted to share my budget build. It has been pretty successful so far with a skill almost no one seems to be using. As of the creation of this guide I am level 94, have Atziri on farm, cleared Uber-Lab first try, cleared t9 Elder with no deaths, had no problems with Tul, Xoph, or Esh, am starting t13 mapping, and am at depth 230 in my delve with no stopping in sight. I will continue to update this guide as I level and progress throughout endgame content to give you a gauge of where the build caps out or requires more expensive gear to progress.

Build Summary:
This is a variation of minion builds out there, focusing on Dominating Blow and the minions it creates. In addition, Heralds of purity, Zombies, Spectres, a Holy Relic, and a Stone Golem are used. The damage done is physical, with pretty significant tanking capability and life regeneration thanks to passives and Consecrated Path.

Skill Gems:

Dominating Blow:

This is your main damage dealer, but really just serves the purpose to kill enough things at first that your minions spawn. They're the real damage dealers.

6L (a tabula rasa will work until endgame):
Dominating Blow
Minion Damage Support
Multistrike Support
Brutality Support
Melee Splash Support
Melee Physical Damage Support

Summon Minions:

Summon the rest of your minions and give them some damage.

Vaal Summon Skeletons
Raise Spectre
Raise Zombie
Minion Damage Support

Consecrated Path/Vaal Ground Slam

AOE damage with a heal from Consecrated Ground as well as a Fortify buff, and an AOE stun. While Consecrated Path can do significant damage, it is not your main source of damage in this build. Instead, use it to lead fights and refresh Consecrated Ground and Fortify in order to be more durable.

Consecrated Path
Vaal Ground Slam
Concentrated Effect Support
Fortify Support

Cast When Damage Taken Support:

This will keep you alive longer, bring your minions to you, and make enemies around you more susceptible to the stun from Vaal Ground Slam.

Cast When Damage Taken Support
Immortal Call
Warlord's Mark

Summon Holy Relic:

This is a must to help keep your minions alive!

Summon Holy Relic
Culling Strike Support
Blind Support

Herald of Purity/Vulnerability Aura

Herald of Purity for more physical damage and minions. Vulnerability as an aura to help everything around you do more damage.

Herald of Purity
Blasphemy Support

Summon Stone Golem:

You want the Stone Golem around for the life regeneration he gives.

1 Socket Ring:
Summon Stone Golem

Path of Building Pastebin:

Passive Tree/Ascendancy/Pantheon/Bandits:
Coming Soon!

How To Gear Your Character:
Coming Soon!

Leveling Guide:
Coming Soon!

Videos and Tips:
Coming Soon!

Shoutout! A mighty thanks to taggedjc for answering all of my constant questions and general knowledge dropping throughout my progress in the game!!!
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