[3.4] Oro's Flicker Strike Champion


Tala Moana, Exile, and welcome to the build guide. My name is Wes — If you’ve never read one of my guides before, let me just start by introducing myself. I’m a long-time PoE veteran; I’ve played nearly every league since 2013, I’ve done all the end-game content and I’ve built and played hundreds of high-level (90+) characters.

I followed plenty of guides and used community resources while learning to play the game myself, but it’s been a long time since I had any real trouble sustaining maps or making currency; I figure this puts me in a good position to pay it forward by writing guides of my own.

All of my guides make the following assumptions:

You have basic gameplay knowledge.
You are familiar with Path of Building.
You do not have an unlimited budget.
You’ll observe my gem links by inspecting my gear.

I’m happy to answer questions. I’m available on Twitch if you prefer live answers. I’m a guild leader and we have a Discord community, in-case you’re interested; non-members are welcome.

You can find my other guides here.

How it Works

Coming soon.


Whenever possible, I prefer to level in a way that closely resembles my intended end-game build. In my experience, this runs contrary to the preference of most players, who would rather level as quickly as possible and then re-spec toward end-game. This personal preference is going to bear heavily on my recommendations, so please keep that in mind as you read.

At a bare minimum, whatever character you're leveling, you should familiarize yourself with the following items — any of which can help to streamline the leveling process — regardless of your build, right out of the gate.

Regarding the above, only the Darkness Enthroned really warrants additional explanation. Most of these items provide extremely powerful and obvious benefits with no level requirement, but Darkness Enthroned makes the list because of its two Abyssal Sockets. There are plenty of Abyss jewels with powerful properties and no level requirement. Additionally, remember that non-Abyss jewels have no level requirement and can therefore be extremely powerful for leveling.

With that, I've reached the extent of my general leveling advice. I encourage you to pursue a more in-depth leveling guide, as I've only scratched the surface. Everything beyond this point will be recommendations based on my personal preferences for leveling this particular character.


Coming soon.

⍟ Path of Building Pastebin Link ⍟


Video 1 (Overview)
Video 2 (Lair of the Minotaur)


Expected budget: As of this writing, less than an exalt.


Fast & Furious RMB: Meet Forehead Gameplay
Decent DPS
Relatively easy to push 6k life


Delve is... tricky
Several deadmods, including Ele Reflect and Ele Status Avoidance
Very tough to push end-game bosses (without swapping your main skill) due to Flicker play style.




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