[3.4] Double strike champion, all content, Uber Elder farmer, all delve bosses dead.

Soooooooooooooooooo, we're here with my second ever guide for Path of Exile. I present to you a hybrid machination of wonderful things.

This gear is the ideal setup, it's been put together slowly over the whole league so please be patient with yourself when aquiring it.

The essential item is Bloodseeker, ideally you want the implicit power charges on critical strike, if you cannot aquire this or do not have the funds, get the highest possible PDPS and use Orb of Storms or Ball lightning with power charge on critical strike.

Having enlighten 4 with Herald of Fire, Arctic Armour and Hatred is also optional, it's perfectly viable to run just Hatred and herald of fire. You can do a gem swap by removing the boots and running herald of purity with hatred for Uber Elder and Aul the crystal king. It makes both of these fights significantly easier.

The gaunlets are perfectly viable on their own, if you drop arctic armour and run immortal call, cast when damage taken, increased duration and enfeeble, you can drop the arctic armour gem. Arctic armour is very useful for bosses.


USE A REGEN FLASK LIKE THE ABOVE LISTED. Instant flasks are very useful but using soul of Ryslatha in tandem with the flask is life saving in boss fights like Aul and Uber Elder, Soul of Ryslatha also gives flask charges every few seconds and with charges on crit 20% you will almost always have the ability to restore life.


Watchers eye is OPTIONAL but will give you a significant DPS boost. Ideally you want the eye to have 1.8% chance to crit when affected by hatred, this will net you a significant DPS boost.

For main jewels you want to focus on %life, crit multi, attack speed and crit chance in that order. You may need to balance out resists slightly.

All of the gear listed here is mostly self crafted, with fossils a large majority of the gear is obtainable with some moderate investment.



I have cleared ALL content in the game with this build, player skill also comes into the equasion but the majority of bosses will be completely melted by this build. I will upload videos at a later date if more people are interested.

There is an essential gem swap for bosses by removing melee splash and ancestral call and replacing them with damage on full life and ruthless.

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Good read, albeit WTB videos.
interesting,i want konw more about it,videos?
So in what way isn't this an exact copy of this popular build ?


Same gear (even the +crit armour), same gems, same tree. Oh, you changed one flask...
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videos plz

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