[3.4] Mjölner Arc | Smite Inquisitor *WIP

Thor is most definitely my favorite Marvel superhero, and so naturally as soon as I found out Mjölner is in PoE, I had to try my hand at a build. Of course, that was ages ago and the character was terrible. But now, since the Arc rework and thanks to some inspiration from one of Mathil's characters I figured this was the right time to try it out in a legitimate build.


The idea behind this build is to have an attack skill that is used to proc Arc triggers socketed in Mjölner. Some options could include just using Shield Charge all the time, or Leap Slamming all around the map, or even (as Mathil did) using Charged Dash (which is an attack skill) to hit for better single target damage. I prefer melee style builds in general, so Charged Dash wasn't really comfortable for me...plus Mathil already took that route and in my opinion showed that it probably wasn't 'good enough'.

For me, I prefer melee skills (Glacial Hammer being my favorite), and Smite is one that caught my eye early on. To this end, the style of this build is that you would either Leap Slam around the map, or just run into packs and Smite one time, allowing Arc to proc and literally clear almost all of the mobs from one round of chaining. Then, when needed for single target, you would use Smite exclusively, proc'ing Arc and dealing its own damage as well.

From the passive tree, this is Spell Crit build, not a Melee Crit build, with a minor focus on Minion stats (using those to boost your own stats). We are able to scale our Spell Crit Chance and Multiplier numbers quite a lot, which helps with consistently delivering big DPS numbers when needed.

As for Smite, that's where our 6 link comes into play. We're not focused on exclusively scaling the damage from Smite, and so the "total DPS" is a combination of Smite's and Arc's individual DPS numbers.

Current Gear

First things first. Here's the current gearing that I have at lvl 69.

More to come....
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Made pretty much this exact setup and it did me great.
I used Orb of Storms as a backup for curse on hit over Herald of Thunder and Multistrike to replace Ancestral Call for bosses.
6 linked the Smite with Physical to Lightning, added Lightning, Lightning Penetration, Elemental Damage with Attacks, and Ancestral Call / Multistrike.
Always run an immortal call setup as well.
Character ended level 71 when Delve went down and i'm most likely gonna build it again for Betrayal.

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