[3.4] Shimmeron Arc Miner Trapper 2 in 1 Build-WIP

Hello guys, while trying to think of a build no one has ever done before, suddenly I think : Since we don't lose any damage from linking any skill to Remote mine ( it has an innate 49% damage multiplier ), why not link it to a trap? That momement marks the birth of the build I present to you guys here.

Please note that I haven't extensively tested this build yet and just theory crafting in PoB but it looks good. I have respeced my char to it and currently doing tier 10 map fine.

Build concept:

For those who don't know, if we link a skill to both a trap support and a mine support, the character will first lay the mines, then detonate, then the mines throw the traps, and then the linked skill.

The base idea is to link remote mine to a trap skill, and therefore we can benefit from both mine and trap damage modifier. Also we can exploit mine field and cluster trap to cast an exorbitant 12 traps per cast. After experimenting with many skills, I find that Arc skill works great in this setup ( but the possibilities are endless.), also, since we essentially throw 12 traps and lay 4 mines per cast, it means that we have about 25% Hp regen /sec from Saboteur Pyromaniac nodes at all time, more than enough to counteract the degen from Shimmeron, which in addition has been halved this patch.



Currently I have about 24000 damage per trap in Path of Building, multiplied by 4 mines, multiplied by 3 traps per mine, we have in the end about 288k damage per cast. I'm not sure how many mines I lay per second though, let say 8 mines. Path of building doesn't seeem to account for the trap trigger twice ascendancy node so 20% more damage there. In the end we would have around 691000 damage for about 20 chaos gear.

Defense we have:
50% blind aura
Constant life recover from Tinkerskin
10% reduced damage from Ascendency
Mind Over Matter

Life number is pretty much like any other life builds which doesn't use Kaom's Heart (around 4k5). I manage to have 141% increased life from the tree.


Weapon: 2x Shimmeron , 3-4 chaos each right now. This wand is the main way to scale our damage.

Helmet: Shaper helmet with the following mods: Remote mine, Innervate, and place an additional mine mod. Something like this:

I bought this for 6 chaos. It is an easy 6 link for us.

Body Armour: Tinkerskin for quality of life and sustain. You don't have to worry about mana when using skill if you use this. (Tinker skin + Eldritch Battery combo). If you want more life, a Kaom's heart is fine.

You don't have to 6 link this, just look for high life roll

Ring: 1 Essence worm. Because we use MoM but can't skip the Wrath aura.

Other slots are pretty much standard life + resist gear, with high ms boot. It's here you can improve the damage much further, the more you invest in the build

Jewel: One Clear Mind jewel


1 Mana flask + 1 Diamond Flask are core. The rest are optional


Main link: Arc -Remote mine (From helmet)- Inervate (From helmet)- Trap support- Cluster trap support- Mine field support.

Other luxury links:

Cast when damage taken (Lv1)- Enfeeble (Lv4) - Immortal call - Increased duration

Phase run - Increased duration

Wrath Aura in Essence Worm

Other gems you like and can fit

Skill tree:

Any feedbacks are welcome :)
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The more Mine Damage modifier does not apply to any damage done by traps, totems or minions linked to remote mine.

From wiki
lotusQ wrote:
The more Mine Damage modifier does not apply to any damage done by traps, totems or minions linked to remote mine.

From wiki

Yeah I noticed that, the build is shelved for now. But with one modification:
we use in addition a shaper glove with +1 trap. So we lose 1 support gem, but throws double the number of trap with shaper mine helmet, so the damages stays constant, but we have double the regen from pyromaniac node. Both of these have been tested.

Any modifer to mine is useless though. Kind of a bummer. But almost all mine nodes are trap nodes anyway, just that we can't double dipping
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