[3.4] Gladiator - Nebuloch/Bringer of Rain - Sunder - WIP

Hello! This is a work-in-progress theory-craft.

PoB link in spoiler below! VVVVVV

So I was looking for a solid high/max block Gladiator build, and there aren't any really. I saw one, but was unimpressed with the damage, so I figured I could probably do it better. I'm not an expert in build-making or anything, so I wanted to get feedback from the community before I commit to anything.

-The Premise-

High block/sustain to be able to facetank a lot of content while also dealing moderate damage. We achieve this by going gladiator which also gives us insane spell block. Our ascendancy node "Outmatch and Outlast" is very powerful, and I wanted to make use of it without going dual wield, because I wanted to use The Surrender shield for level 30 Reckoning and nice sustain when we block. With The Bringer of Rain, we gain our endurance charges by blocking, and we gain our Frenzy charges just by killing with Outmatch and Outlast since its based on our main hand. So we have reliable charge generation!

CWDT > Stone Golem > Molten Shell > Inc. Duration (all max level)

Tempest Shield > Chain > Curse on Hit > Enfeeble (Tempest Shield Lvl 1 for mana costs) This is how we'll spread our curse to weaken everything. The duration of TS refreshes when we block which is all the time, so it's reliable. The chain is just to make it spread to more enemies.

Riposte > Vengeance > Life Gain on Hit (linked in shield) This is so the Life Gain on Hit applies to the Level 30 Reckoning supplied by The Surrender unique shield, it's a pseudo 4-link.

We would use Brute Force Solution and Fluid Motion unique jewels to give us all the dex/int we need for the build so we don't have to grab any on gear! I went for this mainly because of the sheer amount of uniques used in the build. The bringer of Rain, The Surrender, The Anvil, and Veruso's Battering Rams(for shock immunity) all lack resistances, so I'd rather have suffixes on rare pieces of gear be free for resistances instead of having to sacrifice them for dex/int. :)

All of this is set up in PoB (link in top spoiler)
Again, this is all untested.

EDIT: In my rush to try to include everything in the build, I overlooked a movement skill... lmao! I would drop the CWDT setup for Leap Slam > Faster Attacks > Fortify > Blood Magic
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