[3.6] The Dancing Agony - Fast Clear Speed, Shaper, Guardians, Uber Atziri

I wanted to explore the maximum i can do and achieve by using the Dancing Dervish/Duo as main source of damage, and the result is this build...

Not recommended for league start

OBS: this is my third build guide, if something is missing, not working or need better explanation let me know in the comments.

-Fast Clear Speed
-Cheap To Start
-No 6link items required
-Fun and Safe
-Can run ANY map mods
-Active Playstyle


-Requires Attention
-Some items can be expensive at endgame
-Active Playstyle

Good Leveling Options


grab EE then rush minion damage and life on skill tree.
Summon Raging Spirit + Melee Splash + Minion Damage + Minion Speed
elemental weakness curse

items to look for:Cheap Moderate Expensive

-Lycosidae Lv.11
only use this shield when you get the necromantic aegis Keystone on the skill tree

-Victario's Flight lv.12
minion speed and attributes

-Bones of Ullr lv.22
+1 spectre

-Dying Breath lv.23
dmg aura and cast speed for srs

-Mark of the Red Covenant lv.26
dmg for srs

-Queen's Escape lv.38
minion speed

-Victario's Charity lv.50
only use this shield if you have the necromantic aegis Keystone on the skill tree
Good Spectres
Act 3 Solaris: Flame Sentinel
Act 8 Solaris: Solar Guard
Minion Damage + GMP + Spell Eccho
use Desecrate in weapom swap so you can keep your spectres at higher level.



Normal Lab : Dext And Skill Point
Cruel Lab : pick Pathfinder And Skill Point
Merciless Lab : Path of Ranger And Int
As soon as you can use the Dancing Duo Spec into all the flask nodes
Uber Lab : Skill Point And Necromancer

Skill Tree



You can craft most of the gear by using Bound Fossils or Essence Of Fear.

- Helmet = -=Bone helmet=- with Life and Resists.

- Amulet = Citrine or Jade Shaped Amulet with Life, Resist, Minion Movement Speed, if possible reduced mana reserved or chaos resist.

- Body Armour = -=Belly of the Beast=-.
if you cant afford just use other Life chest.

- Gloves = -=Command Of the pit=- for the minion accuracy make sure you put a ghastly jewel in the abyssal socket

- Boots = Life, movement speed, resist, if possible chaos resist

- Weapom = -=Dancing Dervish=- or -=Dancing Duo=-.
at level 59 use Dancing Dervish, when you get lvl 65 buy "Arsenal map" and "Dance of steel" Prophecy, ask a friend or someone in global chat to help you kill the boss.
you dont need to be in the boss room or even close to it.

- Rings = Life, Resists, Minion Movement Speed, if possible chaos resist.

- Belt = -=Leather Belt=-/-=stygian Vise=- with Life, Resists, STR, Reduced flask charges used or increased flask charges gained, if possible chaos resist.

- Jewels = mods in order of priority

-=Ghastly Eye Jewel=-
Minion Movement Speed %
+# to maximum Life
Minions deal # to # additional Physical Damage
Minions have #% increased Attack Speed
+#% to all Elemental Resistances

-=Cobalt Jewel=-
#% increased maximum Life
#% increased Minion Damage
+#% to all Elemental Resistances


-Soul of The Brine King for the "Stun Immunity"

-Soul of Shakari immune to poison and chaos damage defense

Items You Need

Main Source of damage

Helps start and keep up rampage and can be used as instant life flask.

Minion Accuracy

Offensive Mechanics

-Dancing Dervish/Duo is the main source of damage, clear speed and single target.

-Spectres are used to get the first kills to start rampage and boost single target dps.

-Rampage give you and your minions Movement Speed up to 100% and huge boost to clear speed with other effects.

Defensive Mechanics

-Blind granted by one abyssal jewel apply to ALL your minions and make enemies miss attacks on you.

-Taunt granted by one abyssal jewel apply to ALL your minions and make enemies deal 10% less damage on you.

#Rampage is usefull for alot of defensive purposes
1- Detonate corpses in 30, 325 and 520 stacks can help you against Vaal DD and others corpse effects.
2- Stun enemyes in 15, 100 and 385 stacks can help you against alot of things like rare mobs, exiles, bosses, essence mobs...etc
3- 325 Stacks explodes nearby enemies and leave no corpses, can negate the effect of porcupines and others "on death" effects.

How I Play


Enter in a map,start the rampage with herald of agony.

Use offering and vaal haste, start running towards the next monsters.

if the rampage timer is low pop one Worm flask so you can keep up, keep going... repeat...

if the map have a separated boss room i pop one worm flask before entering the room and one before starting the fight if i feel necessary.

During the boss fight just run around, use Vaal haste, Ball Lightning and offering.

Against Bosses that have long imune phases bring 2 Writhing Jar so you can start rampage just with the flasks.

Current Gear and Links (Check my profile for small updates)


-Weapom BGRRRR
Minion Speed + Damage On Full Life + Melee Physical Damage + Multistrike + Ruthless + Withering Touch
If you want to deal with High Level Bosses i recommend you to change the gem
Minion Speed for Minion Damage

-Body Armour BBGGGR
Minion Damage + Minion Speed + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Faster Attacks + Damage On Full Life + Herald Of Agony

-Gloves RRG
Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Vaal Haste

-Boots BGGG
Ball Lightning + Lesser Poison + Poison + Slower Projectiles

-Helmet RBBB
Cast When Damage Taken + Offering + Flame Dash + Convocation


Q:I dont have enough mana to use Ball Lightning/Offering what can i do?
-Use a lower level Ball Lightning/Offering.

Q:Im dying too much, how can i be more tanky?
-Make sure you have your resist capped and Pantheons.
-Remember to use your flasks.
-Try using one basalt or granite instead of life flask.

Q:The body armour is mandatory and need to be linked?
-you can use any life chest of your choice, you dont need six links.
-You can even use kaoms heart if you like.

Q:What Bandits Should I Choose?
-Kill ALL

you can and you should do modifications as you like... need more damage? drop some life nodes to get more damage... need more life? drop damage to get more life... dont like the herald of agony?try to use another minion like spectres, srs, zombies...remember you are free to do whatever you want this is just a guide to help you get something similar not equal.
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For levelibg I just used a tabula or if you have a twink: quill rain 6link. The six link is unnecessary ofc. Toxic rain plus HoA. I respec after ive picked up enough minion nodes and reach the dervish level req.
Why is this a bad league starter?
Racalniog wrote:
Why is this a bad league starter?

Leveling up and getting certain gear at the start may be a bit annoying. You're better off starting this build on your second character so that way your first character can farm or get the items needed to make the build.

It will be a whole lot smoother and save you way more time. Starting a summoner build for league start is annoying in this regard. On top of starting as a Summoner build, you are also going to be using a Scion too. You have a steeper starting point compared to other builds for this reason.

You might have to respec some points here and there too which is annoying and especially if you have no experience in playing a Scion. A Scion can start their skill tree from another class when you ascend to an Ascendant and finish your labs.
*Want to try out some fun hipster builds? Check out my thread below!*
[Build/Stream Thread]
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Does the weapon need to be 6-linked?
Does the weapon need to be 6-linked?

no, just 6 socket. links make no difference.
hey, not sure what i'm missing, maybe you can help? my 6l herald is at 104% mana reserved and i'm not sure what i need to bring that down. Appreciate any insight.
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hi, why is minion movement speed so important here? Does it scale dervish damage? Or it is just for them to move along?

I ask because I do not use movement speed bonus for minions and do not feel I need it, so if it s just related to your game style I m fine, but if it has other impact that just dervish deplacement speed, please enlight me!
DunkhelzaN wrote:
hi, why is minion movement speed so important here? Does it scale dervish damage? Or it is just for them to move along?

I ask because I do not use movement speed bonus for minions and do not feel I need it, so if it s just related to your game style I m fine, but if it has other impact that just dervish deplacement speed, please enlight me!

From what I can see, the faster the dervishes move, the faster they finish their cyclone attacks and can move into attacking again. So, in effect, it appears to increase DPS, due to attacking faster. I have no solid numbers from this, just my views.
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Thank you for taking your time to write this guide!. I really hope you can update it for 3.7 when patch notes are out :). Do you use 3 Worms or have you ever had problems to sustain the rampage?.

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