[3.4] Pure Phys, Crit, Lacerate Champion - Buildidea help welcome

first of all this is not an actual buildguide. This is just me trying to make my very fist Build all by myself, so if you are looking for a guide to follow you may want to keep looking, while those of you that might want to help me improving this Build make sure to keep on reading.

So i made this build by randomly picking a Skill i never used before and since i landed on Lacerate i just wanted to make it pure phys crit even though that might not the best Version to Build for this Skill i just chose it for the sake of making a functioning Build.

Now that thats out the way here is the build i came up with.
Path of Building(1.4.108)
(I used some Dummy-Jewels to see what the Damage would be like)



Since i wanted to use this Build probably next League and keep it simple it doesn't require any Uniques to function, however i have looked at a few Uniques that would probably benefit the Build;


If you know how to link items without owning them let me know since i had to search lke all of my old chars to link those that i could. So also please ignore socketed Gems.

For Weapons Ahn's Might and Sanguine Gambol seem to work well with the Build although the Gambol in Offhand gets outclased by a decent rare with global crit pretty easily.



Body Armor
or Carcass Jack for more Damage






Main Skill

Lacerate - Brutality - Melee Phys - Conc Effect - Ruthless - Faster Attacks


CWDT - Immortal Call - Inc Duration - Vaal Haste


Ancestral Protector - Melee Phys - Maim - Bloodlust

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Ice Golem - Minion Life - Portal

and as a 2-Link for Tombfist

Blasphemy - Assasin's Mark

What i noticed during my own testing (wich i did with random gear that i had left in remove only Tabs from previous Leagues since i had a full reset on a Champion i played earlier):

I originally was using Punsihment for more Damage but switched to Assasins Mark for Mana-sustain aswell as Powercharge-generation wich benefits the Crit.
The Leech seems lacking sometimes so i was thinking about Vaal Pact but that might be due to unleveled Gems/mediocre Gear.
Since the Damage almost looked ok i might need to respec a few Damage Nodes into more Life, or get Gear with +Life on it.

Hope you liked it and Please leave Feedback on how to improve this Build.
I dont want to respec it to scale Bleeding or something like this but maybe i can respec 3 or 4 Points for another 3/4 Points that would do better, Stuff like this.
Also if i got some Mechanics wrong wich will make Nodes/Gems etc. useless please point those out especially.
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