[3.5] Null's Inclination/Scourge Arrow Summoner (SRS/Zombies and Purity Sentinels)

This guide is for a Null's Inclination Summoner with the new Scourge Arrow skill used to trigger the Summon Raging Spirits socketed in the bow. I use Speaker's Wreath so monsters wont die until I shoot my bow for the last hit.

These 2 items are the key focus of the build along with the new Scourge Arrow channeling skill.

Scourge Arrow is linked to Chain, Cast While Channeling, Flesh Offering and Convocation to provide an easy way of spreading projectiles amongst mobs for the final hit and triggering important summoner utility skills. Raging spirits are linked to Elemental Focus so they wont ignite. Zombies and Sentinels provide single target damage while the Raging Spirits are used for pack clearing. This build is not designed for top end bosses like shaper and his guardians etc but it is fun for clearing packs and using a unique kind of playstyle.

My final minion setup is the following:
20 Raging Spirits
8 Zombies
2 Spectres
1 Golem
4 Sentinels of Purity
1 Animate Guardian
1 Beastial Rhoa

Demonstration Videos

Vaal Temple - Tier 16

Elder Underground Sea - Tier 16

Shaped Plateau - Tier 14

Delve - Level 310

These videos below are of an older setup
Shaped Belfry T15

Oba's Cursed Trove

Atziri Kill

Path of Building Link

Level 94 - Delve League


Build Mechanics

Speaker's Wreath

Speaker's Wreath will stop minions gaining the killing blow in most cases as I use Elemental Focus (Can't Ignite) on SRS and most others don't have a fire damage source, It also provides a small duration effect increase and 8-10% minion attack and movement speed from player Dexterity.

Null's Inclination

Null's Inclination will send a new Raging Spirit from you whenever a killing blow is dealt (which is 99% of the time). Null's also has a modifier giving 20-25% minion damage from player dexterity. The bow has no base elemental damage or conversion so Elemental Equilibirum can be triggered by adding even the smallest flat lightning damage roll elsewhere.

Elemental Equilibrium
Minions will be dealing fire and or cold as elemental damage and no lightning damage, by having Hatred linked to Generosity the build will deal no elemental damage itself unless it is from flat added sources on gear. By adding only lightning damage to our equipment we will trigger elemental equilibrium making enemies vulnerable to cold and fire damage which increases overall damage by a large amount.

Scourge Arrow, Flesh Offering and Convocation
Scourge Arrow will channel up to 5 stacks, while doing this it will trigger Flesh Offering and Convocation every 0.35 seconds (when not on cooldown). Yriel's Fostering also makes this supported by the Beastial Rhoa and will count as a support and add how long u wait for skills to trigger. Triggering happens in order of links so having Convocation first will give the best control if left on the skill bar to see its cooldown easier.

Gearing Information


Speaker's Wreath is mandatory for the build so you can always get the last hit which will trigger Summon Raging Spirit's.
If you can get an Enchant for SRS or Zombies that would be my first pick, since not many people use the item take any enchant you can that will give some benefit.

Weapon (Bow and Quiver)

Null's Inclination is mandatory for the build as it will hold your Summon Raging Spirits gem and supports, triggering every time you kill an enemy. Rolls for damage are not important.

Any high life quiver with good resists will work for the build. Ideally it will be a triple resist and top life Two-Point Arrow Quiver.
I was lucky to find a quiver with onslaught on kill as the third suffix but this does make sorting resists a bit harder.


Yriel's Fostering (Beastial Minion Variant)
This chest is not mandatory but it does synergise well giving extra attack and movement speed along with accuracy, life and a chance to maim (slow) enemies on hit.

Another good choice for a tankier version of the build would be Belly of the Beast. Rare chest pieces with good stats will work just fine if you are trying a budget or SSF version.


Grip of the Council are my choice for best all round gloves with the 20% extra cold damage for minions along with life and resist.

Rare gloves with life and resists will work fine for the build, adding a catarina craft of extra life or minion damage will round out a rare item nicely.


For the current Delve league seeking out a pair of +1 spectre rare boots will be ideal however not mandatory

a normal rare pair of boots will work fine and make gearing for stats and resists much easier

Amulet, Belt and Rings

A high resist, life and stats amulet is ideal. Having even the smallest amount of flat added lightning damage on any piece will be enough to trigger elemental equilibrium so is mandatory if not available on your quiver.

Astramentis will provide the high stats needed while sorting out your other gear and requirements, Ideally this will be replaced in end game.

Rare Stygian Vise belts will be a good slot to cover any resistances you lack and bump up the life pool. Having an extra jewel is very handy for extra resistance, life or minion modifiers also

Having +3 Unset rings will be ideal. I use mine to have Herald of Purity at level 24 (level 21 gem) and a higher level Golem or Vaal Summon Skeletons Gem.


My focus for jewels is to have 36+ Maximum Life and All resists
Secondary stats would be 1 taunt, 1 blind and 1 minion leech jewel.
If you are having no problems with resists then + life and minion damage of some sort would be ideal.

(Avoid FIRE and COLD damage that would apply to your attacks as it would proc the wrong element for elemental equilibrium)


The Writhing Jar is not mandatory and is simply a spammable flask to buff rampage numbers. A high % reduced charges used roll is ideal.

I use a Quartz flask for Delve farming to avoid being trapped in tight areas when charging Scourge Arrow.

My Gear

Spectre(s) Info

If you only have 1 spectre as an option the Stygian Silverback is my choice as it gives Frenzy charges to the player and minions.
Raise Spectre is linked to Blood Magic so the apes will spam the frenzy or empower skill, without it they only use the skill once every 10-20 seconds.
If you have allocated a passive or are wearing +1 spectre items the Host Chieftan is my choice as a second spectre. This ape will spam a skill that gives power charges to the player and minions.

Spectre 1 - Stygian Silverback
Location: Act 2 - Riverways
Summons Apes from Trees
Frenzies Allies
Resists Fire

Spectre 2 - Host Chieftan
Location: Act 6 - Riverways
Summons Apes from Trees
Empowers Allies
Resists Fire

Animate Guardian

The Oak is fairly cheap once a league has established and the life regen is very good at keeping Animate Guardian alive

Victario's flight are a cheap option to provide movement speed to the player and minions

Leer Cast provides 15% increased damage to the player and minions

Ambu's charge is a decent cheap all round chest with life and all res along with 2% life regen when hit

Advancing Fortress provides life, evasion and 15% block chance. My focus with this setup is to keep the guardian alive to buff me and my ninions. Dying Breath is a 2 handed alternative setup for extra damage and curse effectiveness.

Southbound gloves are a cheap item for a source of % life and cold resistance

Ascendancy, Bandit and Pantheon choices


Pupper Master
Mistress of Sacrifice
Flesh Binder


Kill all bandits for + 2 Passive Points


Soul of Lunaris (Major God)
Soul of Ralakesh (Minor God)

Aura/Herald Setup

Herald of Purity
Place in a +3 unset ring for more damage

Generosity Linked with Hatred
This will increase the effect and stop us dealing cold damage so we only hit with lightning/chaos/physical damage (important for elemental equilibrium)

Blasphemy linked with Enfeeble
This will provide extra protection for the player and minions and provides extra evasion effect when minions blind enemies.

Gem Links

Weapon 3 Blue, 3 Red 6 link
1 - Summon Raging Spirits (Level 21/20 if possible)
2 - Elemental Focus
3 - Minion Damage
4 - Melee Splash
5 - Ruthless
6 - Melee Physical Damage

Chest 3 Blue, 3 Green 6 Link
1 - Scourge Arrow
2 - Cast While Channeling
3 - Convocation
4 - Flesh Offering
5 - Chain
6 - Culling Strike

Helmet 2 Blue, 2 Red
1 - Raise Spectre
2 - Vaal Summon Skeletons
3 - Animate Guardian
4 - Blood Magic

Gloves 3 Blue, 1 Red
1 - Raise Zombie
2 - Minion Damage
3 - Minion Life
4 - Melee Physical Damage

Boots 2 Blue, 1 Red, 1 Green
1 - Generosity
2 - Hatred
3 - Blasphemy
4 - Enfeeble

Rings (with +3 to socketed gems)
1 - Herald of Purity
2 - Summon Stone Golem

Weapon Swap
1 - Blood Magic
2 - Leap Slam
3 - Faster Attacks

1 - Desecrate

IGN - @Smokntumbleweed ~ Streaming @ twitch.tv/smokintumbleweed
Ignite Vortex Build Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1735563
Brain Rattler 100% Fire Build Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1757390
My Loot Filter located @ bit.ly/poefilter
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hey, looks really cool, do you think this could work with Skeletons? Im looking for an more active Summoner build.
I think you could use skeletons if you focused on them more but there are a few issues I have seen in the small testing I have done with them. First problem I think is they summon to many at a time with the ascendancy for them and don't have enough damage or move speed without it. The second issue is that skeletons can't jump obstacles like SRS can making the clear speed and targeting very clunky. The third issue I can see is fighting any boss that doesnt have smaller monsters to kill will leave you with alot less dps if you don't have the extra zombies (they also provide 1% phys reduction to you and your minions for each zombie with the ascendancy).
If you have seen my play style in the videos you will probably notice I rarely cast skeletons manually even though I should. With flesh offering active my cast speed is really fast so i probably should stagger a cast of Scourge Arrow and then cast a skeleton since they last a very long time.

IGN - @Smokntumbleweed ~ Streaming @ twitch.tv/smokintumbleweed
Ignite Vortex Build Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1735563
Brain Rattler 100% Fire Build Guide - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1757390
My Loot Filter located @ bit.ly/poefilter
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nice to play....easy and cheap i love it !!

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