[3.4][DelveSC] TooManyFriendz! (100 minions mapping / ShaperViable 1M+DPS / Poet's Pen Summoner)

Hi Guys! Welcome to my first ever minion build since beta, TooManyFriendz!

This is my first time playing a necromancer, the goal of this build is to play with as many minion skills as possible. With the new passive nodes and Poet's Pen, we'll be summoning 40~50 minions while mapping, and potentially reach 100 minions with Vaal Skeleton.

Before we begin,
I am from Taiwan and am currently playing on Taiwanese servers. The pricing of items may differ from the international serves. And since other servers besides the international one have their new league released at a later date, I have not yet tried all the contents with this build yet, so I will update this as soon as I've done new contents.

Other Builds

Change Log

9/19 Added Deathless Shaper run video, only recorded 3rd phase.
9/22 Wand attack changed to Power Siphon.
9/23 Added Red Elder (T12) video, deathless.


1. Introduction
2. Pros & Cons
3. Viability
4. Passive Tree (+ Pantheon + Bandits)
5. Skill Links
6. Gearing (+ Jewels)
7. Stats
8. Leveling
9. Videos
10. FAQ

As mentioned in the beginning, our main goal is to try to play with as many minion types as we can without losing the basic power level of a summoner build. However, summoning this much stuff will make our gameplay rather slow if we have to keep summoning SRS and casting buffs manually while occasionally dodging stuff.

Thankfully, with Poet's Pen and the new minion node on the passive tree, Spiritual Command, we can achieve 4APS and above without having to spend additional nodes on wand attack speed or waste jewel slots.

With Poet's Pen, we can auto summon SRS and auto-cast offering to simplify our gameplay. By attacking ourselves, we can also auto apply curses, maim and summon agony crawler (or the dudes from Herald of Purity).

+ Easy to level with
+ Can be used as league starter
+ All map mods are doable
+ Meatshields
+ High customization potential
+ Fun to play

- Need Str & Dex from gear
- Hard to navigate and focus on your character among your minions
- Can cause lag while Vaal Skeletons are up(also why not party friendly)

Endgame Maps: No dead map mods.
Physical Reflect may kill our zombies, but since we have other minions, we'll still be able to finish the map.

Uber Labs: All difficulty of labs can be soloed.
Atziri: Doable
Uber Atizir: TBD
Breaches: Doable, game may crash if we cast vaal skeleton too frequently.
Shaper Guardians: Doable, but
some T16 mods will be very uncomfortable and will take a long time to deal with, eg Physical Mitigation, No Regen, No Taunt

Shaper: Doable, video down below.


Red Elder: Took down T12 Elder (deathless), video down below.
Uber Elder: Haven't spawned Uber Elder yet.

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/VJ2W77CA

Passive Tree Overview (Bandits: Kill All for 2 points)


Fresh character with no investment: Green -> Blue -> Yellow -> Red
Already own a pair of Poet's Pen: Green -> Blue -> Red -> Yellow

Summoning skeletons one by one is way too slow, so we'll need to grab the skeleton node in the ascendancy asap. From Dust can be used before reaching this node.

Main Minion Skills (Body or Elder Helmet)
5L: + Minion Dmg + Minino Speed + Melee Phys. Dmg
6L (Mapping): + Minion Dmg + Minino Speed + Melee Phys. Dmg + Phantasm
6L (T16/Shaper/Elder): + Minion Dmg + Minino Speed + Melee Phys. Dmg + Minion Life
Our minions can tank pretty well without Life support, using Phantasms will give up additional minions and overall damage.

SRS (Poet's Pen 1)
SRS + Minion Dmg + Melee Phys. Dmg
Melee Phys. Dmg can be swapped for Melee splash for mapping, though it's not needed in my opinion.

Offering (Poet's Pen 2)
Spirit Offering / Unearth + GMP
Spirit Offering offers highest DPS boost while also offering big defensive stats for us and our minions. With Poet's Pen offering setup, we constantly give us ES shields, boosting the minions' and our own survivability.

Herald & Hatred (Boots)
Herald of Agony / Hatred / Golem (Lightning) / Flame Dash
Agony can be changed to Purity, no major advantage in using Agony, I used it because it was new and cool. If you like to actual beneficial auras, Discipline or Purity of Elements will fit pretty well.

Supporting Minions (Helmet or Body)
Spectre + Holy Relic + Minion Life + Blood Magic
Find the frenzy and power charge apes in Act 6, linked with
blood magic, your minions will able to maintain the charges fairly well.

Rally Cry (Unset Ring)
This is optional, can be used for damage boost.

Wand Attack Skill (Elder Gloves)
Power Siphon + Maim + Curse on Hit + Vulnerability
Try to get support mods on an Elder based glove such as Accuracy support and poison if you are using Agony. Originally using Kinetic Blast, changed to Power Siphon so we can drop multiple projectile support and use Maim for higher overall damage, and PS also has Culling Strike.

Additional Support Minions
Animate Guardians and Golems can be added if you able to free up sockets by getting minion support mods onto your helmet.

Work In Progress.

Mandatory Gear for Endgame
Poet's Pen * 2

Rare Gear

Animate Guardian's Gear

Offense Stats

Defense Stats
To be added.

To be added.

Deathless Shaper Run
Deathless, 5 portals left.
Piles of bodies...

Red Elder (T12)

Uul Netol Breach boss fight

T14 Dark Forest (Mapping Video)

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Nice build.
Just to ask, is this build good for delving?
Kross0m wrote:
Nice build.
Just to ask, is this build good for delving?

I've not been delving too much (only 15X depth), but imo, mobility is pretty important. Since we are using flame dash, this build is probably not ideal for delving.
I will keep an eye on this build! look like fun!
What item filter are you using (or recommend to use with that build (or recommend to use in general))?
I have been playing this build or similar for a while now as a scion, I am still learning the game but why witch vs scion for the ascendancy? scion gets witch necromancer and also guardian too for bonuses.

I do have a very similar path for passives, but i went more contagion for support damage and the curse with it despair for chaos lowered resist. The skeletons have fortify and added chaos support and they wreck pretty well so far too.

Again im still new so explanations are helpful thanks.

Sorry to add to my question i did not see your pantheon picks either.

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