[3.4] Mr Slam and the Slamettes. Facebreaker Consecrate Zerker super clear


MTX used: Minotaur set, Celestial shield, Classic Cloak, Breach footprints, Breachlord Portal and a Doryanni's Fist skinned onto the Facebreakers.

POB https://pastebin.com/GSZpBSwp

Why should I play this build?
The build clears with the best of them. Right click, flasks, and watch the map disappear. The pob dps says 400k but that's not important. What's important is 120k average damage because that damage will 1 hit everything you touch. This is hardly the maximum potential this is just the cheap version.

THIS IS NOT A BOSS KILLER. It is not for killing Atziri, Elder, Shaper or any variation of them. It is just for mass clearing and farming.

Why Zerker and not Jugg? More damage and more speed. Jugg is a solid option but the damage drops to 70k average hit and 179k dps.

Aspect of carnage because dat damage. Pain reaver because War bringer isn't useful. Crave the Slaughter and Rite of Ruin because the rage will be up all the time and we can outregen it with the consecrated ground from the main skill

Mr Slam



Facebreakers. Obviously we need these but something you might not realise is the number on them isn't a very big deal. The difference between a 700% and my 777% is only 10k average damage which is 8.7% of our total dps. An 800% is only a 2.6% increase in damage.

Helmet, Boots and jewellery are all for resists and life. Obviously having flat phys on these is the best option.

Shield is always going to be Great Old One's Ward since it has very good flat phys, spell block, attack speed and life. Nothing on this shield goes to waste.

The belt might seem like an odd choice but after doing some pob/math the Darkness Enthroned with 2 flat phys/life jewels is better than a Meginord's.

Body armour is where you can significantly increase your damage if you have a loreweave. With a max roll you can increase the damage of my setup by 23k and 77k dps. You don't need to do this at all and don't be fooled. A 5L loreweave is less damage than a 6L anything else. A 6L body armour is about 50-60c and it's not at all difficult to get some life and a 40+ res, then craft another 30 res.

The flasks aren't super necessary and I have not included my taste of hate into the calculations. If I added it, it would be a 12.6k damage (10.6%) damage increase.

Consecrated Path > Added Fire Damage > Elemental Damage with Attacks > Melee Physical Damage > Faster Attacks > Increased Area of Effect
Most of this should be pretty self explanatory. More damage, enough attack speed to clear without skimping on damage. The blue gem is where you have some choice. Aoe for clearing, Conc effect for 60k average damage (51% increase. Although I haven't encountered a situation where that has been necessary yet) and phys to lightning if you roll a map with phys reflect.

Summon Chaos Golem > Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance >
Minion Life
> Purity of Elements
Chaos golem because the others just don't give enough benefit and more damage reduction is good for the zerker. Making it tankier means it's less annoying to resummon all the time.
Purity of elements is because my gear is average and it overcaps me for elemental weakness maps.
I currently have Holy relic slotted because I wanted to know if the heal would be useful. It gives 100hps at level 20 so it's not horrible? This could be replaced with anything.

Vaal Ancestral Warchief > Melee Physical Damage > Concentrated Effect > Faster Attacks
This is where all of the single target damage comes from. These are the Slamettes. It's hard to gauge just how much damage these do but they have melted every boss I've faced so far. T12's die in about 1 second.

Vaal Haste > Hatred > Herald of Purity
Pretty simple. Vaal haste for bosses, Hatred for when you don't need purity of elements so you can drop that and herald of ash for this since it will be more overall damage. And herald of purity because why would you ever NOT use this on a facebreaker build?

Cast when Damage Taken > Immortal Call > Phase Run > Herald of Ash/Increased Duration
Standard cwdt immortal call. Phase run because getting a 32% move speed and 22% MORE multiplier to your next hit, whenever you take damage, is pretty amazing and useful. Herald of ash is just in here when we have a map that needs purity of elements, otherwise duration.

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Can you upload some gameplay?
I would love to but I live in Australia and have 0.7mbps upload. The gif at the top shows 6 seconds of it. I will try and get some more footage and upload while I sleep.

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