[3.4] trickster ignite build

Hi, I'm a new player (just starting in delve ;p) and i would like your input on a theorycraft build i put together.

The theorycrafting was done without knowledge of the price of uniques so it might be a little bit unreasonable.

Also in the path of building i was looking at the mods on items so they are not really realistics either.

I made this build because i like ED playstyle but i find it a little bit clunky, and ignite build have more or less the same thing with 1 cast and boom 2 screen clear.

Equipment :
- Gang's momentum = more damage against ignited enemy, more for boss helping than anything else (and sweet fire resist)
- emberwake = 2 ignite on a target so double damage
- dyadian dawn = faster ignite so more damage again

that are the 3 that i think are really important in boosting ignite damage then tere is
- cloak of flame = ignite duration for more damage and 20% physical taken as fire is sweet for survivability
- formless inferno =8% physical taken as fire again, and armor increased by uncap fire res seem to me like a great survivability boost
- (maybe swap formless by indigon ... because indigon but maybe no, again because indigon)

other pieces are rares with caping res, life, fire damage, spell damage etc etc etc

Skills :
- vaal fireball + ignite proliferation + deadly ailments + swift affliction + burning damage + unbound ailments
-> that is all in order to put a BIG ignite with fireball, i choose not to use multiple projectile because i don't seem to find it effective in AOE spreading from my testing with other spells
- scorching ray + efficacy + controlled destruction + elemental focus
-> for not trash killing, elemental focus is important to avoid rewriting fireball ignite
- shield charge + faster attacks + fortify (+ clarity)
-> because mobility and mind over matter
- immortal call + cast when damage + increased duration + vaal haste
-> because i like this setup
- cast on crit + cold snap + increased duration
-> for frenzy charge generation, cast on crit to avoid usin charge to bypass the cd of the skill
- blasphemy + assassin's mark + enlighten
-> for power charge generation

Tree : nothing strange here, mind over matter,elemental overload, fire that's all there is! i don't like elemental equilibrium.

using trickster because i like it better than elem
- patient reaper is a huge damage boost
- swift killer is a damage boost that i like a lot
- weave the arcane and ghost dance for mobility and mana management


that's all, i would love to read your idea
Last bumped on Sep 8, 2018, 12:08:07 PM

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