[3.4] Static Strike ChainChamp

In 3.4 Static strike got a very nice rework, making it a continuous AoE damage skill, sort of similar to Blade Vortex.
I really like these playstyles of mobility and damage combined, so i had to make a build around this new skill.

When you hit a enemy with Static Strike you gain a buff which damages nearby enemys every 0,4 seconds. You can get up to 3 phases of this buff, increasing the speed of the damaging beams by 10% each.
In his latest video, ZiggyD confimed that the Static Strike beams can chain! This enables my version of Static Strike with Touch of Anguish.

The playstyle will be very simple, hit a enemy 1-3 times and then run through everything with the stacked buff. This requires high single hit damage, so crit is chosen.

Skill tree in Path of Building

https://pastebin.com/qPurJkJE updated for duration from skilltree.

Quick Stat overview:
Life: ~5700
Damage unbuffed: ~200k
Damage buffed: ~500k

EDIT: That PoB link has abyssus equipped! This inflates the DPS. A starkonjas or a rare helmet will be good too! I will probably not use abyssus until pushing for bosses.

This tree focuses on Claws and crit chance. 180% Life is a good amount for this kind of speedy build.
I have entered some generic items you can use on this build. Apart from the claws, none are mandatory.
Champion is our asendacy for the "Cannot Miss" and the Adrenaline Buff.

Items and Gems

The most important item for this build is the unique claw Touch of Anguish.
The claw

This item grants us +1 Chain when we are on max frenzy charges and also had good crit chance and physical dps. We will be dual wielding this claw for +2 chains in total.
Since we will be clearing very fast and using blood rage, frenzy generation will be very easy effecively giving us the chain for free.

Gems in order of importance:
Static Strike - Melee Physical damage - elemental damage with attacks - hypothermia - increased critical strikes - maim

Hatred + Herald of Purity

Ancestral Warchief

Blood Rage, Phase Run

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Bloodmagic - (Fortify)

Cast when damage taken - Immortal call - frost bomb

You can fill all other gem slots with whatever you prefer.

Current gear in Delve League
Coming soon!

If you have any questions, tip or think i forgot to write about something, comment in the thread!
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Hello, thanks for the build! In terms of defences, do you think this build will be suitable for red maps and end game bosses? I'd imagine that given the playstyle, the character will take a lot of incoming damage and looking at your sources of mitigation, I see:
* 30% chance to dodge from Acrobatics, but this severely reduces any armour you may be wearing.
* 20% reduced damage from Fortify
* 10% phys dmg red when reaching low life due to Adrenaline
* 6% reduced damage from Taunted enemies
* Immortal Call every so often
Am I missing any? Does that seem like enough to survive big bursts of damage (especially elemental)?
Thanks in advance for the clarifications. I'm fairly new to the game and I tend to need very bulky build if i want to achieve anything.
It wont be the most tanky of builds, but having loreweave and good dmg is fine.
Even when only doing like 100k dps to white mobs they wont have a chance to fight back.
You will still have to dodge attacks, but with the static strikes going off all the time, you will still deal damage and leech.
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what about 0.4 sec cooldown beam? thats pretty bad for me when delve with a lot of strong enemies!
Do you think inpulsa is also a good alternative?
ARTiCZSAN wrote:
Do you think inpulsa is also a good alternative?

Im not sure if the pricetag is going to be worth it. The build isnt scaling any generic lightning damage so the explosions wont do that much damage. If i can i will try it out.
you got fortify support in ascendacy ,but nothing to trigger it.
Aarla wrote:
you got fortify support in ascendacy ,but nothing to trigger it.
Yes I guess have to switch one node.

Thinking: How would this compare to inquisitor, here is a build (with terminus est) https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2202111

I wonder if skipping Adrenaline for Fortitude might be a better option in this build, since our movement is just going to be running around, the only way to get fortify would be to link it to something awkward...
Its definetly a option, but i prefer adrenaline for bossing.

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