We've just released another demonic-themed microtransaction: the Demonic Raise Spectre Effect. With this effect Raise Spectre creates mystic red and black symbols on the ground when used and your spectres emit a dark maroon smoke. Check out the video below or get yours here.

The new Demonic Raise Spectre works well with various armour sets, from the Vampiric Armour Set and the Malachai Armour Set, to the Carnage Armour Set and the Executioner Armour Set. To finish your look we'd recommend adding the Ultimate Chaos Character Effect and the Carnage Weapon Effect.

Thank you for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Nice one!! :O
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Should have shown it with Solar Guards >.>
Awesome work GGG! Now buff summoners and add QOL for them please! Pretty please GGG! We all waiting for it
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Why not showcase it with solar guards
Welcome to Path of Exile rule 1# You don't win, you just do a little better each time
They probably didn't show solar guards because they want to pretend there's more than one good specter build.
No fun allowed.™
Eh its pretty good
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Waiting on Celestial Spectres though.
This is my favourite new MTX out of the last several months’ worth.

I’ve always thought it’d be nice to have more minion MTX.
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