[3.3] Questions about an Elemental Hit Elementalist build!

Hello there!

To start, this is my first attempt at trying to develop some ideas for my own build and I am seeking some guidance/advice. I was very fortunate to farm enough currency to get some of the gear I have on this character before it was even created, but I believe that this build has the potential to be a very budget/scaleable one. I also want to state that there are parts of this build heavily inspired by a couple others with some of my own ideas mixed in, I've tried reaching out to both of them and got no response, it seems they've been inactive for a while (Morphyne123 and kroIya). Anywho, I was mainly looking for help in ways that I could make this more budget friendly, and potentially make improvements upon from where it stands now. I love the playstyle of melee elemental hit, and I know that the ranged versions are much better, but so far this has been an incredibly enjoyable experience and one that I think others may too.

From here on I'll link my gear on my current character's gear and passive tree and my thoughts on potential budget items for the build.

Passive Tree

I chose to help Alira, as the mana regen, attack speed, and crit seemed the most optimal for the build.

Obviously, for this particular build I chose the Elementalist. My path was Pendulum of Destruction => Mastermind of Discord => Shaper of Desolation => Beacon of Ruin.
I believed this path to be most optimal for applying ailments across packs with ease and having the easiest clear speed.
I have been toying with changing Shaper of Desolation and Beacon of Ruin to Paragon of Calamity and Liege of the Primordial for quality of life with no Elemental reflect and % increased damage from the flame golem, but I am not sure if I like it better, and is definitely something worth testing further.



I think Starkonja's is the best option as far as helmets go, every stat on this thing is perfect for the build and it's not too hard to acquire on a budget.


I believe that Inpulsa's is definitely the best option as far as clear speed goes. For single target, Shroud of the Lightless *might* be better due to the penetration, but this is something I haven't tested yet, although the increased effect of shock from Inpulsa's is tough to pass up as well. I'll definitely try this out in PoB


These gloves that I have equipped are absolutely ridiculous and are used purely for the increased speed of shield charge and quality of life of elemental weakness on hit, the chance to gain a frenzy charge is completely unnecessary due to the fact that this build uses Blood Rage. I think a good alternative option would be Tombfist due to the increased attack speed and % max life, some rare evasion gloves with max life, resistances, and attack speed could also be used.


I believe that Windshriek boots are pretty essential to the build, at least at an early stage, I have considered dropping Windshriek due to the fact that I have and additional curse corruption on my neck, Yoke of Suffering although the quality of life of being able to curse with enfeeble, elemental weakness, and assassin's mark is incredibly nice, but not necessary by any means, you could easily replace Windshriek with a good pair of rare evasion boots with max life, resistances, move speed, etc.


I was fortunate enough to get a Headhunter from a Tier 3 Sacrificial Chamber this league! That's one thing that I have particularly enjoyed about this build was the fact that it had the potential to fit Headhunter into it comfortably, but it is absolutely NOT NECESSARY. I believe a good budget alternative would be a nice Stygian Vise with Max life, Strength, Res, and Elemental Damage with attacks, although the strength is just a small quality of life addition for flexibility in the passive tree.


I believe that Yoke of Suffering is a very important piece to the build, and definitely something to aim for, but I believe a good rare amulet with Max life, Resistances, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Global Crit Multiplier can do the job until one is acquired.


I believe the taming provides a huge amount of damage to the build, although not completely required. Good rare rings with Max life, resistances, elemental damage with attacks, and attack speed can be worn until one of these is acquired. It is a rather costly part of the build, but a huge improvement in damage. I really like socketed rings and think that it'd be ideal to have one to be able to socket something like arctic armor, or in my case due to my current gear, Herald of Ash. The Assassin's mark on hit is just an added bonus and a capability I have due to being able to apply 3 curses to enemies.


Lycosidae is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to the success of this build. It is a rather popular item and can be costly, but it is an absolutely worth investment considering that this build does not aim for accuracy. The earlier you can get it, the better.


My current HoWA, I think this weapon is a pretty important piece of the build, because we stack so much intellect and agility through the passive tree, we gain a lot of attack speed and lightning damage from this weapon. Although I believe the corruption on the weapon really assisted with my decision making. I think that a rare Imperial Claw could potentially be better due to the mods it's capable of rolling, although particularly good versions of those claws can cost up to 5 Ex (we're talking perfect rolls with # to # to Fire, Cold, and Lightning damage, attack speed, and crit multiplier/crit chance. This corrupted HoWA cost me 2 exalted orbs, and without the corruption the item is generally very cheap, the lesser version, Hand of Thought and Motion was great to level the build with as well.


Here's where I'm not completely sure if I've optimized my flasks correctly I know for a fact that my health flask could be much better. I think a Wise Oak could be incorporated into the build if you could perfectly balance out your resistances, but that can be quite difficult to achieve. It's also important to note that for particularly difficult higher tier encounters I certainly recommend a jade flask to replace your sulphur flask.


I believe the most important things you could look for in jewels are % Max life, Attack speed, global crit multiplier, any resistances you may be missing. I'm using a very expensive Watcher's eye with the build currently because I am running 3 heralds, and anger. I think that A very affordable Watcher's Eye can be acquired down the road with at least 1 modifier to either Haste or Anger, which I'll explain further in the post.

Gem Links
(4L) leading into (6L) - (1L) Elemental Hit - (2L) Elemental Damage with Attacks - (3L) Multistrike Support - (4L) Ancestral Call(Clear Speed)/Ruthless Support(Bossing) - (5L) Hypothermia Support - (6L) Empower Support

(4L) Immortal Call (level 3) - Enfeeble (level 5) - Increased Duration Support - Cast When Damage Taken Support (level 1)

(4L) Herald of Ash - Herald of Thunder - Herald of Ice - Enlighten Support

*Enlighten Support is not necessary right away, and you can use this slot to place Ancestral Protector until you are ready to put in your Enlighten Support, which will then allow you to place Herald of Ice or Herald of Ash into a 1 Socket rare ring and allow you to socket a Increased Duration Support into your (3L) setup, although you will be placing Arctic Armour or Anger into the (4L) setup depending on where you are in the gear progression, and will have to place Ancestral Protector back in your (3L) to replace Increased Duration Support.*

(4L) Curse on Hit - Elemental Weakness - Orb of Storms - Lightning Golem

(3L) Shield Charge - Fortify Support - Faster Attacks Support

(3L) Ancestral Protector - Blood Rage - Vaal Haste (Offensive) or Vaal Grace (Defensive)

*As stated above, before Enlighten Support is acquired, you can place Ancestral Protector with your heralds, and an Increased Duration Support in the (3L) setup.*

Helmet: Elemental Hit Attack Speed Enchant
Boots: Attack/Cast speed if you've killed recently Enchant
Gloves: Elemental Weakness on hit Corruption
Amulet: +1 Additional Curse Corruption
Ring(Rare Socketed): Assassin's Mark on hit

My current character in Incursion League

My PoB links

Without Headhunter

With HH

I have been toying with the idea of replacing Anger with Haste, and acquiring a Watcher's Eye with Haste modifiers to augment that change further, although I enjoying my current setup at the moment.

I will definitely post more information and hopefully a video of the gameplay later and I am looking forward to cooperating/collaborating with anyone willing to help me as far as optimization goes and being able to create an engaging, fun, scaleable melee elemental hit build. I have had an absolute BLAST with this thing and it just never seems to get old watching all 3 heralds and inpulsa explode mobs into oblivion. I have had absolutely no issues clearing the most difficult content with this build and would love to hear what you guys think. Thank you!
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