[3.3] CI Lightning Warp Traps Trickster - A garbage build for garbage people

I just killed my first hydra of the league using only lightning warp...


This is a lightning warp traps build. It takes advantage of several mechanics to make Lightning Warp extremely spammable and cost 0 mana.

First is Trickster's Weave the Arcane node, which makes movement abilities cost 0 mana and grants 20% increased attack and cast speed after using a movement ability. This means our Lightning Warp traps cost nothing and we can reserve 100% of our mana pool.

Next, we take advantage of the new unique gloves, Slavedriver's Hand. These gloves convert cast speed into trap throwing speed and give trap skills blood magic. Normally it's impossible to use these gloves with CI, since blood magic cannot be used with CI. However, since our traps cost nothing, we can use them. Since we're a Trickster, we get a bunch of additional cast speed from our ascendancy, which is all converted into trap throwing speed by the gloves. Lucky for us, Lightning Warp also gets up to 20% increased cast speed just from gem quality.

Furthermore, we use charged traps support in our main link. This makes each of our 5 frenzy charges grant additional trap throwing speed and each of our 6 power charges grant additional crit multi. Since frenzies also give extra cast speed, that cast speed is converted into even MORE trap throwing speed.

Trickster also gets 40% extra cast speed if energy shield recharge has started recently. I use several sources of faster start of energy shield recharge (Apep's Supremacy ~45%, rings with leo craft ~20% each, discipline watcher's eye ~40%, essence surge node 15%). This means our energy shield starts recharging less than 1 second after taking damage.

All in all, this build ends up with somewhere around 150-200% increased trap throwing speed (roughly 0.15s per trap thrown). Since we're throwing traps so quickly, we need them to trigger as soon as they land, otherwise they go to waste. The unique belt sunblast + 2x cheap construction jewels give us 100% reduced trap duration, triggering them immediately as soon as they arm (note however that there is still a 0.5 second arming delay).

Lastly, we use Bronn's Lithe chest to give Lightning Warp bonus levels, extra damage, and extra cast speed. This is a pure evasion chest, which would normally be a problem for ES builds. However, Trickster's Escape Artist node converts evasion on your body armor into energy shield.

TL;DR - At the end of the day, this build is pretty garbage and I don't recommend it. But damn do those explosions look pretty.

Pros & Cons

- Memetastic
- All our skills cost nothing
- Can do no leech, no regen maps with ease (ES recharge is our only recover mechanic)
- Fast movement
- CI with Apep's Supremacy means we're immune to chaos damage and bleed
- Lots of pretty explosions

- Lightning warp is a garbage skill that does garbage damage
- Pretty squishy, no reliable in-combat recovery aside from ES recharge
- Due to being CI and all traps having blood magic from gloves, we can't use any supporting abilities like Lightning Spire Traps for better single target

Ascendancy - Trickster

- Weave The Arcane - Makes our lightning warp traps cost nothing, gives 20% bonus attack and cast speed

- Swift Killer - Extra power and frenzy charges, as well as increased damage per power/frenzy charge. We use Charged Traps support which gives additional trap throwing speed per frenzy and additional crit multi per power charge so this is a no-brainer.

- Ghost Dance - Gives 40% increased cast speed after ES recharge has started, as well as some more dodge/evasion and movement speed

- Escape Artist - Converts our pure evasion chest into energy shield. Helps a bit with stuns.




Passive Tree, Bandits

Bandits - Alira if you need resistances, otherwise kill all

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This is the best build I have ever seen.
seriously amazing thought process and execution! props

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