An idea about how to get rid of currency sellers in chat

So, lately i've seen some people promoting third party websites that sell currencies for real money. I thought a lot about how to stop them, or at least slow them by a lot without hurting the normal "consumer", and i came up with some ideas which i think can be really useful.

First of all, i think it would be good to add a new report option for those promoting the websites, and if the report is "valid" then the account receives insta-ban for the next 200 years or so.

Multiboxing and other similar methods of playing should be bannable.

Then again, all new accounts cannot write in general/trading for the first 2 days. After that, you can. That way, when someone gets banned, they can't just make a new account and start spamming again.

Also, add something like chat admins or whatever that can "ban" spammers and possibly their whole accounts from writing in general/trade chat. Of course, all bans should be reviewed by devs. so there would be no abusing of that "power" .

There could be possibly some limit to account creation from one user or something like that ( i am open to suggestions from other users or devs. here )

I really don't want the game to be ruined.
If it was up to me, i would use all my resources to stop them and forget about morale or being user friendly and use some radical measures and etc.. but well, it is not up to me.
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Bumping in hope for some opinions on the topic.
they should mute the accounts that spam for 3rd party sites


dont give any warnings or hints that there muted
so they will think that everything is normal but really no one is ever gonna see anything they write??

good idea?
If everyone just report-ignores them I think this can be solved decently fast. Maybe even autoban if someone accumulates enough report+ignores (then the mods can review it later on).

There are also other nasty solutions but I'd rather not write em down :P
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There was already another thread about this topic. My suggestion was plain and simple:

- spam bot that mutes players for 30 minutes who post third party websites in public/tradechat (without knowing them to be mutet).
- spam bot that censor third party websites in public/tradechat
- spam bot that bans players for 1 hour when trying to post a third party website several times
- mutes, kicks and bans count for the whole account, not just for the character
- Players below lvl 10 are not allowed to post in public/tradechat (the first 10 levels every can do without that public chat). This way gold farmers can't just make another character and keep posting stuff.

Really easy solution and would stop them completely.
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