[3.3] The Arc Brotherhood - Freezing bolts of satisfaction - Shaper & Guardian Capable

Still missing more videos, I'm trying to upload when/as I can, if you feel sections and/or information is missing, drop a comment and I'll update as soon as I can

Intro :

This build was designed with the modifications to traps in 3.3 in mind, and a few new uniques. Also, because that’s the only way I build anything, it’s built around converting damage.

Meant for people who want a really good clear, good damage, yet to be still kept somewhat on their toes due to lack of true face-tanking capacities.

If you like freezing shit and hearing enemies shatter all the way up to t16s, this is a good way to go around doing it.

Edit: "Freezing" Guardians, after some math has been done, is possible on Paper if you switch out Charged Traps and Cluster Traps for pure More damage supports.

Pro's & Con's :

+ Arc
+ Traps
+ Fast (Lab farming, fast clearspeed, incursions)
+ Quite resistant once you get the pantheon upgraded and all your defences
+ You play a lot of spells, not just a single click build. (Cooldowns!)
+ Can freeze an impressive amount of content on a 5l
+ Never look at map mods again!

- Squishy Boi
- Expensive to get the wands
- Will get steamrolled when you’re unlucky on dodge/evade rolls

Cleared Bosses (Videos) :

Videos :
Hydra - 1 death because I'm a pleb
Minotaur - Coming up (Video is being edited)
Red Tier Elder Deathless

Upcoming videos (DONE):
Atziri & Uber lab insta gibbing
Hard t15 bosses
Vaal temple
Upcoming videos (TODO):
Uber elder
Uber Atziri

Defences :
* 10% block / 17% spell block
* 67% evade / 50% dodge / 40% spell dodge
* Note : Trickster ascendancy shenanigans, 10% is variable on dodge
* 5,400+ EHP (4,000+ life, 1,400+ ES)
* Pantheon stuffs (Lunaris mainly gives us a huge added benefit to survive temple)

Damage :
* 1M6 Current dps (5l + 2 shimmerons & Pandemonius)
* 2M5 Dps with a 6l and a lvl 21 arc
* I don’t know how to calculate lightning spire dps, but it’s a nice cherry to top it off.
(Damage is considered with no active flasks & on Shaper setting. Only self cast spells that can be maintained. So arcane surge with phase run, bear trap, and frost bomb)

Pastebin for the numbers


Key Damage items :

Enabling uniques :

Gear used in maps :

Most recent upgrade in rares :

Gear explanation :

Tinkerskin :
This is your bread. It keeps the whole thing together.
Gives us survival, charge generation, phasing, and life. What more could we want?
More importantly, it enables your damage to be your survival. Something something clearspeed meta.

Slavedriver’s Hand :
This is the butter to go with your bread. Allows an infinite flow of traps at no cost as long as you’re hitting something.
Also, more throwing speed which is QoL and clearspeed at the same time.

Call of the Brotherhood :
This gives us convert and a tad more damage. It’s mainly there to freeze though. And because i can’t stop myself. I have to convert damage on any build I make.
Once you have the last ascendancy (added chaos) this also provides a huge boost due to the ascendancy that is based off "non-chaos damage"

Shimmeron :
The beefy part of this build sandwich. This is where most of your damage comes from. It’s essentially a 30% more per wand, no way around it, this is the optimal weapon to have when playing traps. Period.
Pandemonius :
Gives us a lot more damage on bosses/rares, ensures the enemy is always at least chilled, and blinds all of our targets (that survive). The penetration enables easier freezing on bosses

Rares :
Get life and resists on ES bases for that little extra padding before your life starts getting hit.

Flasks :

You’re going to want the usual Staunching/Of Heat to stick in there, past that i tend to adjust my flasks depending on what i’m running. I always have a poison immune and ignite immune lying around to save my ass on t15+ maps with those mods

Life flasks for, well, life.
Basalt because damn that temple hurts & we have very little physical mitigation without it (Understand none)
Quicksilver is self explanatory. Gotta go fast.
Rotgut is there to help us go fast, and snag us a 12 second onslaught while we’re at it (Which as far as maps go, is more than enough to have perma uptime)

Jewels :

// Hair trigger
What’s better than throwing 16 traps per second? Having those traps actually trigger on enemies. Take 2 of these.
// Intuitive leap
Saves us a few skill points on the right side of tree near frenzy/power cluster.

Take rare abyssals for the rest, life and added to spell.

Gear Cost :

Is the expensive part of the build. But they help a whole lot. Currently near 2 exalts i believe per wand.

Around 40-50c, more for good rolls.

Around 20-30c I believe for a good roll

All in all a cost of around 5 ex

Getting to maps and running Moonsorrows allows you to easily clear uber lab and farm it for the currency. On generally good days i have an average clear time of 15 minutes.

Skill setup :

Main damage setup (6L) :
Arc - Trap - Cluster traps - Charged traps - Trap and Mine Damage - Hypothermia
Charged traps is HUGE QOL. Always full charges, throw speed increases...
The rest is sort of mandatory. If you don't like the charged traps feel free to experiment, i find it to be essential.
Lightning spire (4L)
Lightning spire - Controlled destruction - Trap and mine damage - Faster casting

I dunno. I just like the really fast lightning spire. Also, it seems to provide a substantial damage bonus.
Defensive setup + Bear trap (4l) :
Immortal call (lvl 4) - CWDT (lvl 2) - Inc Duration - Bear trap
Movement skill (3l) :
Phase run - Arcane surge - increased duration - (Flame dash)
Initial set up to get us a super long arcane surge (something like 20 seconds), flame dash for stuff like minotaur and obstacles. Swap out arcane surge when you really need flame dash, but I didn't really ever think about it until I walked through a minotaur lightning barrier.
Frost bomb totem (4l) :
Frost bomb - spell totem - Inc Duration - Efficacy
Now, at this point you may ask yourself : “Peanuts, what are you doing, why do you have a 4L for frost bomb!”
1 - Shimmeron hurts us a lot if self-cast
2 - I had already enough damn traps to throw before bosses and handling the timing so i don’t go over the 23 is a huge pain in the ass.
Enter the Frostbomb totem! He’ll happily sit there for a few seconds, dump 1-2 frostbombs (that each have a debuff lasting 9s) before needing to summon again. I like him. Leave him alone.
Auras & Cooldowns (3l) :
Wrath - Vaal discipline - Vaal grace
Vaal disci isn't really all that essential. Hell. Discipline in itself is probably not essential and i'd be better off with dual herald. But I got used to it. I'll eventually play around with auras.
Vaal grace is a godsend for temple.
Wrath is more damage.

Levelling & Tree :

TODO: Throw in all the juicy levelling uniques for trapper in here. Deerskin, fencoil, architects hands....
It’s the trap league. Just throw traps and you’ll destroy all content. I’ll get the trees posted soon
You're going to need those mana flasks until you get to tinkerskin/slave driver.
TODO: The trees
51 points in tree
70 points in tree
90 points in tree

I'm not adding any more partial trees, because you do need to decide when you want that intuitive leap, and i'd say right about this point is a good bet to start getting that. Then progress and tweak your way to the 92 tree

Kill all bandits
Ascendancy order : Ghost Dance -> Swift Killer -> Escape Artist -> Harness the void
Path of Building lvl 93

For levelling skills :
Fire trap -> Arc trap. There we go. You got your end-game skill in act 1, now go delete screens until end-game where you have to invest a tad more.

Playstyle :

For mapping :
Throw 1-2 clusters of traps per screen, enjoy the sound of shattering enemies.
Keep your quicksilvers up, also try to pop a phase run here and there when on full frenzy to get your 20 second arcane surge.
For rares/uniques that tank a bit, throw down a vaal arc/frostbomb/bear trap/lightning spire.... Whatever floats your boat.

For Bosses :
The way i do it is the following : Dump a carpet of arc traps until i hit the limit, throw 2-3 bear traps (Another one of the "don't ask me why" things i do with this build), throw lightning spires, totem, then proc the boss.

If the boss is already active, Totem -> Bear trap -> Lightning spire -> Vaal arc -> Arc (and maintain bear trap here and there)

For bosses where you don't have the leisure to set up the perfect damage situation, go nuts. Always make sure you're regularly spamming arc traps on the boss to get your life and ES up, frostbomb totem & bear trap are crucial for your damage so regularly refresh them. Phase run here and there to dodge/re-position/arcane surge

Pantheon :

Major : Lunaris. Dodge and projectile avoid? The constructs in the temple send their regards.
Minor : Ralakesh for lab and bleed environments, Shakari for chaos and poison environments. Shakari also removes the need for poison immune flask

Credits :
Credits to Epi_Hermyn for help on adjusting and tweaking the build.
Credits to Automaton Arc for making the build beautiful.
As usual, thanks to eviL_Bison (I will miss you) for the existing content on guides in this forum.

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