[3.3] Zein's Blade Flurry/Reave Life-Based HoWA | 1.9M Shaper DPS | Guardians/Shaper/Elder Down

[Spoiler="VIDEO GUIDE"]
I'm sorry, but for some reason the video gets choppy during the map and during some link showcasing. I really don't know why, if anyone can help me figure out what's wrong with my recording set-up that'd be amazing.

Hey guys, I've been working on a HoWA build utilizing Mask of the Stitched Demon to have a life-based build instead of ES. The real power in it isn't that you can reach 9-10k life with it, but with very little life investment on tree you can reach as high as 6k. Currently at like 140-150% inc life on tree and I've got 6.1k life myself.

Due to Mask of the Stitched Demon removing all mana benefits from Intelligence, running ST is difficult due to the really small mana pool we're left with. I swapped to BF/Reave and it worked wonders. It farms t15-t16 maps like nothing, but bossing does take a lil bit of skill due to not being able to face tank everything the game has to offer. But other than that, it has superb single target and mapclearing damage.

0. Videos and tl;dr
1. Concept
2. Pros and Cons
3. Bandits
4. Ascendancy and Pantheons
5. Skill Tree
6. Gear
7. Links
8. Leveling


I'm sorry, but for some reason the video gets choppy during the map and during some link showcasing. I really don't know why, if anyone can help me figure out what's wrong with my recording set-up that'd be amazing
Lair of the Hydra full run (1 stupid death) + overall video guide


tl;dr guide
PoB pastebin


Skill Tree


tl;dr Budget Gear

Fill out rest of gear with rares to have life and resistances as needed.

IF using Reave to clear: get a shaped scepter (NOT A SWORD, DAGGER, WAND OR CLAW) that has two support gem lines to have a psuedo 5-6 link. Only one HoWA is necessary.

tl;dr My current gear


So HoWA is the true core of the build.

To scale it up we just stack a lot of int and use an attack that claws can use to reap the high damage.

Now int tends to lend itself to ES, but then we're stuck with like having to path to CI and Ghost Reaver and leeching ES. 3.3 gave us:

which gives us life for our int (can reach 750+ life if you stacked enough int).

So I decided to combine the two for a comfortable life-based HoWA which focuses on damage on tree and only taking a handful of life nodes to get over 6k life. You can drop some damage in favor of life and int on tree though, and reach 8000 with ease. But I didn't choose to do that, I wanted lots of damage.

So the build is basically an attribute (int) stacking build.

Pros and Cons

+VERY flexible gear choices
+Budget-friendly to start
+Has HUGE potential for high-end upgrades
+Very easy to play, though end-game bosses like Guardians and Shaper require some level of skill to do deathless
+Fast map clearing
+Easy time bossing
+All mods besides reflect
-No instant leech
-Can't facetank every attack in the game


We help Alira.

Ascendancy and Pantheons

We're a Deadeye because it's faster than Scion/Raider while also having a lot of damage. Tailwind is busted.

NORMAL LAB: Gathering Winds
CRUEL LAB: Fast and Deadly
UBER LAB: Projectile Damage, Accuracy + Projectile Damage, Critical strike Chance (no primary node helps us)

Your preference entirely

Skill trees

POE tree





We use Hand of Wisdom and Action as our core weapon because of how much raw damage it gives us. Though we don't go toooo hard on the int due to diminishing returns. We prioritize %damage after a while.

Corruption is nice QoL. %Frenzy on Kill is great and my favorite one to use. If you don't use a %frenzy corrupt you can just use blood rage and any HoWA you want.

I suggest using Reave to Clear and Blade Flurry to boss, so to have a strong Reave we want a pseudo 5-6link scepter (It must be a scepter so that our HoWA is the only weapon our attack uses. Otherwise we cut our dps in half).
Something like this (note that inc crit strikes and ele prolif dont matter much):

Now if you want to use blade-flurry to both clear and boss, get a stat-stick with a lot of increased lightning damage on it. DO NOT get %of phys gained as extra lightning because we have very little phys damage.
Something like this:


Must-have for all the life it gives:

Body Armor

VERY FLEXIBLE SLOT. Can use Inpulsa, but for starters I'd suggest a Belly of the Beast.

I personally crafted an item just for this build because I wanted something special, so it's a shaper astral plate with lots of life and %intelligence.

Coloring this took way too much effort btw.


Two real options, but a rare with life/res suffices. Or you could use any gloves that could pass as a psuedo 5-link for reave if you wanna just use a non-linked stat stick weapon.

Budget option:

If you use shaper's touch, drop fast and deadly, drop the critical strike chance ascendancy node, and work your way to Endless Munitions for the 50% inc AoE.

Ideal option:

Atziri's Acuity gives us a lot of int, a lot of life, crit strike chance, and vaal pact while we're in combat basically. It's great to have regen from our Mask of Stitched Demon available to use during Uber Lab and between packs in maps.


Flexible as well, but Bubonic Trail is just too good. Can use Kaom's roots as long as it doesn't ruin your res capping. 2 abyssal socket if you can afford it, 1 abyssal socket otherwise.


Hands down a very very strong belt and a very cheap one at that:


Rare rings, but also flexible. Damage on rings is a LUXURY, make sure you cap res and get life before focusing on damage. Also fill any attribute requirements you can't meet otherwise with rings. Any rare rings with res and life work though.

My rings:

Amulet (Importantish)

Once again, flexibile, any rare with life/res works, but one with %inc damage per 15 int is really strong, but so is impresence.

Use Herald of Thunder and any 2 gems you wanna use. Those 2 gems don't have to support herald to clarify.


-Lightning Damage


Staunching, Heat, Warding are all staples. Unique flasks as you want.
Dying sun is good for utility, but I prefer Vinktar's and Atziri's promise for damage.


6L (Chest) : Blade Flurry - Concentrated Effect - Lightning Penetration - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Elemental Focus - Added Lightning

3L (Weapon) : Herald of Ice - Curse on Hit - Enfeeble
If you're using impresence, don't use this. Use Herald of Thunder and whatever two spare links you want.

3L (Weapon) : Reave + Multistrike + Increased Area of Effect +(whatever the weapon's mods adds to your links)

4L (Helmet) : CWDT - Immortal Call / Summon Lightning Golem (level 20, not on CWDT), Ancestral Protector

4L (Gloves) : Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Culling Strike OR Blood Magic
Last link is your pref. I prefer Culling.

NOTE: If you don't use a HoWA with %frenzy on kill, drop Culling/Blood magic in favor of having Blood Magic.

Spare Sockets: Wrath, Vaal Haste (if you have a third spare socket, link Vaal Haste to your CWDT-IC and add Increased Duration).


Level as Spectral Throw with elreon jewellery, Hand of Thought and Motion, and thief's torment when you reach level 30.

Go towards Shadow and above while leveling, when you fill out that side, go down to slayer towards level 70-80.


That's everything I could think of writing into a guide. Remember that a guide isn't absolute. You can alter the build in any way you feel is more comfortable for how you play the game. If you have any questions or notice that I've made any mistakes, please feel free to bring it up with me. Have fun mapping~
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Nice concept!
By the ways, what is your MTX?
That looks fcking badass!!

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