[3.3] Pure Fire BV Discharge Assassin Build Guide

Do you want to use discharge, but don't want to be blind?
Do you want to have stable clear speed, but don't want to use BV over and over again?

Introducing ------ Pure Fire BV Discharge Assassin!

| Gameplay videos |

| Pros |
-Stable clear speed
-Good single target
-Most map mods can be done

| Cons |
-You wouldn't have 5k+ life until late game unless you wear belly of the beast
-Can't do ele reflect

| Build Concept |
We use blade vortex for casual map clearing while utilizing discharge (which is +4 with frostferno) to kill tougher rare/unique monsters.

| PoB pastebin |

| Equipment |
Core uniques


+4 discharge, the buildmaker


Damage conversion


Gives you full power charges frequently

Recommended uniques


easy endurance charges generator, increases tankiness and discharge damage


cost efficient, all mods are useful

Body armour

I think Belly of the beast would be a better choice, you can have more reliable life pool with it. I use Shroud of the lightless simply because I've linked it with my last character and it's rather usable for me.

Rare armours
You should cap your resistance and dexterity(155 for BV) and get high life with these rares as much as possible.
The other affixes you can get:

Gloves: attack speed
Ring: fire damage/spell damage/global critical strike chance/dexterity
Shield: spell damage/fire damage/crit chance for spell/cast speed/attack speed

| Flasks suggestion |
2 life flasks
1 Atziri's Promise
1 Diamond flask
1 other utility flask

You'd better have bleeding, freezing immunity, and instant life recovery as always.
Besides, curse immunity can be really helpful.

| My current gear |

| Gem links |
6L: Blade Vortex-Physical to lightning-Power charge on critical-Spell echo-Increased duration-X
The last link of mine is Elemental penetration from Shroud of the lightless, you can use Fire penetration/Elemental focus/Increased AOE/Concentrated effect according to your preference and different conditions.
This setup lets your BV hit 10 stacks fast and last for a rather long amount of time while generating power charges within the duration. You can have more time to shield charge and discharge.

4L: Discharge-Elemental Focus- Concentrated Effect-Fire Penetration (-Cold to Fire)
Boom! I always love Boom! This setup is aimed for maximum single target damage.
Don't forget to use Vorici's bench to craft 4 off-color on Frostferno.

3L: Shield Charge-Faster attack-Fortify
Shield Charge OP. Fortify OP. End.
We basically run into mobs or step onto the face of unique boss, and Boom!

3L: Cast when damage taken-Immortal call-Increase duration
Basic defense mechanics

3L: Cast when damage taken-Warlord's mark-Summon Chaos Golem
Warlord's mark for more endurance charges and leech, chaos golem for 3% physical reduction, you can choose other curses or golems.

Assassin's mark
Self-cast when facing tough guys for additional damage.

Herald of ash
more damage

Vaal Impurity of Fire/Cold/Lightning
I chose to use these for better defense when facing specific map mods and bosses, just note that the active skill of fire version might lower your damage. You can choose other auras or even blasphemy.

Blood rage
go faster, hit harder when you don't care about survivability.

|Damage conversion calculation|
Discharge(power charge)
Avatar of fire + Call of the brotherhood + Frostferno
50%+40%*50%+40%*50%= 90% lightning to fire

Avatar of fire + Physical to lightning support gem + Call of the brotherhood
50%+50%*50%+50%*40%*50%= 85% Physical to fire

| Passive tree |
I choose to use intuitive leap in order to save 3 points at the bottom left jewel socket.
You can mess around available options and maybe give me advise for optimization :D
I'm currently lv.90, still considering dual curse, damage, or life nodes for later points.

| Ascendancy |
Assassin, take anything except that poison related line.

| Bandit |
Alira or kill all

That's all, enjoy your journey exile!
Feel free to leave your thoughts :D
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