[Tool] 👮💬 Chat Cop ▪ Never miss out on a zana rota ▪ v1.0.0 ▪ Open Source! 🎀

👮💬 Introducing Chat Cop.

Your neighborhood cop is back at it again!

Tired of missing those sweet rotation parties in global 820, chat moves too fast for you to click on someones name? Never again. Get Chat Cop. No more chat worries.

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Where is the Chat.txt located?

Under the logs folder in the location you installed Path of Exile.

Common Direct Install Location

C:\Program Files\Path of Exile\logs\Client.txt

Common Steam Location

C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Path of Exile\logs\Client.txt

I have selected my Client.txt but get a white screen, what now!?

Click the + button in the upper left corner! Once you enter a filter. Close the modal.

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Great work!!! I love this app so much <3
your mom
Xenoframe wrote:
your mom

Thanks for the review!
🐦 Twitter - https://twitter.com/comfygangsta

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